Woo-Shi Mason is a competitor on Survivor: Vietnam, Survivor: Generations, and Survivor: Champions.

In Survivor: Vietnam, Woo-Shi kept himself immune on the Ba Ria Tribe by winning challenges and maintaining Tribal immunity. Because it was his first time on the island, alongside everyone else on the Ba Ria Tribe, none of them maintained any meaningful relationships that lasted to the swap. When Woo-Shi was moved to Ho Chi, he fell to the bottom of the Tribe must still managed to maintain immunity until the merge. After sending Molly home because of her original Tribal affiliation, the original Ba Ria Tribe became the targets for elimination. Woo-Shi fought against this to save Noah Gibson from elimination and forced the rock draw that sent him home instead.

Woo-Shi returned in Survivor: Generations as part of the third-generation Rajkot Tribe. He, Jill Brooks, and Kelley Washington aligned early on due to their shared annoyances with their other Tribe members and managed to run the Tribe by eliminating Ian McLaughlin, Russell Bennett, and Jeannie Garner together. In a surprise dissolve, Woo-Shi ended up on the Kanpur Tribe, which was selected by Terrence Foster. This Tribe was horrible in challenges, causing them to lose every single one before the inevitable merge. While on this Tribe, Woo-Shi fought to keep himself alive by working with Ivan Gilbert and Erich Galvan to eliminate long-time fan-favorites and well-known series threats Terrence Foster, Vicki Stewart, and Jill Brooks - moves that earned him backlash from fans. At the merge, Woo-Shi rose to the top of the game when he and the other non-winners rose up to take the winners out of the game, but when the game was flipped once again by Tony Burns, Woo-Shi was eliminated.

In Survivor: Champions, Woo-Shi hoped to redeem himself for his previous attempt that was seen as very polarizing. However, he was caught in a scandal when Hannah Duncan accused him of having a pre-game alliance with Garland Youngblood and Demetrius Saylor. In an early move, Woo-Shi flipped from his pre-game alliance to eliminate Garland, but flipped back foolishly in an attempt to save Demetrius. After the Tribes dissolved, Woo-Shi managed to blend in with the action going on at the Jubayhah camp and managed to get himself to the expansion, where he was immune to the merge. Woo-Shi was not forgotten by Hannah at the merge, and after the first two votes, things flipped against him when the other players eliminated him for playing unfairly.


Woo-Shi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Ba Ria Tribe Immune
2 Ba Ria Tribe Immune
3 Ba Ria Tribe Immune
4 Ba Ria Tribe Immune
5 Ho Chi Tribe Immune
6 Ho Chi Tribe Immune
7 Ho Chi Tribe Immune
8 Molly -
9 Chantelle;
Eliminated, Day 27*

Voted For
Sole Survivor


*Woo-Shi drew the purple rock and was eliminated from the game.


Woo-Shi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Rajkot Tribe Immune
2 Jeannie -
3 Russell -
4 Ian -
5 Terrence -
6 Vicki -
7 Eliseo -
8 Gloria Opal, Gloria
9 Melissa -
10 Carolyn Individual Immunity
11 Erich -
12 Misty -
13 Opal Tony, Melissa, Ivan
Voted Out, Day 35

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Woo-Shi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Shoubak Tribe Immune
2 Hannah;
3 Rochelle -
4 Shoubak Tribe Immune
5 Mercy -
6 Jarrod -
7 Shoubak Tribe Immune
8 Serafina Individual Immunity
9 Isabelle -
10 Hannah Rochelle, Jordan, Ashlee,
Hannah, Christopher, Mercy
Voted Out, Day 28
Voted For
Sole Survivor