Welcome to Paradise Island, a new vacation resort just off of the coast of Florida. Nobody gets in without a ride from a plane. That also means that nobody gets out without a ride. On a group college vacation, a large party of twenty-somethings have traveled to this island for a simple vacation.

But one night in the hotel is all it took to drive them away.

Prologue: Patient XEdit

March 16th, 2009.

Day 1.

Investigation begins on cure to AIDS and HIV. Patient is Jose Daniels. Put in a monitering chamber with the test antidote.

Two scientists sit in a small lab. A man, Jose Daniels, sits inside of a white padded room. He has a needle and the test vaccine in his hands.

Both scientists are in white coats. One is male, and is bald. One is female, with black hair.

"Whenever you are ready, Jose." She says.

"'am..." Jose says. He sticks the needle in his arm, and injects the test into him. He screams from the pain.

"Do you feel different?" The man asks Jose.

"No...." Jose says. The two scientists write notes in their notepads.

April 17th, 2009.

Day 27.

Jose has been acting strange. He isn't eating much since his first vaccination. We have injected a few more tests into him since the first.

Jose sits in his chamber. His skin is olive colored. He's sweating.

"Jose? Are you okay?" The woman asks.

"Fine...just fine." Jose says with a gasp for air.

"Our food is running low. We're getting a new shipment with breakfast goods in it. If you want steak for brea-'" The man asks.

"Rare...cook it rare." Jose says.

"Um...okay..." The man says. He picks up a radio, and speaks into it. "Cook a steak. Send it to lab 249. Rare."

Moments later, a steak is delivered to the lab. The woman inserts a tray through a hole in the glass wall. Jose runs up and devours it.

Scientists note the odd behavior.

April 30th

Day 41.

Jose eats rare foods with blood still on them. Mumbles rarely when nobody speaks. He shambles around his chamber during testing.

"Jose? We have one more vaccination for you to test before you go home." The female says.

"uh." Jose says. He turns to the window. His eyes are bloodshot.

"Would you like something to eat?" She says.

He runs up to the window. He bangs on it for a few moments. "Cow meat. Fresh. Don't cook it." He says.

"That would kill you..." She says.

"Jose? Would you like something else...?" The man asks.

"GIVE IT TO ME." Jose shouts.

May 3rd

Day 44.

Jose is terrifying us. I've brought a pistol with me just in case he tries to attack. Our vaccine is not working, and Jose is getting worse in condition.

"Jose?" The man asks. The woman sits back in her chair with a worried look. Jose is shambling in his chamber, aimlessly.

"I want blood." He says.

"Jose..." The man says.

"That's it." The woman says. She pulls out her pistol and stands up.

"Cienna, what are you doing?" The man asks.

"This experiment cannot go on!" The woman says. She walks over to an iron door, and pushes it open.

"I smell it!" Jose runs up to her, ferociously. She shoots him in the heart, and he collapses.

"You killed him!" The man runs up to check his pulse.

"You just saw what he did. Going in there would've been murder!" The woman says.

"No monster!" The man looks at her, angrily.

"I'm sorry." She throws down her gun and sits down in her chair.

"Test failed." The man says. Before he can lift up from Jose's head, Jose opens his eyes and reaches up for the man.

"John!" She cries.

"Oh god!" He screams. Jose bites his neck and claws at his body. The man falls off of Jose, and Jose jumps up. His eyes are blue, and he's shaking.

"Jose...." She mutters. Jose runs up after her and takes a chunk out of her neck.

"Oh---god!" She cries out. A door behind them opens up to a large hallway, with other scientists.

"What's going on in here?" Another scientist asks. The male scientist who was infected first jumps up from his death. He runs up and tackles the new scientist.

"John!" He screams. The female scientist comes up afterwards and joins Jose in attacking the others. They run out into the hallway and attack the others. A huge brawl occurs, but the infected win. Soon, everyone in the hallway is infected.

Above ground, on Paradise Island, a small laboratory emerges from the forest nearby to a resort. A stairway inside leads downward to a huge, expansive medical research facility. Running throughout the island, the infection Jose has began spreads quickly.

An infected being emerges from the stairway in the lab. He shambles forward, and pushes breaks down the door to the outside.

Chapter 1: One Day BeforeEdit

Just off the college campus, seven adults are in a group to go on vacation at Paradise Island. Their luggage is going inside of the airplane, and everyone is boarding it.

"This is awesome, Scope." A girl hugs him. Scope is in a plain T-shirt and blue jeans. His hair is brown, and his eyes are blue.

"I know, Jessica." Scope laughs. Jessica is in a blue tank top and blue jeans. She has red lipstick on, and her hair is brown. She has blue eyes.

"Thanks for helping us fund this." A man says to Scope.

"You're welcome, Sam." Scope says. Sam is in a black jacket with a black jeans. His hair is black.

"This is awesome. I'm gonna' get so drunk with Toad and Max when we get there." A man says. Owen. He's in a green shirt with blue jeans. His hair is brown.

"Calm down, dude. I don't drink." Toad laughs nervously. Toad is in a blue jacket with blue jeans. His hair is brown.

"But I do." Max winks. He walks up and puts his arm around Owen. Max is in a yellow shirt and blue jeans. His hair is black.

"Sunny and I seem to be the only ones who don't party hard like you do." Toad says. Sunny is in a bright yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. His hair is blonde.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I party, I just don't drink." Sunny says.

"Partying is drinking and doing stupid stuff." Toad says.

"Flight 790 is leaving in a few minutes." A pilot says aloud.

"Time to get on board." Toad says. They walk up to the plane, and they get on board. They sit down in their respective blue seats.

Scope and Jessica sit together.

"Finally, a chance to relax away from all this studying." Jessica says. She relaxes in her seat.

"It'll be a while before we get there." Scope says. He puts his arm around her.

The plane takes off from the airport.

"This is gonna' be sweet." Owen says to Max, his seating partner.

"Think of all the babes." Max says.

"Oh yes." Owen smiles.

Aside of them, Sam sits with Toad.

"I hear our hotel is five stars." Toad says.

"Awesome. I heard it was next to a forest." Sam says.

"Even better." Toad says.

"The beaches are supposedly peaceful." Sam says.

"Any nude beaches?" Toad asks.

"Dude, no." Sam laughs.

After six hours of flight, they eventually reach Paradise Island. By now, it's night time.

"Looks like we'll start our vacation tomorrow. Does everyone remember their bunk buddy?" Scope says.

"Yep." Sam says. Everyone else agrees. They get off of the plane.

Right now, they are in an airport. Just outside of it is a small town area. A shop, a garage, a tool shop, and a few restraunts. A large hotel towers in the background. A forest lies behind it. An ocean and beach lies to each side of the tiny town. Behind the forest is a big city, much bigger than the town.

"Come on. The hotel isn't to far from here." Scope says.

"What happened to renting a car?" Owen asks.

"It's much more fun to hike." Scope says.

"He thinks running and hiking is fun." Jessica says.

"Oh...well then." Sam walks forward with the others. They arrive at the hotel shortly after a long hike.

It's midnight now. They check into the hotel. In front of them is a large, open room. People are eating dinner in a fancy restraunt built in the hotel. A conceierge hands them their keys to their rooms.

"Floor six. All of your rooms are up there. Right next to the elevator, actually." He says.

"Thanks." Scope smiles. They all follow him over to an elevator. He pushes the up button, and they get in. They arrive at floor six shortly after.

"Alright. Owen, you're with Max. Sunny, you're with me. Sam, you're with Toad. Jessica, you get your own room." Scope says.

"Alright!" Jessica cheers. Scope distributes the keys. They each walk down the baige painted hallway. The carpet is brown. The doors are red. Every room has one bathroom with elegant tile. The beds are queen sized. All furnature is modern. Everyone goes into their room, and then they sleep.

Chapter 2: When Hell Comes to EarthEdit

The Hotel

Owen opens his eyes in the middle of the night. Max is opening the door to their room.

"Dude?" Owen asks.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm starving." Max says.

"...okay." Owen slowly closes his eyes.

A few moments later, he opens them again to the sound of crunching.

"Dude, Max, if you're that hungry go eat in the bathroom or something." Owen turns over. He looks into the hallway in front of him. The door is wide open, and Max is on the ground. It looks like someone is underneath him.

"...Max?" Owen stands up from his bed. He walks up to Max and bends down.

He smells blood.

"Oh god...what is that smell?" Owen looks forward at Max. He turns around with flesh in his mouth and blood dropping from it.

"Oh my god!" Owen jumps back. Max stands up and screams. He runs forward and tackles Owen.

"Get off of me! This isn't cool!" Owen screams.

"Owen!?" Sunny runs up to the doorway. He jumps over the dead person on the ground.

"Help me!" Owen yells from his struggle. Max bites a chunk out of Owen's neck. Owen screams loudly.

"Oh god! Owen!" Sunny tries to run into the room. The dead guy behind Sunny opens his eyes and grabs Sunny's leg. Max turns to Sunny.

"Help!" Sunny screams. The man bites Sunny's leg, and Max attacks his neck.

Inside of Scope's room, Scope panics. He hears the screaming outside.

"Sunny?" Scope peers his head outside of his room. He sees a partial bit of Sunny being eaten. The monsters don't notice Scope. He sneaks out of his room, and over to Jessica's. He opens the door, and Jessica almost hits him with a lamp.

"Jessica! Calm down." Scope sneaks in. He walks inside of her room and locks the door.

"What's going on!?" She cries.

"I don't know. Where's the closest fire escape?" Scope asks.

"I don't know. But we're too high up to even jump from here. I heard screaming--" Jessica holds onto Scope.

"I just saw Sunny get...get eaten." Scope cries back.

Inside of Sam and Toad's room, both boys barricade the door with whatever they have.

"What's going on!?" Toad asks.

"I just looked outside. Sunny's being torn apart, and Max and Owen just got into it. It won't be long before they finish him...what are they..." Sam asks himself.

"Max isn't a canibal. Why would he fight Owen, and more importantly, why is Sunny being eaten?" Toad asks.

"It's beyond the point to help him. I just fear the worst...zombies." Sam says.

Outside, two people emerge from the elevator section. Another hallway leaches out from it, so they came from there.

One is in a red outfit. A red shirt, and blue jeans. Her hair is brown, and she has blue eyes. The other is male, and he is in a grey shirt and black jeans. His hair is brown. The girl is holding a shotgun.

"Get them, Josie!" He cheers.

"Time to die." She winks. She aims, and shoots the infected man's head. She cocks the gun, and aims again. Sunny crawls out. Max and Owen walk out, zombified and bleeding. The boy pulls out a butcher knife from his pocket. Max and Owen run towards them. Josie shoots Max in the stomach, to which he falls over. Owen runs over, and Robert stabs him in the head. Owen falls over, dead. Josie cocks the shotgun, and shoots Sunny in the forehead.

"I know you all heard that. Come out now." Josie says. She reloads her shotgun. Scope, Jessica, Toad, and Sam walk out of their rooms.

"Who are you?" Sam asks.

"I'm Josie. This is Robert." Josie points to her companion.

"Where'd you get the shotgun?" Sam asks.

"We found a dead policeman nearby to our dorm. What's going on here?" Josie asks.

"We don't know." Toad says.

Max jumps up and runs towards Josie and Robert. Josie shoots him in the head quickly.

"Apprently you have to aim for the head. He didn't die when I shot him. And I know I shot his heart." Josie says.

"Did you just steal is shotgun for fun, or did you see someone being attacked?" Toad asks.

"We saw someone being hurt. They're dead now." Josie says.

"Guys...listen." Robert says. Everyone hushes. Faint banging and running is heard.

"We drew them here. They're following the sound!" Robert exclaims.

"Get on the elevator!" Josie orders. Robert runs up and presses the down button. The elevator doors open, and everyone runs inside. Before the door closes, loud screaming and running is heard.

"Take us down to the lowest floor." Josie says.

Robert hits the lowest button. The elevator takes them downwards to the first floor.

When they arrive, the door welcomes them to a ton of infected.

"...Close it." Josie says. Before any of them notice the survivors, the door shuts.

"Where too?" Robert asks.

"Floor six is flooded because of us. I think five and seven would be flooded as well with them." Scope says.

"The highest floor is nine, and that's a penthouse." Josie says.

"The elevator arrives just outside of it. Maybe whoever is there is alive?" Sam asks.

"We can only hope." Josie cocks her shotgun. Robert presses the top button, and they rise to the highest floor of the hotel. The door opens up to a small area filled with dead infected. They walk through, and open the red door to the penthouse.

Inside, a luxury place awaits them. Beatiful gold painted walls. A small kitchen area with an island inside. A deck outside with a fireplace. This place is untouched by the infected.

"Get out!" Someone yells. They run in with a pistol.

"It's okay! We're not one of them!" Robert says.

"Oh my god....survivors!" The person yells. He's a male. He's in a tuxedo. A red rose is attached in one shirt pocket. His hair is blonde and sleek.

"What's going on?" Jessica asks.

"I don't know. My wife and I were just celebrating our marraige at dinner, when some of those things ran in. We retreated to our penthouse suite." He says.

"Are you two okay?" Josie asks.

"My wife was attacked by one of them. She was in so much pain. Her leg had a chunk taken out of it. She's in our bed, sleeping. I dressed it up." The man responds.

"...What's your name?" Robert asks.

"Trey." He responds.

"Where is your wife?" Josie asks.

"Just to the left of the kitchen." Trey says. Josie walks inside, and into a luxury living space. Two beautiful golden colored couches, and a small coffee table. A door lies at the edge of the room, shut.

Josie approaches with caution.

"What are you doing?" Trey asks.

"Just checking on her." Josie says. She opens the door slowly, and finds his wife...

...not in the bed.

"Hello?" Josie asks. She pushes the door open entirely and jumps back. Snarls are heard from a small closet space.

"Trey?" Josie whispers. Trey walks over to her.

"What?" He asks.

"Your wife...she's...she's one of them." Josie responds.

"Nonsense!" Trey walks in the room.

"No!" Josie runs inside.

"Honey, where are--'" Trey is pushed to the bed by an angry wife. He pushes her back. She's in her wedding dress. Josie shoots her in the waist. She falls over, still alive. Trey lifts up his pistol.

"She's not with us anymore, Trey. Put her out of this..." Josie backs up. Trey walks over to his bleeding wife.

"I...I'm sorry, Linda." Trey closes his eyes and shoots.


Trey falls over and cries.

"Are you okay?" Sam runs in and asks. He sees the dead wife.

"You just saved my life." Trey mutters from his tears.

"We're...happy to help..." Josie says.

"Listen. There's some food in the fridge and in the cabinets. It could last for a few days but not long. You guys can stay here. In safety." Trey says.

"...Are you sure?" Josie asks.

"Positive..." Trey says. Josie walks out of the room with Sam.

"What just happened?" Scope asks.

"Barricade the emergency exit. Use whatever you can. We have to prevent them from getting up here." Josie says.

"We...we can stay?" Toad asks.

"He's letting us. But it won't last long." Josie says. She cocks her shotgun.

Chapter 3: Survivors On the BeachEdit

The Hotel

In the penthouse, the group of survivors sit still. Trey sits outside on his deck, drooping. His view goes straight into the forest and onto the beach nearby.

"We didn't get to enjoy this vacation for long, did we?" Sam walks out to Trey.

"Nope. Not at all. I thought this would be the best time of my life. My honeymoon...but now I--'" Trey stops himself.

"Just, stop. Don't brood anymore." Sam says.

"Why can't I? This hotel is full of ravaging monsters. Look at them. They don't even know this is going on." Trey points to the beach. A large bar is in the center of the beach. An inside area is by two closed doors.

"Partying while we're struggling." Trey sighs.

"They aren't partying! They're trying to get in! It isn't just in this hotel!" Sam looks at the beach area.

"What?" Trey asks. He stands up and look over the balcony.

"Survivors!" Sam exclaims.

"What!?" Josie runs outside. She sees the group of infected attacking the bar.

"We can't go down there to get them! You saw what was on the first floor." Toad walks outside.

"We can climb." Josie says.

"Climb what?" Toad asks.

"Bed sheets. Maybe they will work?" Josie asks.

"We got quite a few sheets and comforters in our penthouse closet." Trey says.

"Tie on as much as you can." Josie says. They run inside the bedroom of the house, and they pull out the sheets and start tying them together.

"Did we find someone?" Jessica asks.

"Yes. I have to save them. We have to save them." Josie says.

"Are you gonna' pick them off?" Jessica asks.

"Yes, why?" Josie asks.

"You need to conserve ammo, Josie." Robert says.

"If we can escape, we'll have tons of ammo." Josie says.

"Gun shops? Here?" Robert asks.

"Hopefully. I'm doing what's right. I have enough shells to last for a while." Josie says. She walks out on the balcony, and begins shooting.

"Tie quickly." Josie warns. Inside, everyone works together to tie up a tight rope made of bedsheets. Eventually, they finish. Josie stops firing to go inside and get it.

"We tied together everything." Scope says. Josie takes it, and ties a small end to the balcony's edge.

"I need someone to come and stay here just in case this wears out when we're climbing." Josie says.

"I'll stay." Trey says.

"Good. Who wants to come with me?" Josie asks.

"I'll go." Robert walks up.

"I will too." Sam walks up and snags Trey's pistol.

"Anyone else?" Josie asks.

"I don't feel like being put through more of this." Jessica says.

"I'll stay and comfort her." Scope walks over and sits next to her.

"Off we go."

They start climbing down the rope. Sam, Robert, and Josie climb downwards and onto the grass next to the hotel.

The Beaches

Josie, Sam, and Robert have escaped from the hotel. They are on a grassland right now. A few buildings are in sight to their east. Nobody is in sight.

"Okay. We're out of a closed space. Keep an eye out for any of those...things or any weapons. Okay?" Josie asks.

"Understood." Sam says. They walk forward towards the street in front of them. The entire road is deserted. The town near the airport is close by.

"Where to?" Sam asks.

"The beach first. We'll take the survivors--if any--to the hotel. We can scavenge the town later." Robert says. Josie and Sam nod to him. They walk across the street and find a small sandy area. A few infected individuals are roaming around. Sam pulls out his pistol and shoots one in the head. To his surprise, no sound comes out of the gun. The infected person dies.

"....Silenced!" Sam exclaims.

Two of the infected shamble towards them. Robert stabs one with his knife, and it dies. Josie bashes one in the head with her gun. Robert then stabs it in the head.

"This is disgusting." Sam says.

"We have to save those people in the bar. Come on." Robert says. They walk out onto the beach, and they walk forward to the bar. It's made of wood, entirely, and looks like a hut with a few counters on the outside.

A few dead infected lie on the ground. A few others remain, trying to get inside. Sam raises his gun and shoots a couple of them in the forehead. Robert stabs one in the head. One more remains. Sam kills it.

"At least they aren't coming after us. They were more focused on them inside." Sam says. They walk up a doorway made of wood. It's been broken down, but a refridgerator and what looks like a few tables have blocked off the way in.

Josie knocks on it.

"H--Hello?" She asks.

"People!" Someone says from inside.

"I was the one shooting. I shot some of your attackers." Josie says.

"Quickly! Move the stuff." Someone else says. The fridge and wooden furnature is pushed out from the doorway. Three people emerge in safety.

One has red hair, and a black shirt with a flame shown on it. He has black jeans. "Hello...I'm Jack, but my friends call me Flame." He reponds.

"This is Kenzen." Flame points to a gothic looking man. Black jeans and a black shirt. His hair is dirty blonde and shaggy.

"You saved us..." Kenzen says in shock.

"And this is Jake." Flame points to a man nearby. He's in a brown shirt and blue jeans. His hair is brownish-black.

"Nice to be aquainted...but we have to go. I'm sure they were attracted to you some how. How?" Josie asks.

"Well, Kenzen had a shotgun with a few shells. One of those things ran up and bit one of our customers and he shot him. Then the guy stood right back up. He shot him too. Before we knew it, the noise had attracted a ton of them. I thought we were dead." Flame says.

"Well...same with us. I'm using this for a dangerous situation though." Josie says.

"I'm Sam. This is Josie," Sam points to Josie. "And this is Robert." Sam points to Robert.

"Nice to meet ya'll." Jake says.

"Listen, the hotel is overrun by those things. We have a base blocked off in the Penthouse. We came to rescue you." Josie says.

"Thank you so much. I thought we were dead." Kenzen thanks them. They run out of the hut, and over to the hotel with the survivors. The rope is still cast down. They climb up one at a time. A static comes from Flame's pocket.

"The radio picked something up!" Flame exclaims. A slight snarl comes from some brush behind them. Flame jumps on the rope. An infected being emerges, and a few others shamble towards the hotel, following the static. They climb faster, as they are beginning to tug the rope and reach up for them. When they reach the balcony, they all climb over. The radio picks up a voice. Flame pulls it out and runs inside.

The Hotel

"Who--'" Trey is stopped. Everyone runs inside to the three new survivors.

"The radio." Flame hushes everyone.

"-----Paradise Island---------strain-------issued warning------stay inside-------Class two-----Everyone is ordered to stay inside--------at any cost------do not fire loud--------do not set fires-----do not kill survivors------hide------helicopter-------flight------attempt----" The radio stops.

"Something about a helicopter." Josie says.

"Class two...this is a zombie apocalypse." Sam says.

"Well, he does have a point. These guys resemble zombies." Scope says.

"This is it. We're all going to die..." Jake sits down and says.

"We found them. Flame," Josie points to Flame. "Jake," Josie nods to Jake. "And Kenzen." Josie points to Kenzen.

"We can't feed all of them." Trey says.

"We can try to help them, though. I'm not saying they have to stay here." Josie says.

"We can't even feed your group. Our fridge can only hold so much." Trey says.

"We have to survive. We have nowhere to run. This is the safest place on the island." Josie says.

"Look, there are only so many people here. If we kill them all, we live, no problem." Trey says.

"What if there is a cure?" Josie asks. Before she can say something else, Jake falls over, unconcious.

"...Jake?" Robert asks.

"Jake?!" Toad asks.

"Oh god..." Jessica says.

"Feel for a pulse." Toad says. Robert feels for a pulse.

And there is none...

"What the..." Robert asks.

"How did he die?" Toad asks.

"He must have been infected. We saved him before we got overrun." Kenzen says.

"That means that he's gonna'..." Jessica whispers.

Chapter 4: Hunger PainsEdit

The Hotel

In the penthouse, everyone surrounds Jake's dead corpse. Sam has his pistol drawn, and is aiming at Jake's head.

"He's going to change soon." Sam says.

"This-------in--------rare blood type-------DO blood type-------name-------'Retched'-------avoid-----leap-----crawl-----destroy---" Flame's radio says.

"What?" Sam asks. Jake's body begins to seizure.

"Um..." Jessica says.

Jake's left arm turns blood red, and his skin begins to slowly peel. His bone shows.

"Shoot!" Jessica shouts. Sam shoots Jake between the eyes. He suddenly opens them. His arm explodes, and blood flies all over the room. Jake continues to bleed out. Jake jumps up from the ground, and lands on all fours, including his destroyed arm. His bone in his arm sticks out, and barely supports him. He leaps onto Flame. He punches Flame's right arm with his bone. Flame screams. Sam shoots Jake repeatedly in the back. His back begins to pour blood.

"This is..." Sam says.

"Forget this." Josie raises her shotgun, and shoots Jake in the head. It doesn't affect him. Flame bashes him into a wall, and no affect. Jake attempts to bite Flame, but Flame pushes his head back. Josie runs up and bashes Jake's head, and it snaps, and breaks. Jake falls off, but stands back up immediately after. Josie hits him in the head again, this time, she leaves a dent. It turns red as well, and soon explodes. Jake falls over, dead. He swells up like a balloon.

"Quick! Drop him off the balcony!" Josie orders. She picks him up with Scope, and they run out and toss Jake off of the balcony. He just...implodes, and covers the walls and grass in blood and guts.

"My arm..." Flame sits against a wall.

"My penthouse...this place is full of blood that is infected. One inch dries on you and you will turn." Trey says.

"This place isn't safe. We can't really afford another minute." Robert says.

"Where else can we go?" Kenzen asks.

"We can head to town. Find a shop to overrun." Toad says.

"With this many people, I think animal hunting would proove effective." Sam says.

"If we leave...I want to do one more thing." Trey says.

"What?" Josie asks.

"It hasn't even been a day since this began. It's almost sundown. I want to see my wife one more time..." Trey walks into his bedroom. His wife is laid out on the bed. He reaches down and kisses her on the cheek.

"This place is covered in blood. We have to go and find some quick shelter." Scope says.

"We have to rush though. Those things will be everywhere soon, and night will be our worst enemy." Jessica says.

"We can climb down now and get a head start." Josie says.

"Grab some food." Trey says, with a tear rolling down his cheek. Trey opens his fridge and pulls out some apples, carrots, and pears.

"All we have that doesn't need to be cooked." Trey tosses the fruits to his companions. Flame sits in a corner, holding onto his wound. Suddenly, banging is heard just outside of the penthouse front door.

"They're here!" Jessica screams. More banging.

"They're ripping down our barricade. We have to go. Now. No time to say goodbye." Robert says. A large burst is heard outside.

"It's down. Hurry!" Josie runs outside to the rope made from sheets. She climbs down with her shotgun in between her legs.

Sam follows behind, and then Trey.

A hole is torn through the front door. An infected being screams and continues to bash the door down.

Jessica begins to climb down. Scope comes shortly after. The door gets a bigger hole, and they try to crawl in. Toad goes down next, and the rope weakens. Kenzen after Toad. Robert and Flame remain at the top when they finally break through. Flame jumps on the rope and Robert starts stabbing. A horde is seen behind the few inside. Robert begins to climb downwards.

Before the infected can reach them, Robert and Flame make it to the bottom alive.

"We have to go, now. The hotel is done with." Toad says.

"Where can we go?" Flame asks.

"As dangerous as it is, we need to head to the town next to the airport. The buildings aren't very large, but there a few stores and some gun stores. Best place in my opinion." Sam says.

"We need to go through the forest! A city is beyond it. I'd bet they're better than we are!" Scope says.

"That's not a good idea." Sam says.

"Anyone going with me, follow." Scope walks towards the forest.

"Scope, please! We can do this all together! Come back!" Jessica shouts.

"You'll die, alone!" Toad shouts.

"I'm out of here. The city is the best place." Scope walks onwards.

"He's such an idiot...!" Robert runs after him.

"You'll catch your death, Robert." Josie warns. Robert stops in his tracks.

"Nobody's coming? You'll all die then." Scope says. He keeps going until he meets a road, and then heads on into the forest.

"This town might have some cars. Let's go." Josie turns around and walks inland. Everyone follows.

The Town

The group walks in, and a ton of infected greet them.

"Well, this is lovely." Josie says.

"We can do this...we can pick them off." Jessica says.

Josie lifts up her shotgun, and quickly loads in a few shells. Sam raises his pistol. Robert raises his knife.

"Run in. Find a weapon. Help us out." Josie orders. The others quickly scatter, and a few infected follow them.

"Fire." Robert smiles. Josie and Sam attack the infected head on.

Inside a small gun store, Flame and Kenzen grab a few pistols and bullets. The others were looted.

Toad wanders into an antique shop, and finds a sword hung up on a wall. It's a katana.

"Yes!" Toad runs up and grabs it. He pulls it from it's case, and runs outside.

Trey and Jessica run into a small restraunt, and find two butcher knives.

Outside, war occurs. The infected are attacking, and the survivors are spreading out. Josie runs out of shells.

"Crap!" She shouts.

In the town, a few buildings surround a street. A few abandoned cars lie around, and some survivors have banned together on the rooftops of some shops. The infected wander up around them.

Sam and Josie are on top of a general store.

"You ran out!? I'm almost out myself..." Sam starts shooting at the infected below.

Flame climbs up a ladder to the roof.

"They got up to us! We had to move! They're too fast!" Flame pants.

"Who were you with?" Sam asks.

"Robert, but he got away. I don't know where he is." Flame says.

Behind them, an infected person looks at the ladder. He places one hand on, and one foot.

At the top, They scan the area. Flame sits down on the roof. They look out onto the street, and find that many infected are running towards a taller building. Robert and Jessica are on top, fighting off infected from the roof. Their knives are dulling.

"This is it...!" Robert cries out. An air duct is visible on their roof. The infected are crawling through it, rapidly.

"They can climb!" Jessica shouts.

On Josie's roof, the three look at each other with worry.

"They what...?" Flame runs over to the ladder. He sticks his hand down to push it over, and the infected man bites his hand. Flame jumps back in pain.

"Flame!" Josie exclaims.

"We have to get down. They're all attacking Jessica and Robert. We can get out in safety..." Sam says.

"We have to save them!" Josie exclaims.

"This building isn't high up. A jump couldn't kill us." Sam says. They both run up, and climb gently off of the edge of the building. They land roughly.

"Help!" Jessica screams in agony. Josie and Sam run into the gun store, and pick up a few shells and pistols. They run out with fully loaded weapons. At the building, various fire escape ladders lead upwards. They begin to climb quickly.

At the top, Sam and Josie fire at will at the infected. Robert and Jessica are barely hanging on, as the infected are swarming them.

Kenzen climbs up behind them.

"Kenzen!" Sam exclaims.

"Let's kill these punks." He aims and shoots at the head. Robert and Jessica back up to the edge of the building, about to fall off and die. An infected reaches onto Jessica, and almost bites her. It dies shortly after, with a gunshot to the head.

"Josie!" Robert cheers.

"This town is almost cleared!" Sam says. Toad climbs up with his Katana, and then starts swinging inwards at the infected. Shortly after, every infected on the roof is dead.

"We did it..." Josie says.

"Wait...where's Trey?" Toad asks. Robert and Jessica regroup with the others.

"...Trey!?" Jessica shouts from the rooftops.

Nobody responds. Once they reach the ground, they search the small town. Flame wanders onto the streets, bloody. Flesh is in his mouth. Sam fires, and Flame falls over, dead.

"Oh...god...Flame..." Kenzen says.

"This isn't over...there's still more to come. Scope is gone. The city is in the forest area. They'll migrate over here if everyone is dead." Toad says.

Robert walks around the building where Flame came from. He sees a dead corpse of Trey there. Blood is everywhere.

"Trey's.....gone...." Robert mutters.

"This is not happening...." Jessica sighs.

"There are only six people in this group now." Josie says.

"We can't afford to lose anyone else." Jessica says. Robert walks up to Flame's dead body, and loots his pockets of the radio.

"We can still keep this. It's valuable. Someone might come for rescue." Robert says.

"What was that thing...earlier? About 'Retched'?" Jessica asks.

"Maybe they were talking about what Jake did...He just...exploded." Toad says.

"What if....there are more of those exploding things out there?" Kenzen asks.

"The infection only effects those with a strange blood type. Hopefully not." Josie says.

"We need to find a safe holm." Robert says.

"One of the general stores. They normally have basements." Sam says.

"Well, I think this is considered a safe zone. Take your weapon. Live wherever you want. We just have to keep track of each other. We can't let them win." Josie says.

"This just in-----------outbreak class-----------three----" The radio tunes in.

"Pick a spot quickly. Board up all doors with whatever you can. Don't let them see or smell you." Josie hoists her shotgun in the air.

Everyone scatters in the town. Sam and Toad walk inside of a general store, and find a basement. Josie and Robert find a small diner and decide to sleep in the seats. Jessica and Kenzen go together into a small store, and sleep in the back room with two beds...luckily.

In the forest, Scope walks along a trail. The forestry calms his beating heart.

"Another infected!" Someone yells.

"Kill it." A female voice orders.

"Hey....Hey! I'm not infected!" Scope shouts.

"Now, Tweek!" The female orders. An arrow flies right into Scope's head, and he falls over. Dead. In the treetops, a large treehouse base is fortified by four people. A woman sits on the inside, on a throne made of torn red carpet.

"We did it. One down." A man says.

"Good. We'll be done here in no time." She returns.

"The city is under quarantine. We just got the word from Michael." Another man says.

"Great. Another place to avoid. How's the hotel?" She asks.

"Same. Nobody is there, that we know of." A man returns.

"Well, we can start there. Any survivors we find, make sure they're not infected." The woman says.

Chapter 5: ZoeyEdit

The Tree House

The girl sits on the throne, and waits by a small police radio. She's in black commander boots, and in a black shirt and jeans. Her hair is blonde. Her eyes are blue.

"Zoey, what do we do if Michael gets killed?" A man asks her. He's in a green shirt and blue jeans. He has a coat in his arm. He's holding a quiver full of arrows. He's in sneakers, and his hair is blonde. He has green eyes.

"If Michael is killed, we'll know that the quarantine is not working properly. Shane, if that is the case, I expect you and Tweek to go full force when they migrate to the beaches." Zoey responds to him.

"-----------Zoey. Come in Zoey." A voice signals from the radio.

"Here." Zoey responds on it.

"Oh, god! They're breaking loose! The police on the island are doing what they can, but these things are--'" The radio stops. An explosion is heard.

"Michael!?" Zoey screams into.

"I'm okay! One of those Retched things with the rare blood type just died. They're coming from the hospital downtown. If we can make it inside we can kill every one of them. But it's dangerous. One drop of blood will turn you." He returns.

"What should we do?" Zoey asks.

"They're following us! We're coming back to the shelter. Put Tweek on the line!" Michael orders. Zoey hands it to another man. He is in a brown jacket with blue jeans. He has brown hair. He's Australian, and he has blue eyes.

"What is it, Mate?" Tweek asks into it.

"Get your quiver ready! We have a big load coming in." Michael says.

"Michael!" Someone yells on the radio.

"Oh god! They got John!" Michael shouts.

"Run!" Zoey orders into it. Someone climbs up through a flap behind them from the ground. He's in a camouflage outfit. He has a bag full of berries and fruits. His eyes are blue and his hair is black.

"Kev, you're a savior." Zoey walks over to him.

"Any time." He responds.

"Get up here, quickly. A horde is coming through." Tweek says.

The City

A man in a blue long sleeve T-shirt and blue jeans is running for his life. His hair is black and his eyes are blue. Infected chase after him quickly and rampantly.

"Please don't kill me!" Michael screams out. He runs out onto a street. More infected shamble in beside him.

"Michael!" A voice shouts. He runs forward on from the city with his radio in hand. He runs into a small store that is deserted entirely. He slams the front door, and blocks it off with a few tables and shelves. The windows are fairly small, but Michael sees that a horde is about to kill him. He trips over the splintery wood beneath him and falls over. Still facing the horde, he notices that the windows are cracking.

"I need you to help me...I'm stuck in the city and I'm in a store." Michael says into his radio.

"Trapped? Is there no other way out?" Zoey asks into it.

"Not that I know of. They are going to get in if nobody helps me!" Michael cries.

"We can't lose Michael." Tweek is heard in the background.

"How will we find him?" Kev is heard.

"JUST LOOK FOR A BUNCH OF THOSE THINGS." Michael shouts. A window busts open.

The Tree House

"Get ready. We haven't left this place in a long time." Zoey says.

"Listen, we have to try to get him out of there. A crossbow will launch one at a time. There's nothing we can do." Kev says.

"We can't..." Zoey sighs.

"I'll go." Kev says.

"You will die if you go." Tweek warns.

"We can't let him die." Kev says.

"I don't want to lose anyone. But Michael is already lost." Shane says.

"Oh god!" Michael is heard over the radio.

"We have to stay..." Zoey says. Tweek picks up the radio.

"...Michael?" Tweek asks. Screaming is heard.

"It's too late." Zoey says.

"We're done for. We lost our scout." Kev says.

"Not entirely. We can still go on scounting missions, but we can't send two. We have to go as a group." Shane says.

"Do you think there are more survivors?" Zoey asks.

"Maybe so...." Shane comforts her. A shotgun blast is heard.

"That was all of them." Josie's voice is heard.

"Do you think it's safe to be out in the forest?" Toad is heard.

"Survivors." Zoey says.

Outside, Josie and Toad walk along a small trail.

"Hey!" Shane yells from above.

"Hello up there!" Toad shouts.

"Hello! I'm Shane!" Shane greets them.

"I'm Josie and this is Toad." Josie says.

"Nice to meet you! Climb up this vine!" Shane points to a vine next to the treehouse. Josie and Toad walk over and climb a vine up to the treehouse. They enter through a small flap.

"Are you infected?" Zoey asks.

"No, why?" Toad asks.

"You know why." Tweek walks in to meet them.

"I'm Zoey, this group's leader." Zoey says.

"I'm Tweek, the only one with a weapon." Tweek says.

"I'm Shane and I hold the quiver." Shane laughs.

"I'm Kevin, but just call me Kev. I scout for berries and food." Kev says.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Josie and this is Toad." Josie says.

"Where are you two coming from?" Zoey asks.

"The town. We just had a small war with the infected. Lost two of our own." Josie says.

"How many survivors are there with you?" Tweek asks.

"Four others. Six of us remain hiding out in the shops." Toad responds.

"Is it a safe haven?" Kev asks.

"Yes, for now." Josie says.

"Great. We know of a safe spot now." Kev says.

"We'll be sure to visit. Do you need any help with anything?" Zoey asks.

"At the moment, no. We're cooking dinner on the roads. We found some chicken and rice in one of the small groceries." Toad says.

"Can we stop by for dinner? We haven't eaten in two days." Shane asks.

"It's been two days since this started." Josie responds.

"Exactly." Shane says.

It's sundown now. It's darkening quickly outside.

"If you come by, you stay until dawn. Night is the worst time right now." Josie says.

"Agreed." Zoey says.

"Come on then." Josie says.

"Oh wait, we forgot to ask. Did you see someone walk by?" Toad asks.

"We saw one infected. Kinda' tall." Zoey says.

"Where did he go?" Toad asks.

"Shot em'." Tweek says.

"...You killed him. He wasn't infected." Toad says.

"Sorry, we've been told to shoot anything that moves that doesn't have a weapon." Zoey says.

" won't be easy telling Jessica about this. But come on." Toad leads them to the exit.

The Town

In the middle of the street, the survivors sit together around a small table. It is a picknic table.

"Thank god for these ovens. The power hasn't gone out yet." Josie says.

"People!" Jessica cheers.

"You guys can go introduce yourselves." Toad says.

"There's some chicken in the center of the table, and a bowl of rice for you guys. There's some soda in that store over there." Kenzen points to a small shop.

"Wow guys. This is amazing." Zoey sits down in a seat.

"Did you guys see any infected?" Sam asks.

"Well...we did lose a friend an hour ago. His name was Michael. He said a horde got to him before he died..." Zoey says.

"Uh oh. Should we expect another fight soon?" Josie asks.

"Thing is, I don't know how big the horde was. If it was the entire city, then we are screwed. If it's the whole island, we're screwed. If it's a few people, it won't be too bad." Tweek says.

"Let's hope we don't get invaded quickly." Zoey says.

In the city, Michael stands up, reanimated. A huge horde of nearly 300 shamble around the city area. Michael sniffs the air and turns to the forest. He howls.

The Infection of Rememberance has been born.

Chapter 6: CommoneoEdit

The Town

Midnight. All the survivors are enjoying a nice chicken dinner.

"So, how did you guys meet?" Toad asks.

"Well, I was about to be eaten..." Zoey says.

"When I shoot him in the head." Tweek says.

"Exactly. So Tweek and I banded together. We found Shane crying near his parents. Before they could reanimate, we took him with us." Zoey says.

"Then Zoey and Tweek took me to a small tree house fort. Tweek picked off an infected person that was trying to eat Kev one night. We rescued him." Shane says.

"Wow. Nice story." Toad winks at Zoey.

Just through the brush of trees behind them, Michael walks through the streets, sniffing and grunting.

"This-----outbreak type--------City infection------Remember------'Rememberers'-----" The radio says.

"I'm assuming it just told us about a new strain?" Zoey asks.

"Rememberers?" Jessica asks. Michael shambles towards them, and, before they can notice, he takes behind a building. He walks over to where Trey was left to rot. He shambles over and bends down at him.

