Zeke Davidson is a competitor on Survivor: Maluku and Survivor: Prospectors. He is best remembered for crying every time he was eliminated.

In Survivor: Maluku, Zeke remained on the immune Masohi Tribe for the majority of the pre-merge, but swapped to the failure Namrole Tribe and survived to the merge. There, his game truly began, and he formed a strong majority alliance with Vic Drake and Julia Seymour. However, despite their attempts to target the surviving Namrole members, Zeke was blindsided after many of his allies saw him as too nice to get to the end, fearing he would win the game. He cried in his exit interview, leaving viewers wanting more.

The viewers got their wish when Zeke returned to Survivor: Prospectors. He was placed on the Jurors-only Tetovo Tribe, where things quickly became awkward as he competed alongside Julia Seymour, whom he dated and cheated on (with Sierra Northbrooke, another Tetovo Tribemate) post-Maluku. However, after surviving to the dissolve, Zeke began to play his own game and made strong allies that got him to the merge, where he met Abby Bartram and formed a powerful bond with her. Zeke and Abby flipped on the majority alliance, which got them to the final six and would have gotten them to the end, had the super idol not been used to save Edward Tobin from his elimination. After the super idol was used, Zeke tried his best to save himself, but ended up eliminated by the new majority. He was inconsolable in his exit interview, as he felt so defeated after making it 37 Days in.


Zeke's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Masohi Tribe Immune
2 Masohi Tribe Immune
3 Masohi Tribe Immune
4 Masohi Tribe Immune
5 Masohi Tribe Immune
6 Masohi Tribe Immune
7 Foster -
8 Chandler -
9 Hillary -
10 Dakota Dakota, Alexis,
Vic, Kiersten
11 Hillary -
12 Julia Alexis, Hayleigh,
Berry, Kiersten, Vic
Voted Out, Day 30

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Zeke's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Tetovo Tribe Immune
2 Sierra;
3 Tetovo Tribe Immune
4 Tetovo Tribe Immune
5 Kelleigh -
6 Bo -
7 Julia Ambassador Immunity
8 Tetovo Tribe Immune
9 Tetovo Tribe Immune
Blaine -
10 Jocelyn -
11 Jerold -
12 Taylor -
13 Ashleigh -
14 Edward Individual Immunity
15 Andrea Syd, Edward, Andrea
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor