Vicki Stewart is a competitor on Survivor: Caledonia, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Survivor: Generations, and Survivor: Legends. She is also a Houseguest on Big Brother Three - Secrets & Spies.

In Survivor: Caledonia, the first season of the series, Vicki formed an alliance with May Palmer and Nadine Williamson -- one of the first alliances ever made. After Nadine was eliminated, Vicki and May stuck together through thick and thin and outlasted everyone in the game to the final two. Vicki lost to May because of her frowned-upon gameplay, as she was seen as a villainess who did not deserve the million dollar prize.

In Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Vicki made her grand return on the Villains tribe, where she was an immediate target from fellow tribemates Erich Galvan and Marcellus Fortune. Despite her being a target, her connections with other members of her tribe allowed her to survive through to the merge, where she formed a majority alliance and stuck with them to the final five. Vicki formed a new bond with Cordelia as she found herself at the bottom of the merged tribe, but despite her efforts, she was ultimately eliminated from the game in fifth place.

Vicki returned again in Survivor: Generations on the first generation Varanasi tribe. She went against fellow Caledonia players Opal Matthews and Gabriel Underwood, which led to Gabriel's ouster. However, after tribes swapped, Vicki was left on the Kanpur tribe, which went on an extreme losing streak. Vicki tried to keep herself in the game by targetting her ally, Erich Galvan, but Erich retaliated by proposing that Vicki would be too dangerous to keep in the game at the merge, which was enough to have her voted out in thirteenth place.

She returned again in Survivor: Legends, with her legacy being the first runner-up in the series, and also because of her excellent run in Heroes vs Villains. Vicki maintained in power the entire game, controlling each of her three Tribes and forming a powerful alliance with Cordelia Aiello and Percy Burton. At the merge, she rose to power and idoled out Hannah Duncan and picked off most of her remaining alliance. When it seemed she would win the game, Vicki was blindsided by Percy, eliminating her in sixth place.

Three years after Survivor concluded, Vicki made a surprise appearance on Big Brother Three - Secrets & Spies. She was one of four Survivor stowaways hiding in the house, alongside Catherine Eggleston, Malakai Savage, and Kip Wilkes. Immediately, Vicki bonded with Kip over their time in Heroes vs Villains together on Ponderosa, and the Survivors made quick work to save themselves in the first round, as Vicki was the first Head of Household, and throughout the entire pre-jury phase of the game, minus Malakai, who was blindsided early on. At the jury stage, Catherine began to flip to work with new Houseguests to get herself to the end, and when Vicki became the primary threat in the house, she sided with Kip and won crucial Head of Household competitions to secure herself safety. Despite her strong desire to work with the other two Survivors, Catherine was inevitably eliminated with her involvement, and she made it to the final three with Kip and new Houseguest, Reggie Matthews. Vicki had gained strong favor from the jury for her likable personality and dominance in the competition, but much like every previous season of Survivor that she had competed in after the first season, she was too big of a jury threat to get to the end of the game, and Reggie sent her to the jury in third place before she could win.

Survivor CaledoniaEdit

Vicki's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Yate Tribe Immune
2 Doreen -
3 Yate Tribe Immune
4 Jordan -
5 Rodney Gabriel, Rodney
6 Yate Tribe Immune
7 Yate Tribe Immune
8 Cynthia -
9 Opal Individual Immunity
10 Jordan Gabriel, Jordan
11 Gabriel Jamie, Gabriel
12 Jamie -
13 Travis -
14 Ineligible -

Jury Votes
for Vicki

Jordan, Gabriel, Jamie
Runner Up, Day 39

Survivor Heroes vs VillainsEdit

Vicki's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Villains Tribe Immune
2 Marcellus -
3 Marcellus Marcellus, Erich,
Tony, Terrence
4 Villains Tribe Immune
5 Nadine Nadine, Tabitha, Lindsey
6 Tabitha -
7 Villains Tribe Immune
8 Villains Tribe Immune
9 Villains Tribe Immune
10 Naomi -
11 Tony;
12 Tony Individual Immunity
13 Florence;
Erich, Cordelia,
Florence, Ashley
14 Jeremiah Jolene, Erich, Jeremiah
15 Ashley -
16 Erich Erich, Jolene, Lindsey
Voted Out, Day 37

Voted For
Sole Survivor


Survivor GenerationsEdit

Vicki's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Gabriel -
2 Varanasi Tribe Immune
3 Varanasi Tribe Immune
4 Varanasi Tribe Immune
5 Terrence -
6 Erich Jill, Erich, Woo-Shi,
Eliseo, Ivan
Voted Out, Day 15

Survivor LegendsEdit

Vicki's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Samarinda Tribe Immune
Samarinda Tribe Immune
2 Samarinda Tribe Immune
3 Jordan -
4 Tony -
5 Keningau Tribe Immune
6 Keningau Tribe Immune
7 Reed -
8 Ronnie -
9 Melissa Individual Immunity
10 Naomi -
11 Jordan -
12 Hannah Jeremiah, Nadine,
Christopher, Hannah
13 Christopher Jeremiah, Nadine,
14 Nadine Percy, Jolene,
Jeremiah, Nadine
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Big Brother Season ThreeEdit

Vicki's Game History
Week House Status
1 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Whitney and Evelyn
Final Nominees: Whitney and Ce'arra
2 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Evelyn
3 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Malakai
4 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Amber
5 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Reggie
6 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Barry and Ce'arra
Final Nominees: Barry and Ce'arra
7 (Part 1) Regular Houseguest
Voted: Alpha
7 (Part 2) Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Minerva and Reggie
Final Nominees: Jules and Reggie
8 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Barry
9 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Catherine
10 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Reilly and Minerva
Final Nominees: Reggie and Minerva
11 (Part 1) Power of Veto
Used: On Nobody
Voted: Reilly
11 (Part 2) Nominated
Received: Reggie
Evicted, Day 76

Voted For