"Did you guys hear something?" Jessica asks.

"I don't know." Sam readies his pistol.

Michael's mouth begins to bleed. Michael drops some blood on Trey's corpse. It runs into his Body. His heart jolts. It begins to pump blood once more, but it pours out quickly. Michael stands up and wanders over to the ladder where Flame was left. He walks up to Flame, and drops more blood onto his head. It goes inside of the bullet hole, and enters his system. His heart jolts.

The front door to the hotel opens up. Out shambles Owen and Max's zombified bodies. Bullet holes in their head. Another infected must have wandered in with the rememberance virus.

"I hear it too...growling." Josie cocks her shotgun. Michael wanders out from behind a building.

"Michael! You're...alive!" Kev jumps from his seat and runs over to Michael. He hugs him.

"...Michael?" Kev looks at him. Michael tears into Kev's skin. Kev screams and falls over.

"Kev!" Zoey jumps up from their dinner table. Sam raises his pistol. He shoots Michael in the head, and he doesn't fall down! Josie runs up with her shotgun and bashes his head, which makes him fall over, but not die.

"What the--'" Kenzen says. He stands up. Flame and Trey walk over behind him.

"...Kenzen!" Zoey shouts. Kenzen turns around to spot the infected. He bolts away from them. Josie smashes in Michael's skull, and he finally dies.

"...Rememberance! Destroy the head! Shooting won't work!" Josie exclaims. Kenzen runs up to the table and rips a large plank of wood off. He runs up and smashes Flame's skull in. He bashes it. Trey runs up behind him, and Josie bashes his in. Both zombies are on the ground, dying.

Owen and Max shamble over. The hotel door stays shut. The infected inside don't seem to want out as bad. Kenzen runs up with Josie, and they destroy Owen and Max's brains.

"What's going on?" Toad asks.

"Decapitate them. Bash them in. They won't die with a headshot with this new strain. Destroy the head!" Sam exclaims.

"This isn't good. If they can open doors, surely the others can too." Kenzen says.

"This town isn't safe." Josie says.

"Look out!" Toad jumps up. Kev stands up with bloodlust. Toad decapitates him.

Jessica simply cries in terror.

"Look, everyone, go into your shelter. Lock up good. If anything happens, we have to stay alive. Understand me?" Robert says.

"Understood." Everyone says.

That morning, everyone emerges from their little homes in peace.

Josie and Robert walk outside and sit down for a small rest. Toad and Jessica walk together to them. Everyone follows.

"So...we should get to like, know each other." Josie says.

"Like how?" Sam asks.

"Well, let's start like this. What are you doing on the island, Jess?" Josie asks.

"Well, me, Sam, and Toad were on a vacation from college." Jessica says.

"And Scope. Don't forget Scope." Sam says. The others look at Sam and Jessica with a bit of Awe.

"What?" Sam asks.

"Nothing....what are you doing here, Robert?" Toad asks.

"Well, Josie and I came here for a business trip. But it kinda' migrated from us, but we stayed anyway." Robert says.

"Zoey?" Robert asks.

"I was hear with my friends for vacation." Zoey says.

"I lived here." Tweek says.

"Same." Shane says.

"I came here to look for a potential wife." Kenzen says.

"Well...that went wonderfully." Josie says.

"I know, right?" Kenzen slightly smiles.

"Do you think we'll ever get out of here?" Toad asks.

"Well...if America cares, they'll send over some rescue copters." Josie says.

"New discovery!" The radio says.

"What now?" Kenzen says.

"Safe zone located in Linoburgh!-------I repeat------Linoburgh!" The radio sounds.

"Linoburgh...I know where that is!" Shane exclaims.

"Where?" Zoey asks.

"It's a small neighborhood just out of the city." Shane says.

"We have to go through the city?" Toad asks.

"Sadly, yes. If there are more survivors there, we can band up with them. I will admit, we will lose some of our own in the coming days." Shane says.

"There's no way we're going there. I could bear to see Scope dead..." Jessica sighs.

"'s time you know." Zoey sighs.

"What?" Jessica asks.

"Scope is...." Zoey says. She stops. Grunting is heard behind them. Scope is shambling towards them with an arrow in his head.

"" Jessica looks at Tweek, holding his crossbow.

Scope shambles past the group, ignoring them. He heads right for Jessica. Josie was next to him, and he just ignored her. He reaches her and stops walking. His head falls off a few seconds later. Toad has killed him.

"Sc...." Jessica moans. She starts crying. That was the only explanation she needed.

Chapter 7: The CityEdit

The Town

In the town, the gang is gathering up some supplies and bags to haul it around in.

"We can't stay here. The hotel might break loose soon." Josie says.

"We need a car or something." Kenzen says.

"Where would we find one? They all are gone. Like they took them and left." Josie says.

"Walking into the city is suicide. I'd bet it's infested." Kenzen says.

"Well...there is one place where I saw a car." Robert says.

"Where?" Josie asks.

"In the parking lot next to the airport. But when I last saw that place, it was packed full of the infected." Robert says.

"Maybe they joined in on our little brawl?" Josie asks.

"We can find out." Robert says.

"Anyone wanna' go check it out?" Josie asks.

"I will." Tweek says.

"I guess I'm going too." Shane says.

"Same." Sam walks up to them. They run onwards down the street, and near the airport. No infected are in sight.

"A few cars are in the parking lot. Anyone here good with hot wiring?" Robert asks.

"Nope." Everyone says.

"Let's hope we find some keys then." Robert says. They charge into the parking lot. A few car doors are locked, but one tiny red car has its keys inside on the front seat.

"Neat...but we can't carry everyone in it..." Robert says.

"It might fit five at the max." Sam says.

"We'd have to leave four behind." Robert says. He opens it up and gets inside. Sam, Tweek, Robert, Shane, and Josie squeeze into the car, and they drive up the street. The car, luckily, has a full tank of gas.

At the safe haven, the car pulls up and everyone gets out.

"We'll only be able to fit five. Who wants to stay?" Robert asks.

"We can't stay here." Zoey exclaims.

"Don't worry, some of us can go to the tree house. Five can go to the city." Shane says.

"Who wants to go?" Robert asks.

"I do. I want out of here." Toad says.

"If we find the save place, yes." Josie says.

"I'm getting out of here, too." Tweek says.

"I have to..." Shane says.

"Alright then. We'll go." Robert says.

"I love you guys..." Zoey says. She walks up and hugs Robert. Then Josie. Then Tweek. Then Shane. And then finally Toad. She looks up and kisses him on the cheek. He's speechless.

"Goodbye guys..." Sam says. They pile into the car, weapons in hand. Robert drives them all off into the forest.

At the hotel, an infected opens the front door. He sniffs, and looks in Zoey's direction.

"Let's get off to the tree house." Zoey walks forward.

"Hopefully this won't be our final moments with the others." Jessica says. They walk onward, and the infected start leaving the hotel.

The City

The car pulls into the city with the others. Tons of infected are scattered about.

"This place is hell on earth." Josie says.

"I hope we can make it back..." Toad says. Some infected notice them, and run to the car.

"Where to, Shane!?" Robert exclaims.

"Take a right and keep going!" Shane shouts. The car takes a right turn on the road, and floors it. Many infected are smashed over by the car. They drive by a hospital. They slow down for a moment. No infected are following them. Gunfire is heard.

"We're up here!" A female voice is heard.

Toad looks out of the car window. Two policemen are behind a barricade, shooting the infected.

"Everyone, get out. There are some survivors!" Toad exclaims.

Everyone exits the car. They run over to the barricade. The policemen have stopped firing. Both are identical in uniforms. One has blue eyes and black hair. The other has brown eyes and black hair.

The one with blue eyes says, "Are you infected?" The other says nothing.

"No." Toad says.

"Thank god! Someone without a bite." He says.

"Same to you. We have a band of survivors back at a tree house camp." Toad says.

"Goodness. I'm Ice. Real name is Justin, but I get called Ice." He says. The one with brown eyes speaks up.

"I'm BT. Bob Tratcher, but my Code Name is BT." He says.

"Good to meet to living cops." Robert says.

"No time to introduce yourselves..." Ice points to a few bloated infected.

"They're Retched!" BT says.

"Get behind the barricade." Ice orders. Everyone runs behind them. They duck down behind two large brick slabs, torn from a nearby building that was torn down. Ice and BT fire at the heads, which eventually break open. The swelling explodes.

"Don't get close to them. Any punctured limb will spew blood. Infection." Ice says.

"We have to go inside the hospital." Toad says.

"Are you insane!? This thing started there!" Ice says.

"I just heard a woman yell for help. She's alive!" Toad says.

"I'm not dying for that!" Ice says.

"Do it. You have too." Josie orders him with a shotgun to his head.

"...fine." Ice says. They stand up from their barricade. Toad's Katanas are drawn. Josie has her shotgun ready. Ice and BT have their pistols drawn. Robert has his dulled knife. Shane and Tweek have the crossbow ready to fire.

"Knock them down. I'll finish the job." Toad says. They run for the hospital's front doors. An ambulance sits outside of them, crushed. The hospital is extremely tall, and the cries are coming from a high floor. They charge inside.

The Hospital

Dozens of infected welcome them on the first floor. Toad charges them, slicing them all in halves. A Retched wanders close to him. Toad slices it's head off, and quickly jumps behind a counter. The others take cover. The explosion causes the counter to crack. Toad is somewhat covered in blood. Everyone else is covered. Their faces are fine, but their clothes are soaked.

"Oh god..." Toad says.

"Don't let it get into any openings." BT says. They gather together and run up a flight of stairs to the second floor. A long hallway of infected greets them. Surprisingly, they don't attack. They just shamble.

"...They don't see us?" Toad says.

"No...they see us..." Ice says. They walk forward, shooken up.

The infected don't even budge.

"They...they don't want us?" BT says.

"...The blood! They think we're one of them!" Josie says.

"We must be so covered in it that they don't have our scent!" Ice exclaims. They run through the crowd, and over to an elevator section. They find a fire escape. Some stairs lead upwards and downwards. They run up the stairs, and peeking into the hallways asking if anyone needs help.

At the seventh floor, the screams get louder. The infected aren't in the hallway much. A group of them are banging at a door. Male and Female screams emerge in the halls. Toad and the others run up, shooting and stabbing at random. Some infected are heard running up the stairs.

"They have our scent!" Ice exclaims. When the infected at the door all die, Toad simply opens the door slightly. Some things are blocking it, but he squeezes inside.

"Go block off the door!" Ice orders BT. A few others run down with BT to the fire escape.

"Hello?" Toad walks in to see two panicked doctors. One is Female. She's in all blue. She has blue eyes and brown curly hair. The male has a blue sweater on and blue jeans. He has black hair and brown eyes.

"Are you...okay?" He asks.

"Are you infected...?" The man asks.

"No, we came to save you." Toad says.

"Oh thank god!" The woman runs up and hugs him.

"I'm Adam. This is Jay." The man says.

"Nice to meet you two. Come on. Nobody is going to hurt you." Toad leads them outside.

"Stay here." He orders them. The door breaks down, and infected flood in. The others fight for their life at close combat range. Toad slices through them all quickly. Ice and BT shoot randomly, and cause some to die, some to not. Toad saves them. Robert and Josie cower in a corner. Josie bashes in a few skulls. Robert jumps up and starts stabbing, which is no effect.

"Josie,...I love you." Robert says.

"Robert...?" Josie says.

"Come and get me!" Robert runs out into them. Toad slices his way to Robert and Josie. Before Robert can be touched, Toad saves them.

"That's all of them. Where did Shane and Tweek run off to?" Toad asks.

"...Shane!? Tweek!?" Robert and the others run out onto the fire escape. Jay and Adam follow behind. Before they can get any further, Shane and Tweek halt them with the crossbow.

"You all are infected. Get away from us." Tweek says.

"Nobody got bit!" Toad says.

"I should believe that?" Tweek says.

"Help me please!" Shane exclaims.

"We ran off in the mix. You are all going to die." Tweek loads his crossbow.

Boom. Head shot. Tweek falls over. Josie blows on her shotgun firing hole.

"Josie!" Shane exclaims.

"He was gonna' kill someone!" Josie exclaims.

"We have to get out of here. Now. Change these bloody clothes." Shane says. They all run out of the fire escape.

"Anyone want to ride with us in the squad car?" Ice asks.

"I think we'd rather ride in ours, thanks." Robert says.

"We'll follow you to your safe haven." Ice says.

"Good idea." Josie laughs. They go to their respective vehicles. The police car takes off and follows Robert's car.

A retched jumps in their way. BT, who is driving, smashes into him and blinds them both with blood. The windshield is covered. Ice and BT can't see out. BT is screaming, and he has accidentally floored it. Ice jumps from the car, and BT smashes right into a tree nearby. He jumps out of the car. Robert stops the car and gets out.

"We don't have room." He says.

"We can ride on the top." Ice says. BT runs over. Before he reaches Ice, an infected tackles him. BT is bitten. Ice runs quickly and jumps onto the back of the car. They speed off into the forest.

BT is feasted on by the infected.

Chapter 8: Tree Top WarsEdit

The Tree House

Just as Robert's car takes off for the city, Zoey and the rest of the survivors head off to the forest tree house.

They find the house, and climb up the vine and get up to it.

"So....what now?" Kenzen asks.

"We wait." Zoey sits in the throne.

"Where do we sleep?" Sam asks.

"Hopefully they won't be gone for long." Jessica says.

"What if they are? Kev is dead. We don't have an experienced gatherer anymore." Zoey says.

"In that case, you sleep on the floor." Kenzen says.

An infected walks through the area. Kenzen, still gripping his board, walks up to the window and inspects.

"Do you hear something?" Kenzen asks. He looks out and sees the infected. Sam loads up his pistol. Jessica and Zoey sit back, worried. Jessica still has her butcher knife she never used.

"An's shambling out from the town." Kenzen says.

"Yeah...and?" Zoey asks.

"There were no infected in the town except for the hotel..." Kenzen says.

The Hotel

The infected shamble out of the front door to the hotel. Several wander into the elevator and lick the walls for living scents. It gets so heavy that it collapses and falls. The infected inside die off. Their blood leaks out onto the floors of the hotel. Some infected walk over and begin to drink it, thinking it was human blood. After consuming it, they get a double dosage of infection. The infected that drank it stand up from the puddle, shaking and jerking.

They are flouncers.

The Tree House

Outside, a few more infected wander out with their scent. Suddenly, a large amount of them run quickly over, screaming, shaking, jerking, and bobbing. They are flouncers. Quicker, stronger, braver than other infected. Nobody stands a chance.

"Oh god...they're leaving the hotel. They know where we are!" Kenzen exclaims.

A flouncer grabs onto a tree and begins to scale it.

"Since when can they climb!?" Kenzen shouts. A flouncer grabs onto their tree, and climbs up to the hatch.

The screeching and shouting gets louder, attracting tons of more infected. This goes on for hours. Sundown eventually approaches them. By now, they are holding off climbing infected with the boards and gun. Robert's car slams directly into them, and Ice falls off of the top.

"Guys!" Kenzen exclaims. Toad slices his way through the infected to get to Ice.

"Ice, get up!" Toad says to him. A few flouncers run over to them. Toad stabs on in the chest. It collapses. Ice shoots one in the head, and it falls over. Josie is heard firing at them. Robert stabs and stabs.

"There's too many!" Robert screams in horror. Something hits his head. It falls on the ground.

"Is that a..." Robert looks at it.

Grenade. Robert charges through the infected. Before he's bitten, it explodes, killing tons of infected, and knocking back the survivors. Before it could kill them, Jay and Adam escape from the car just before the explosion. The car flies backwards quickly from the blast.

"Who threw that!?" Shane asks.

The car smashes right into him, breaking his back, and killing him. Ice and Toad jump out of its way, and it rolls backwards into the forest. Robert and Josie are knocked out from the blast. All the infected are dead.

"Shane!" Zoey screams in terror.

"Dear god..." Toad mutters.

"Who just..." Ice asks.

"Me." A man steps out from behind the trees. He's rugged looking. Red shaggy hair. A blue jacket and some sweat pants. He has a belt on with grenades lining it. His eyes are brown, and full of hatred.

"I heard screaming so I threw it. Sorry about your friend..." He says.

"Who..." Adam asks. Jay and Adam step out of the way.

"Zorbel." He says.

" to meet you..." Jay says with tears in her eyes.

"It's not safe here. Why are you here anyway? Didn't you hear about the safe zone?" Zorbel asks.

"We couldn't get there. The city was taken over by them." Adam says.

"We have to get there." Zorbel says.

"It's full of them, though." Jay says.

"So will this place be." Zorbel says.

"How come they aren't sending rescue?" Ice asks.

"Who? America? They're all cowards. They think everyone is dead. They're bombing this island in a few weeks." Zorbel says.

"....They're what!?" Jay exclaims.

"I found a police radio. It said that they were going to send in planes to bomb the island of the infection. They'll have to detect life here to push the bombing back. We need to get to the safe zone and let them know we are alive." Zorbel says.

"Guys! Get your crap together! We're taking on the city!" Toad shouts.

Chapter 9: Taking on the CityEdit

The Labs

Every undead scientist is roaming the area. Only one is left alive. He's locked himself inside of a small room. The infected are breaking in.

"They did it. They created an apocalypse." The man says.

"Let us in!" An eerie and deep overlapping voice shouts.

The man picks up a tape recorder. "If anyone finds this, go to the boiler room! I left my prototype there!" He says.

The door bursts in, and a huge figure walks inside. Arms and legs buffed up, hair falling out. Gruesome.

"Use it to save yourselves!" The scientist yells. He drops the tape recorder, and the figure eats him alive.

"Aha!" The figure says.

"Jose! Stop!" He cries with blood spurting out of his mouth.

The City

The survivors walk along a steep trail to the city.

"Find a vehicle. We'll need it to plow through these things." Robert says.

"I can't believe my whole group is dead...I mean, we worked so well until we found you. I thought it'd be a blessing..." Zoey says.

"Don't think about it." Jessica says to her. They walk onto the first sidewalk of the city. BT's corpse is missing.

"This is where he died..." Ice says.

"Where is he?" Josie asks.

"...He's gone..." Ice says.

"Be on the lookout for a cop." Robert says.

"Oh god...What if he..." Zoey says.

"Rememberance. He might be stalking us." Robert says.

"Look, we've cleared out the area apparently. Let's just find something to drive and get out of here." Ice says. They walk together in small groups to find vehicles.

Ice, Toad, and Kenzen find a mini-van. Keys were left inside of it.

Adam and Jay go together and find a small red car.

Zoey and Jessica go together and find a green truck.

Josie, Robert, Zorbel, and Sam go together and find blue car.

The cars all start up and drive off, following each other.

In Adam's car, Jay and Adam have a small conversation in the back of the car line. Robert's car is leading them to the safe haven.

"Why are we following them?" Jay asks.

"Apparently there's a safe zone somewhere around here." Adam responds.

"No, I mean, why can't we just go to the hospital? The medical choppers. You know how to fly." Jay says.

"It's best to follow them. We tried that already." Adam says.

"But the hospital is cleared, right?" Jay asks.

"We're not turning around." Adam says.

"The safe zone should be up this hill." Zorbel says. Robert's car leads the survivors up through a hilltop. No infected are anywhere nearby. They drive up and into a small town. The buildings are all boarded up. Two men sit near the entrance with shotguns in their laps. They let them pass. Someone directs them into a small car garage. A sign on it says, "Infection Checking." The cars line up.

Robert, Josie, Zorbel, and Sam step out of their cars. A woman walks up to them.

"Listen, my name is Brynn. I'm going to inspect you for any bite marks or scratches. If you are infected, you will have to leave. If you are hurt in some way, you need a valid explanation. Okay?" She asks. She's in a red sweater and blue jeans. She has brown hair that is rather curled. She's an older woman with brown eyes.

"Bruno! Get over here." Brynn says. She sees a few cuts and scrapes on their bodies.

A man walks over. He's in an orange vest, and blue jeans. His hair is blonde and his eyes are green.

"What?" He asks.

"Get the others out of their cars." Brynn says.

Bruno walks back and gets everyone out of their vehicles.

"Honey, why are you all scratched up?" Brynn asks Robert.

"Zorbel here threw a grenade at us. We were in a group of infected." Robert says.

"Were you bit?" Brynn asks.

"Nobody was." Robert says.

"I'm trusting you." She says.

"Everyone says they're fine." Bruno says.

"Just let them pick a spot." Brynn says.

"Okay. Guys, listen up." Bruno makes everyone get out of their cars.

"We have a couple of houses here. The windows are boarded up and the doors need to be. We have a few screws placed inside the houses for you to nail up the boards across the doors at night. If you hear anything, you warn us all. You can sign up for work in Bruno's house." Brynn says. It's amazing...these people have banded together inside of a small village. They have one final grip on the reality on this island.

"We do have limited housing. So pair up in threes." Bruno says.

"We'll introduce you all in the morning." Brynn looks up to the sky to see the sun is setting quickly.

In a small grey room. A cell blocks off an exit to the outside world.

"They won't have me. They won't have me." A boy twitches around.

Chapter 10: HuntingEdit

The Safe Zone

Brynn and Bruno knock on each boarded up door in the morning. The people wake up.

Josie and Robert are in one small little store. A pallete has been made for them to sleep in. Robert stands up and walks over to a boarded window. He looks out of one edge of it to see Brynn waiting on them. Robert picks up a hammer next to a small batch of nails, and picks them out of the boards. Robert then wakes up Josie, and they go outside.

A small town meeting happens.

"Everyone, we would like you to meet a few safe zone members we got last night." Brynn says.

"I'm Daunte." Says one man. His hair is blonde and sleek. He's in a plaid jacket and blue jeans. His eyes are green.

"I'm Cerulean." Says a small man. He is in a green jacket and blue jeans. He has blue hair that was dyed. He has brown eyes.

"I'm Jacob." Says a small boy. He couldn't be past 15. He has blonde hair, and is in a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He looks depressed. His eyes are blue and teary.

"This is our small town. We got a big order last night. You folks introduce yourselves and I'll go get breakfast." Brynn says. She turns and walks into a small barn-like structure. A cooler is inside. She opens it up to grab sme eggs and a lighter. She closes it and walks over to a small hay structure. She reaches down to it to grab some fire wood. An infected jumps up from behind it and nearly grabs her. She screams and runs.

"Brynn!?" Bruno runs in with a pistol. She runs up to him. Bruno sees the infected. He shoots it, and it falls over, dead.

"It's okay." Bruno says.

"Thank you...please don't leave. Just in case it...remembers." Brynn says. She walks up to grab the firewood, then darts out of the barn safely.

"So, how do you want your eggs?" Brynn asks.

In the metal room, the boy still twitches and mumbles. A police officer shoots the infected down. Once dead, the office runs up to the cell.

"You were supposed to break for it when the cells opened up, son." He says.

"They're here. They're here." He repeats.

"Who's here?" The policeman asks.

"He's here." The boy smiles.

"Who--" The policeman asks and turns. A bald man in a lab coat looks at the policeman with eageness and blood lust. He's holding a shot.

"Why are you here? You have no-" The policeman stops. The man ran up and stuck the policeman with the shot. He injects some blood into him, and the policeman falls over, unconcious.

"The blood is ours. Those Americans will pay once this island vanishes." He says. The policeman stands back up, ready to eat his next victim. The man turns around and shoves the policeman off of a small balcony. He lands on his head, which cracks wide open.

"My next subject." The man says.

In the village, Brynn and Bruno cook some eggs for breakfast.

"Who wanted scrambled?" Brynn asks. A few raise their hands. She pours some scrambled eggs out on some plates stolen from a shop. She hands out the eggs.

"So, we need some hunters. We can't keep eating bacon for dinner." Bruno says.

"We'll run out eventually. And I'm sure you'll be sick of it." Brynn says.

"Well..." Daunte reaches into his pocket and pulls out a metallic slingshot. The rubber band has several bands overlapping it.

"What's that?" Bruno asks.

"I've been using this for protection. Bricks and heavy rocks will break open their heads and kill them. Most will no longer die with a gunshot to the head." Daunte says.

"That's actually a good idea." Cerulean says.

"I found this in someone's van before I came here." Daunte says.

"That would be good for hunting too, as long as you reclaimed your stone." Brynn says.

"I would gladly go out and hunt." Daunte says.

"I would too, as long as we have a truck or something." Ice says.

"You can take that one." Brynn points to a truck that the survivors brought in.

"Okay then...don't wait up." Daunte says. He walks inside of the barn and picks up a few scattered bricks. Ice loads his pistol. Together, they get in the truck and take off.

The Forest

The truck rides through a small batch of dirt. No infected are near them. They stop and exit the truck.

"How about that. We're lost." Daunte says.

"We can just retrace our steps..." Ice says.

"What steps? We drove here." Daunte says.

"We drove in a straight line, right?" Ice asks.

"Close to it." Daunte says.

"Let's just hunt and be done with this." Ice says. They walk together through the woods, and find a small hill. They slide down it.

"Do you think the animals are dead?" Ice asks.

"Hopefully not." Daunte says.

"What if they ate an infected? They might have turned." Ice says.

"You prove a good point. But still, let's hope not." Daunte says.

An infected walks out in front of them. Daunte loads up a brick into his slingshot and fires at his head. It smashes into it and it collapses.

"There's probably more than that out here. I don't see any animals." Daunte says.

"Don't give up yet. We've only been out here for a few hours." Ice says.

"If we don't see any, we don't see any. It's too dangerous. This thing came from somewhere. It didn't just roam out here alone. It smelled something." Daunte says.

An infected wanders up without being detected. It walks up and grabs hold of Daunte's arm. Ice shoots it in the head and it doesn't die. Daunte hits it's head with a brick. And before it would die, it bit Daunte.

"That gunfire is going to attract more of them. I'm so sorry this happened..." Ice says.

"Wait! Don't leave me here!" Daunte screams. Ice runs away from him. Daunte, now infected, just lays there. Waiting for death. Soon the infection will overcome him, and he will die.

Ice gets into the truck, and speeds away.

A few miles away, a huge horde of the infected wander up onto Daunte.

And they catch the town's scent.

Chapter 11: To Mourn the FallenEdit

The Safe Zone

"Most of the men here want to do everything they can. But I think its better to stay safe unless you are needed." Brynn says to Bruno inside of the barn. The dead infected is rotting in a corner.

"Well, I'm always needed. I've killed tons of these things recently. Do you think that they will be attracted to us if they know...catch a wiff?" Bruno asks.

"Hopefully not. I'm not leaving this place." Brynn says.

"If something was to happen here, you wouldn't leave it?" Bruno asks.

"Of course not. This is my home. I built this place from what it was and saved so many people. This will forever remain a safe zone." Brynn says.

Zorbel walks in, holding a grenade. "The cop's back."

In a small diner barricaded to the roof, Adam and Jay sit inside, not daring to leave.

"Listen, Jay. These people...they don't care." Adam says.

"What?" Jay asks.

"I know they don't. They saved us, and have done nothing with us. I'm grateful we're alive. But we're not important to them at all. If we can just find a helicopter..." Adam says.

"Adam, we can't abandon them." Jay says.

"What? Why?" He asks.

"We need them, don't you get it?" Jay says.

"No we don't! I can get us both out of here. We have to leave them when we have the chance." Adam says.

In the town, they all meet around the radio. It is trying to say something, but it keeps losing contact.

"Ice!" Zorbel runs up to Ice. He's distraught.

"Did you catch anything?" Jacob asks him.

"N--No...." Ice says. A tear emerges.

"Ice?" Brynn asks him.

"They got Daunte." Ice says. The tear falls.

"...They might know where he came from." Bruno says.

"-----Emergency! Paradise Island is under full investigation. There ar no confirmed survivors. Ones who had contact with us are deceased. U.S forces will not be sent in unless survivors are found. Until then, we give the island three days to survive. At that time, we will nuke the island and destroy any remains of this disease. Survivors, if you are out there, make your presence known." The radio tunes in.

"What!?" Josie exclaims. She and Robert run out from their barricade to hear the news.

"This...this is amazing. We can be saved if we make a few SOS signs and stay there." Robert says.

"How will they know we're alive?" Josie asks.

"Maybe they'll send in a pilot to look for signs of life." Robert says.

"There's just...too much going on at once." Jacob says.

"Like what?" Robert asks.

"Daunte is dead." Jacob says.

"...well, to be honest, we didn't know him." Cerulean says.

"Nice way to mourn your friend." Jacob storms off.

"Jacob!" Cerulean runs off to get him.

"Oh god this place is falling apart..." Brynn says.

In the forest areas, a purple tanned, leather skinned infected stands in front of a huge horde. His skin is so dry and without oxygen that it has turned purple. One of his hands has grown extremely large fingernails, acting as a claw. He doesn't even breathe. He sniffs the air, and walks over in the direction the truck left in. With a higher rememberance dosage, another creation has been born. The horde is following it.

A stalker is now stalking its prey.

In the town center, Sam and Toad leave their barricades and join the others. It's almost midday now.

"Guys, the electricity is still working." Toad says.

"What?" Brynn asks.

"Someone on the island is still feeding electricity. It isn't shut down yet." Sam says. Brynn looks up at a powerline next to the town. It is indeed powered.

"It must be coming from somewhere..." Bruno says.

"Someone else is alive!" Brynn exclaims.

"We've run these stoves off of oil and coal electricity for months. I can't believe we were fooled." Brynn says.

"Do you hear something?" Zorbel asks. It sounds like a grunting. He pulls out a grenade from his belt. "I only have five more. I have to spare."

An infected walks into the town from the forestry nearby.

"Oh god, they know where we are. We have to get a head start and leave." Bruno says. Sam raises his silenced pistol and fires. The infected falls over, dead. A large howl is then heard from the forest.

"We should hide." Brynn suggests. She turns to run for his barricade. Bruno stops her.

"Well...move." Brynn orders.

"We have to leave." Bruno says.

"No! This is my home!" Brynn cries.

"It isn't anymore." Bruno says. A few infected peek out from the trees.

Inside the forest, Cerulean and Jacob fight. Jacob is being stubborn and Cerulean is trying to calm him down. The infected soon swarm them without them knowing.

In the town, Zorbel prepares to toss the bomb. Bruno runs and jumps into a small minivan.

"Get in, Brynn!" Bruno shouts.

"No! I'm not leaving!" Brynn says.

"Please!" Bruno shouts.

"No!" She exclaims. Bruno sighs and speeds off to safety.

"Come on Josie. We have to get out of here." Robert warns. A huge horde of the infected enter the safe zone. The stalker enters the area and howls. He sprints towards Brynn.

"Ah!" She screams. She jumps out of the way. It turns and tackles her. The claw drives deep into her carotid artery.

"Brynn!" Josie exclaims. She cocks her shotgun and Robert raises his dulled knife. Zorbel backs up from the horde, and lets loose his grenade.

Which lands underneath Jacob, who is watching Cerulean defend them from the infected.

When it explodes, it kills them both without them even knowing it was there.

"Oh god..." Sam sees Brynn being torn apart. Sam shoots the stalker, but to no avail. Toad is defending himself and Sam at the moment.

"This is too much! We have to leave!" Sam grabs onto Toad and runs back to their old car. They start it up and abandon their friends.

"Wait!" Kenzen runs up to them. They drive off. Robert and Josie jump into their truck and back away.

"Hey! Wait!" Kenzen runs up with infected chasing him. Robert throws open a back door. Kenzen jumps in and shuts it.

Jay and Adam defend themselves by running. An explosion occurs in front of them. Zorbel has protected them. The stalker and another group of the infected run up and tackle Zorbel. Adam and Jay turn and run off into the checking garage. They jump into a random car, and speed off.

"Oh god!" Zorbel shouts. He sticks a grenade in his mouth just as the stalker claws out his right eye. He pops the handle, and the entire area bursts.

Jessica and Zoey run for their lives. With Zorbel dead, nobody can defend them. Jessica still has a dull knife. Ice runs up with his pistol and shoots at the horde. A few flouncers run up to them. They take chunks from Ice. Distracted, the infected ignore the girls. They turn and run from the scene. They reach one final car, and drive off. The safe zone is ruined.

Every car speeds in its own direction. They survivors are seperated. Only a small chance remains with them if they ever wish to survive.

Chapter 12: The AsylumEdit

Abandoned Village

Josie, Robert, and Kenzen ride through a small pathway. They come across a small abandoned village. Several buildings are emptied and broken down. Roofs are collapsing, and the wooden sides are rotting.

"Where are we?" Kenzen asks. The vehicle pulls into a small parking lot near some forestry. They exit, and arm themselves. Kenzen walks over to a building, without a weapon. Josie, with little ammo, cocks her shotgun. Robert has a dulled knife.

"Do you think the others are okay?" Kenzen asks.

"I hope so..." Robert says.

"That town got ambushed. Did we see anyone get out?" Josie asks.

"I see a jeep drive by us. There was someone inside. It looked like Bruno." Kenzen says.

"I saw that looked like Adam to me." Josie says.

"Well, we know someone made it out. What about the others?" Kenzen asks.

"I only saw the jeep. Nobody else..." Robert says.

"Oh god..." Kenzen says. He stops the conversation, and peers into a crack in the building next to him. Inside, several infected lie dead, and rotting to bits.

"They've been here." He says.

"What?" Robert walks over. He peeks inside.

"We best get a move on." Josie says.

"This place might be safe for a while. We should come here if all else fails." Kenzen says. They walk back over to the vehicle, and get inside. Kenzen and Robert remain in danger. They drive off down a pathway, and into more forestry.

After a short while, they drive upon a large, silver building. Guard towers stand tall, and men in straight jackets roam the area.

"They're alive!" Kenzen runs down. One turns to him, and charges him. Kenzen dodges, and runs back.

"---Never mind!"

Josie shoots one of them, and then the other.

"This must be an asylum..." Robert says.

"Do you...think anyone is alive?" Josie asks.

"Possibly...we should investigate. Even if not, they might have food." Kenzen says. They feel the starvation kicking in. They haven't eaten since the town's run down. They walk inside of an open gate, and into the asylum.

The Asylum

A dark corridor awaits them. Inside, infected are nowhere in sight. They walk ahead, noticing broken or locked doors. Some broken ones reveal dead bodies of policemen and guards.

"This place is a disaster..." Josie says.

"I doubt anyone could live here..." Robert says. They push open a door to reveal a large cell room. Infected are trapped inside of cells that are closed. Dead guards lie everywhere.

"Hello there!" Someone shouts. It's the man in the scientist outfit.

"Hello! How are you still alive?" Kenzen asks.

"Penicillin." The man laughs.

"Really?" Josie asks.

"No, not really. Why don't you come on up here?" He asks. He points to a stairwell. The survivors walk up it and reach a small balcony. A boy, insane, walks up to them. He's alive and well. Brown hair, and olive skin. He's in a straight jacket.

"This is Ben." The man introduces him.

"Hello..." Ben says.

"Listen, I believe I have a cure. Does anyone want to test it by being infected?" The man asks.

"" Kenzen says.

"Come on....oh! Let's!" The man says, with evil intentions. He stabs Ben's arm with the needle he carries. He empties a toxin into Ben, and he begins to twitch and foam out of the mouth.

"Introducing the virus you all know of. Syndolic Tempera! The Mumje Syndrome!" The man steps back.

"What did you..." Josie asks.

"I took advantage. I'm spreading this virus now. Happy holidays!" The man jumps from the balcony. He lands on his feet with a crunch. His feet are broken, but he's still moving.

"I will be the most well known person on earth!" The man laughs. Josie turns and shoots the man. He collapses instantly, dead.

Ben suddenly growls, and his muscles sprout. His jacket breaks off, revealing his arms. Both are transformed into mishapen claws. He's a stalker.

"Kill him!" Robert shouts. Josie shoots him in the head. He doesn't fall over. He sprints over to them. Robert moves them out of the way.

"Run!" Robert shouts.

"Robert! Come on!" Josie says. They reach the stairwell. Ben begins to chase them. Robert jumps on his back, and tugs him back.

"I love you!" Robert shouts.

"Robert, no!" Josie shouts.

"Don't do this!" Kenzen shouts.

"Go!" Robert shouts. Ben smacks Robert into a wall, and begins to prey on his flesh. Kenzen drags Josie out of the Asylum in tears and anger.

"No! No!" Josie shouts repeatedly.

Outside, Kenzen throws Josie inside and drives off from the dreaded place. Ben has murdered Robert.

Chapter 13: Fly Away, Little Jay Bird.Edit

Adam and Jay follow out of the safe zone with a panic. They spot Bruno's car speeding into the streets. A building suddenly catches fire, and Bruno pulls over to it. Jay and Adam park next to him.

"Bruno!" Jay runs out of the car.

"Jay! Someone's alive!" Bruno says.

"What? Nobody is alive! We have to go!" Jay tugs on Bruno.

"No! This just started! It was a signal fire! Someone set it to lure the attention off of them!" Bruno shouts. Jay grabs onto him and throws him into their car. Just as a horde approaches them, they speed off.

The Town

Adam drives them up to the hotel located just outside of the town. He jumps out and runs inside.

"Adam! Wait! It's dangerous!" Jay shouts.

"I'm coming right back!" He shouts from inside. He walks up to a brochure area and grabs a map of the island. He then goes up to a desk where people check in, and grabs a pen.

When he returns to their car, he jumps inside. He opens up the map and begins to mark out areas they have visited. The safe zone. The hotel. The Town. The Forestry. The hospital.

"What are you doing?" Bruno asks.

"I'm marking us off the map. We're not returning to these infected areas." Adam says. Across from the forest is another city area.

"We need to head through the forest." Adam says.

"Why?" Jay asks.

"There's a few more places to go beyond it. It might be safe. There's an apartment complex just before the beach. A subway system that travels across the island is also located down there. The beach stretches out to that area. There's a large foundry close by to that. And that's really it. Nowhere left to go." Adam says.

"We could go there..." Jay says.

"What if it is worse off than this place?" Bruno asks.

"There's always an option to turn around." Jay says. Adam speeds off into the forest.

The Subway

Adam drives slowly out of the forest, and into the new city. Infected roam the streets everywhere.

"This was a bad idea, Adam---turn around..." Jay stares at the infected, her mind slowly going insane.

"Don't look at them..." Bruno grabs her head and covers it up.

"We'll be out of here soon....they don't seem to notice us." Adam whispers. They drive slowly on until they reach the subway's location. Several tall buildings line the city. A suburban area is just outside of the area. They exit their vehicles, and the infected suddenly begin to shamble over.

"Get inside!" Adam orders. They run down a small flight of stairs and into a subway room. The subway is stalwart in front of them. A few infected lie around, not paying any attention to them. They run over and jump inside of the open doors of the subway. It's surprisngly empty. No infected are inside at all. People must have ran away after they saw the infected.

"I'll find the front cabin and we'll get out of here." Adam says.

"Does this only lead around the island?" Jay asks.

"I think so." Adam walks forward on into the subway. The Conductor's cabin is just ahead. He walks inside to find a dead captain. He was killed, apparently after his infection. Someone was on here. He moves the body outside.

"Adam!" Jay shouts. Adam quickly presses a button and turns a lever, and the subway is off. He runs quickly to Jay's cabin, and finds a few infected tumbling over.

"Run!" Adam begins to punch and kick at the infected. One jumps up, and falls hard onto a seat. It's head cracks open. The other infected lunges at Adam. Before it can bite him, Jay runs in with a pipe and smashes it's back. It falls off, and Jay kills it.

"I don't know where we're headed right now....but..." Adam says.

"We'll be okay..." Jay says.

"We're in trouble!" Bruno says. They pass by an open space, another subway system enclosed by a fallen tree. The subway rides by quickly, but a ton of infected are spotted.

"We don't have food on here. We have to stop eventually." Bruno says.

"If that greets us, I don't know what we'll do." Adam says.

"We can only hope." Jay says. The subway speeds forward, onward. It's infinitely looping around the island. They are stuck there until help arrives.

Chapter 14: Bros Before ZombiesEdit

The Safe Zone

Sam and Toad drive away from the scene in the opposite direction.

"Wait! We can't leave them!" Sam shouts.

"We have to! Look, I want us to get out of here as much as you do. I'm saving us!" Toad shouts.

"What about them!? What about the girls!? What about Kenzen and Josie? What about our friends!?" Sam asks.

"We have to go!" Toad floors it.

"WHAT ABOUT ZOEY?" Sam asks. Toad hits the breaks and stops.

"She's back there." Sam says with a tear rolling out.

"...I..." Toad mutters. Sam looks in the rear-view mirror. Stalkers and other infected are wandering up on them.

"...Nevermind!" Sam shouts. Toad looks like he's suddenly in shock.


"..What?" Toad asks. Sam smacks him and he suddenly steps on the gas and drives them straight into the forest.

New Hasni

With bushels and other plants slowly covering their car, Toad finally stops driving when they reach the bigger city, where Jay, Adam, and Bruno are residing.

"Where are we?" Sam asks. Toad, believing Zoey is dead, doesn't respond. He just looks ahead. Few infected roam around, ignoring them.

"Toad, listen. There aren't many here. We can stay here for a while." Sam says.

Toad ignores him.

"My god...he's in shock." Sam says. Suddenly, he hears a sudden ringing. It's coming from Sam's pocket. He turns to see an alerted set of infected shambling to them. He quickly aims and fires a small round at them. He's almost out of bullets. The ringing continues until the infected are dead. Sam quickly reaches in and finds his cell phone.

"I forgot I had this..." Sam says. He opens it and finds a contact listed. There lies a smiling Jessica next to a few high school buddies.

He answers it.

"Hello?! Hello!?" Sam asks into it.

"Sam! Thank god!" Jessica says into it.

"Jessica! You're alive! I'm with Toad--'" Sam stops.

"I'm with Zoey! We're inside a small car, and we're in some new city! There's a horde after us and we don't have anywhere to go---'" Jessica begins to cry.

"Where are you!? We're there too!" Sam asks.

"There's a huge building in front of like a sub-'" The phone suddenly cuts out.

"Toad! Jessica and Zoey are alive!" Sam says. He puts the phone away.

"...What?" Toad asks.

"We have to find a big building. They're in trouble." Sam says. Toad raises his katana, and Sam pulls out his pistol and they charge into this new city. A few towers lie in front of them, but they don't hear any moaning or anything. The streets are barren and blood is everywhere.

"Zoey! Jessica!" Toad shouts out.

"Oh god!" Zoey runs up to them in an extreme panic.

"Zoey!" Toad runs up and hugs her.

"Where's Jessica?" Sam asks.

"I got out of the car, but she didn't move! I told her she had an opening but she thought it was too dangerous! They're surrounding our car and they're trying to get in-'" Zoey cries in Toad's arms.

Sam nudges Zoey, and she shows him the way. They run over to the scene. A huge horde of stalkers, flouncers, rememberers, and regular infected ignore them and try to bust into the car.

"Get me out! Please!" Jessica is faintly heard screaming.

"What do we do!?" Toad asks.

"We can just let her die..." Zoey mutters.

"Ah!" Jessica screams to the top of her lungs. Windows are heard shattering, fighting is heard as well. Jessica's under attack.

In her car, she's being attacked by a large set of the infected. She reaches into her pockets and pulls out a lighter. She flicks it on and begins to burn the zombie that is trying to get in on the passenger side. The wind shield is cracking open as well. She climbs backward into the back seat, and finds a small package of liquor. She spots it and tears off a bit of her clothing. She makes a quick molotov out of the set. She smashes it on the zombie's head, and it reaches out and runs away, dying. She makes another and throws it outside, and sets a large group ablaze.

"Go Jessica!" Zoey cheers. She knows she's alive. Sam beings firing off a few rounds at non-blazing infected. The fires spread quickly to the horde.

The gas lid is opened by the infected, trying to get in somehow. When they all are set on fire, Sam shoots one in the head, causing it to fall over next to the gas lid. The top falls off, opening the hole. The clothes on the infected light up the area, nearly spreading to the opening. Thinking she's alive, Jessica attempts to crawl out while the horde is running off. She jumps out, and the gas suddenly lights up inside the car, and explodes. She flies across the street, and skids on the street. Blood races out of her quickly. Her head is busted open, and she's dying. Sam screams. He runs over to the bloody scene and feels for her pulse. She's unconcious.

"She's alive..." Sam says. She's gushing. She won't live for long. After a minute, she's gone.

"...It's over..." Sam says to them, silently.

"...w...what?" Toad asks.

"We're done...she's gone..." Sam says. Zoey cries in Toad's arms. Sam sobs a bit too. Toad is distraught.

They walk together down the deserted road. They find a broken down apartment complex. They burst inside, and find that it is emptied. They find a small apartment inside. A fully stocked fridge, and non-broken windows. A few boards on the ground. A working toilet and shower. Zoey sits down on a red couch while the boys brick everything up. They're safe.

For now.

Chapter 15: Military InterferenceEdit

Military Base

"Rudy, what do we do? We're in trouble. This island resort is going to hell really fast." A man says. He holds a remote detonator in his hands.

"The island still...must still...have survivors." A man says. His hair is black. He's in a camouflage outfit.

"We can send you out yourself in our last copter. I can say you'll find anyone though." The man says. He sits down the remote.

"Do it." Rudy orders. He grabs a small remote talking device and leaves the room.

The Subway

Adam, Jay, and Bruno sit on the subway. Jay is covered up by a large blanket. She's laying down in a passenger seat.

"It'll be okay, Jay. We're gonna' make it." Adam comforts her.

"No we won't. We're stuck here. Everywhere this thing goes, there are those...things." Jay cries softly.

"If someone could find us..." Bruno says to himself.

"Like that'll happen." Jay says. Suddenly, they can briefly hear a machine gun firing.

The City

"Kill em' all!" Rudy shouts out.

"Yes sir!" A woman shouts. She has blonde hair, and is in the same outfit Rudy's in. She has blue eyes.

"Emma, be careful!" Rudy points to a stalking zombie nearby. Behind it is a huge horde of the infected.

"We can't take everyone!" Emma shouts, scared.

"We have to try!" Rudy shouts. Suddenly, a building nearby catches fire.

"Who did that?" Emma asks herself. A tall man runs by the fire, escaping the horde. He doesn't look very prepared for the zombies, since he's in shorts and a jersey. He doesn't even have a weapon.

"Hey!" Emma shouts to him. The stalker ignores the fire and stamps up to them. Emma shoots it's head, and both run after the man. They run after him to the forest, and into the abandoned town.

Abandoned Village

"Stop running!" Emma spots him nearby. They chase him through the village, and into a hut nearby, where he stops.

"What do you want!?" He asks. He has black hair and green eyes, and he's panting.

"Who are you. Why are you running? Are you infected!?" Rudy asks.

"No! I'm Logan, I'm out setting rescue fires so people like you would see them and help us. I set that last one to help you." Logan says.

"What help was that?" Emma asks.

"They're attracted to fire." Logan says.

"What?" Rudy asks.

"There was a safe zone. I saw it was being overrun, so I set a small store nearby on fire. The infected ignored the living and ran to the fire." Logan says.

"So people are alive!" Rudy exclaims.

"Rudy, didn't we land near a subway? That subway train was you think anyone is on board?" Emma asks.

"Maybe...but how would we stop it from running?" Rudy asks.

"I know of a kill switch located in the foundry. It will kill all power to that subway." Logan says.

"Why's it in a foundry?" Rudy asks.

"They partnered up with the subway company to conserve room on the island. Weird, I know. But we have to go." Logan says.

"Take us there. Now." Emma orders. They run out of the forest, following Logan, as he swiftly makes his way to a foundry. Luckily, no infected are in sight. They open two heavy iron doors, and go inside through a back entrance. The front was barricaded.

The Foundry

Inside, metals and scrapworks dangle from belts high above the ceiling. Logan, Emma, and Rudy carefully step inside. It's silent. Too silent.

"Where do we go?" Rudy asks.

"Hush!" Logan shouts. They walk forward slowly. They hear breathing and stop walking. They but their backs up against a large machine.

"I'm scared, Mikey." A girl cries softly.

"Hush, Keyshia. I think I hear someone." A man says.

"...Are you...infected?" Rudy asks.

"No..." the girl responds. She's in a blue striped shirt with blue jeans on. She has black hair. She's black.

"Who's there?" The man asks. He's in a black business suit. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm Rudy. She and I," Rudy points to Emma, "Are from the military. I've yet to send in confirmation of other survivors. But you've proven my point." Rudy reaches for his walkie-talkie.

"I'm Keyshia." The girl says.

"And I'm Mikey." The man says.

"Where are you coming from?" Logan asks.

"We were coming from the old apartments, to here to be in a meeting with the executives. When we got here, we got stormed by those things. A few people we were with are dead." Mikey says.

"I'm sorry to hear." Logan says.

"Yes...hello? There are survivors! I repeat. There ARE survivors!" Rudy says into his device.

"Affirmitive." Someone says on the other end.

"Good. Now we have to get off of this place." Rudy says.

"How? Is someone coming for us?" Mikey asks.

"Hopefully." Rudy says.

"Why are you guys here?" Keyshia asks.

"We're looking for the subway kill switch." Logan says.

"Oh that? That's in the subway quarters now. They moved it to the subway." Mikey says.

"What? Wow..." Logan says.

"Wait! Before you go...can we come with you?" Mikey asks. Emma and Rudy glance to their guns.

"...Yes. But you have to find some protection." Rudy says.

"Sure. We have some things at our house in the apartments." Mikey says.

"Lead the way. Emma, you take Logan and PROTECT him. If he dies, I will kill you. Do you understand?" Rudy asks.

"Yes, I understand. Come on." Emma grabs onto Logan, and the two walk out of the foundry. Rudy looks at Mikey and Keyshia. They walk out of the foundry behind them, and go towards the apartments.

The Apartments

"What are we going to do?" Zoey asks.

"I don't know anymore." Toad says.

"We can scavenge for food soon. I'm starving." Sam says.

"With those things out there? You have little ammo and I have a worn katana. We're not that prepared." Toad says.

"Look, we either go, or don't go." Sam shouts.

"Don't talk to me like that." Toad pushes Sam.

"Don't put your hands on me!" Sam shoves Toad back into the wall. Toad pulls out his katana and swings at Sam. Sam dodges by falling back on the ground. A part of the ground rattles.

"Wait!" Sam shouts to Toad before Toad can move.

"What!?" Toad says with fury.

"There's something under here." Sam says. He stands up and tries to lift what was under him. The carpeting suddenly comes up into a hidden door. Some steps lead down into a basement area.

"What did you find...?" Toad puts his Katana away.

"A basement..." Sam says. He pulls out his gun and carefully steps down the stairs. He finds two shotguns on a workbench, another fridge, and two sleeping pallets.

"This must be a storm shelter." Sam says. They suddenly hear knocking. Zoey silences herself above the basement, while the others do nothing.

"Hello? Who's in there?" Mikey's voice calls out.

"Maybe the apartment above collapsed?" Rudy asks.

"Why would it do that?" Mikey says.

"I don't know. A thought." Rudy says. Mikey rams into the door, and everything comes flying off of the door.

"Who are you?" Keyshia asks, looking at Zoey.

"I'm--" Zoey studders.

"With us. Do you live here?" Toad asks.

"Yeah...kinda." Mikey says.

"We're so sorry...we thought this place was abandoned." Toad says.

"It's fine. I understand completely." Mikey says.

"Who are you guys?" Sam asks.

"Rudy. I'm from the military. A copter is coming for us soon." He says.

"I'm Mikey. And this is Keyshia." Mikey says.

"We came here to gear up. Just in case." Mikey says.

"Wait, a rescue is coming?" Toad asks.

"Yes. The military is saving anyone at a checkpoint. I'm going to find one and call for rescue." Rudy says.

"Call for it to be here. We'll be safe here." Sam says.

"I guess so. Is there a quick way to the roof?" Rudy asks.

"There's a staircase outside of this room." Keyshia says.

"Good. That will do." Rudy says.

"Wait, sir. Have you seen any other people?" Sam asks.

"A boy named Logan. I'm here with my companion, Emma." Rudy says.

"Oh...okay..." Toad says, fearing that his friends are all dead.

"Go ahead and call them. We'll be great and set." Zoey says.

"Give me one moment. I have to call in to my partner." Rudy says, picking up his talkie.

"Emma?" He asks.

"Yes sir?" She responds.

"How is everything?" Rudy asks.

"Fine and dandy. Logan's taking me inside the subway now. I have to get off though. There are infected inside of the subway. Emma, out." She hangs up.

"I hope she lives this." Rudy says, worried.

Chapter 16: To Stop a SubwayEdit

The Subway

Emma puts down her talkie. She lifts up her gun. She walks in front of Logan, and down into the subway system. A small crowd of the infected are inside, waiting for the subway to stop. Emma begins shooting, and alerts everyone inside.

"Oh god!" Logan shouts. He runs to the wall and over to a glass room. Several buttons are inside, and a lever labeled 'Kill Switch'. He shuts the glass door and locks it. The infected crowd around the door while Emma fights for her life.

"Help me!" Logan shouts out.

"Logan!" Emma shouts, looking at his box. She shoots the infected all around her and begins saving his life. The infected break into the room and begin piling in. Logan screams and lies down on the floor, waiting to die.

Emma shoots every last one in their heads. They die on top of Logan. Before he can get bitten, the infected clear out.

"Get up..." Emma says to the pile of undead. Logan pushes the zombies off of him.

"Oh thank god. I knew you could pull through that." Emma smiles.

"Thank you..." Logan says. He reaches and pulls down the kill switch. He shows a small cut on his arm. Emma doesn't see it.

The subway suddenly comes to a halt at the station.

Inside, the three panic.

"Oh god...oh god! It's out! We're gonna die!" Bruno cries. They only see a thin wall where they are. Adam gets up to inspect the front cabin. He sees the station in front of them, and he sees Emma and Logan.

"Guys! There are people here!" Adam exclaims. Emma points to him, and runs up. She climbs up and busts out the window to get inside. She runs back with Adam. Logan follows in.

"Who are you?" Jay asks when they meet up.

"I'm Emma. I'm here with the military, much like my partner Rudy. This is Logan." Emma says.

"Nice to meet you." Adam says.

"Look, we don't have time. That was a lot of noise we made. We have to get out of here." Emma says.

"Where do we go?" Logan asks. Emma picks up her talkie.

"Rudy? Where are you?" She asks into it.

"The Apartment complex." Rudy says. The only complex in New Hasni.

"Alright. He must mean the one down by the foundry. Come on." Emma orders. Everyone gathers their things, and they get off the subway.

Outside of the station, the infected are nowhere in sight. It's all emptiness.

"There are close to a million people on this island. If we've killed that number..." Emma says to herself.

"The infected are out there. They must be looking for people down by the hotel. The stations we passed by still had infected in it." Jay says.

"Oh well. It'll all be over soon. My partner is calling in for a rescue soon." Emma says. They walk on into New Hasni.

New Hasni

"Those apartments are here somewhere." Logan says.

"Jay! Adam!" A female voice is heard.

"Who?" Jay turns around to see Josie and Kenzen running for them.

"Who are they?" Emma asks. She points the gun at them.

"Put it down. They're okay." Adam says. Josie and Kenzen run up to the group.

"Josie!" Jay hugs her.

"Adam! Bruno!" Kenzen runs up to them.

"What's going on?" Josie asks.

"This woman is from the military. She's gonna' save us." Jay smiles.

"But we have to get back to the complex. It's not going to be long before the zombies come to see us." Emma says.

"There might be a bloodbath soon. But don't worry." Jay says to Josie. They nod, and Josie remembers Robert.

"What's wrong?" Jay asks. She grabs onto Josie's shoulder and walks with her.

"...Rob...Robert..." Josie sobs slightly.

"Oh...honey..." Jay holds Josie in her arms.

They walk to the complex. They meet up with Rudy. The gang is finally back together.

The Apartments

"Josie! Kenzen!" Toad runs up for a hug.

"Jay, Adam, Bruno! Oh my gosh!" Sam runs up.

"Guys!" Zoey jumps up.

"Hey...where's...Robert?" Toad asks. Josie sighs.

"Oh...oh no..." Toad backs off. Everyone is hushed.

"What about Jessica? Where is she?" Kenzen asks.

"She's..." Toad sighs.

"We've lost both Jessica and Robert..." Zoey sighs.

"It'll all be over soon guys. No more deaths." Rudy says.

"A chopper is on its way?" Emma asks.

"Yes. It'll be here soon." Rudy says. Just then, a helicopter noise is heard. Then, tons of moaning and screaming.

Then there's running.

Chapter 17: The BloodbathEdit

The Apartments

"That's our cue!" Rudy shouts. Keyshia and Mikey run down to their basement and grab their shotguns. A horde is on the way. The chopper is coming. They're going to get out of here. Finally.

Everyone runs out and onto the rooftop of the complex. Logan reaches down for a large piece of wood. He's using it as a weapon now.

"Get ready!" Rudy shouts.

The horde is coming quickly. Emma and Rudy begin shooting. The chopper is coming from the distance. Jay and Adam stand by, hoping to get out alive. They have no weapon. Toad stands by the rooftop doorway, waiting to slice the zombies up. Sam joins the shooting, and as does Josie.

The helicopter begins firing small bombs at the island to rid of the infected. "Be careful, Toad." Zoey wishes him luck.

Jay and Adam stand on the edge of the roof to get a glimpse of the horror below. Stalkers and Flounced infected are running up to them. Infected cling to the walls of the building, climbing up to kill them. A stalker grabs on from behind, where there are little infected. Jay and Adam stand next to the shooters. Everyone is unaware of the infected behind the building. In front, an infected latches onto Jay's foot. Before it bites her, Adam kicks it off and smashes it with a pipe he finds on the ground. "Oh my..." Jay backs up.

Suddenly, the stalker from behind the building jumps to the top of the building, and runs up to tackle Adam. Zoey jumps out of the way, and Toad barely has time to look before infected begin to pile up on the stairs. "Adam!" Jay warns Adam. The stalkers grabs onto him and jumps off of the roof with him.

"Ah!" He screams. The infected swarm Adam.

"Adam! No!" Jay cries. His pipe lands on the ground next to her. Jay grabs it and softly sobs. Toad continues slicing up the infected.

"This sword of mine isn't going to last! I need help over here!" Toad cries out. The chopper blasts the island once more to rid of the infected. It barely does anything. Sam runs over to help Toad. He shoots and Toad stabs. Logan sits down for a moment, nearby to Zoey.

Zoey sees the look on his face. He isn't well. She walks away from him. Mikey and Keyshia walk over to help Toad and Sam. Josie, Rudy, and Emma cover the chaos up front. "Logan?" Zoey asks.

"Y--yes?" He asks, before he completely blacks out. She yelps. Mikey turns around to see him, knocked out.

"Get away from him." Mikey walks up to inspect him. Before he can blink, Logan jumps and takes a chunk of Mikey's throat.

"Mikey!" Keyshia shouts. Another bombing on the island causes the roof to rattle. Mikey falls into Keyshia's arms. She looks at Logan. Logan charges at her. She shoots him dead.

"Hold on, honey. It'll be okay..." Keyshia places him on a small area on the roof to calm down. She goes back to helping Sam and Toad.

"This isn't going well!" Rudy reloads his gun. The chopper is still miles away from the island. Mikey suddenly jumps up behind him. Rudy doesn't know. Keyshia runs up and knocks over Mikey. He bites into Keyshia's head, causing a loud scream. Keyshia falls off into the arms of the infected.

Mikey jumps up and runs after them. Bruno who is idly by, stares him down. He grabs a piece of wood to defend himself. Mikey charges him and is smacked down with the wood. He stomps into Mikey's head. A stalker climbs onto the roof and charges after Bruno. He dodges, and the stalker runs into Kenzen instead. He falls onto the edge of the roof, trying not to get eaten. Sam turns to shoot the stalker off of him. Bruno backs up. "Bruno! Be careful!" Sam orders. Suddenly, the infected stop coming into the doorway. They begin climbing instead.

"They're climbing now!" Toad shouts as he spots a ton of infected latch onto the brick walls. He shuts the door to the roof. A flounced infected climbs up behind Bruno and suddenly explodes. Rudy shot him. But the blood is all over Bruno. An infected leaps onto Bruno and bites him on the arm. Bruno collapses.

He gives in.

"Bruno!" Toad exclaims.

"There are too many!" Rudy shouts.

"We have to do this!" Emma shouts.

The chopper gets extremely close to the complex. A large sack of ammo is thrown at them. It lands directly in Sam's hands. He scatters it out on the roof. They load their guns. The chopper flies next to the roof and opens its doors. Jay, scared, Jumps on first. Suddenly, a large zombified creature leaps from beneath, and grabs onto the plane. The plane is weighed down and slowly glides off onto the foundry. It crashes. And with a scream, Jay lets out a huge wail. The plane crashes and explodes into flames and bits of blood and arms. The large creature jumps from the wreckage, unharmed. It leaps off into the forest.

"No..." Rudy says. "That was our escape..." Emma says.

"What...what do we do?" Toad asks. The infected are crawling up the building now.

"This building isn't too high...jump off the back. If there are infected...kill them...and..." Zoey stops.

"She's...she's right. We have to go now." Emma says, distraught.

Everyone leaps off of the building where the infected aren't present. They run off into the woods surrounding them, and disappear into them.

The Woods

"Take a head count." Rudy orders.

"Who are we missing?" Emma asks.

"Bruno..." Kenzen says.

"Logan got Mikey and Keyshia..." Zoey says.

"Adam and Jay. I think that'" Rudy says.

"What do we do now? Call for another chopper?" Emma asks.

"It's risky. But we must." Rudy says.

"But...the horde will come back after us. And that thing that...killed Jay..." Emma stops.

"Listen, that thing is gone. I don't know who or what it was, but it's gone. I'm calling for another plane." Rudy picks up his talkie.

"Hello? Come in base." Rudy says into it. It's only static.

"Come in! Come in base!" Rudy shouts. Static.

"Crap. We're stuck here until this thing picks up a signal." Rudy says.

"...What if that was the signal chopper?" Emma asks.

"...Oh god no. Please..." Rudy sighs.

"It probably was...there's no contact anymore. None." Emma says.

"We...we have to find something to get out of here on. Something!" Rudy shouts.

"Jay used to ask us to go to the hospital to get their plane on the roof. But it's too risky. That place was full of infected." Josie sobs slightly.

"We're going to get some gear first. I'm getting everyone ready for this. We're going in there soon, and we're getting out. Now." Rudy says.

Chapter 18: The Big ReturnEdit

The Hotel

In a big air duct, three people crawl through the hotel's air vents. They scope out various rooms inside for the infected.

"Daniel, this is so stupid..." A woman says.

"Yeah, dude." A man behind her says.

"Shut it, John." A man says. He's bald. He's in a red shirt and black jeans. He has green eyes.

"Daniel..." The other man says to him.

"Shush!" Daniel orders.

"What is it?" The girl asks. She's in a pink shirt and blue jeans. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Evalyn, stop." The man says. He hears moaning below. The man is in a green shirt and blue jeans. He has a mullet. He has black hair and brown eyes.

"John?" She asks, hearing the moaning as well.

"There are infected on this floor." Daniel says.

"We can't go back up. This is like, the third floor." John says.

"We have to get out of here." Evalyn says.

"We need a safe room." Daniel says.

"Look, we need to get to that hospital. They have a helicopter. We can get out of here." John says.

"No! That's too dangerous. The hospital is loaded with those things." Daniel says. They come across a large vent and inspect it.

"Nothing's there." John says. Daniel carefully opens the vent up. He leaps down into the room. The door is locked up.

"I think it's safe." Daniel says. Suddenly, a stalker bursts into the room from the bathroom and attacks Daniel. He snaps into his arm. Evalyn and John stand by, scared. Daniel's dead.

"What do we do...?" Evalyn asks. The stalker looks up at the vent, and leaps up to it. He reaches in for her, and grabs her hair.

"Evalyn!" John shouts. The stalker pulls her down into the room, and takes a chunk out of her head. John quickly backs out of the air duct, and over to a small vents system leading down. He drops down to the second floor air ducts.

"Oh god, what do I do now?" John asks himself.

The Town

The group of survivors walk through the abandoned town. Infected still lie dead from the bloodbath that occured earlier in the infection.

"I still want to know...what was that thing? was huge..." Zoey says.

"Don't worry about that. We'll be fine, okay?" Toad comforts her.

"Why are we here?" Josie asks.

"Food and protection. Scatter about and find something to defend yourselves with." Rudy orders everyone. Only Kenzen and Zoey go.

"Everyone else has something?" Rudy asks.

"Gun." Sam says.

"Katana." Toad responds.

"Shotgun." Josie says.

"...We're that short in number? Me, Emma, Toad, Sam, Josie, Kenzen, and Zoey?" Rudy asks.

"Us seven." Sam says.

"Wow...we have to get out fast." Rudy says.

"Got something!" Kenzen runs back with a large pistol. Zoey walks back with a large butcher knife.

"Should do us just fine. Alright, guys, let's go. We're heading for that hospital!" Rudy exclaims. Suddenly, John runs out of the hotel. Several infected chase after them. Kenzen gladly shoots them down. John, scared, runs up to them.

"Who are you?" Emma asks.

"I'm...I'm John. I was with two others, but they got eaten of those...purple things." John cries out.

"Stalkers..." Zoey says.

"I'm not a stalker!" John shouts.

"No, no. It's what we call them. They stalk us. They will follow us." Zoey says.

"Do you mean..." John stops. Evalyn, Daniel, and the previous stalker all run out. All three are turned purple. All three are stalkers.

"Oh god! Daniel! Evalyn!" John cries out. Kenzen shoots down the other stalker. Daniel runs quickly up and tackles John. Zoey stabs it in the head, and jumps back, screaming. Daniel falls over.

Evalyn runs up. Rudy fires at her rapidly with his machine gun.

"Let's get out of here. Now." Rudy orders them.

"Wait! Can I...please, come with you?" John asks.

"That thing got you. We can't tell if you've been infected or not." Emma says.

"Indeed." Rudy says.

"Wait! Please!" John runs after them. Suddenly, the beast that killed the pilot and Jay jumps down from a roof. It snarls.

"What on earth...." Rudy says.

"" It mutters. Its hair is long and flows down onto its face. He's in a big blue suit which is torn to pieces. His back is brown. He has bloodshot red eyes. His teeth are sharp and pinching his lip.

"What the he-" Emma stops. It picks up John and tears him in half. It rips into his flesh and chews. The group is scared off. They run away and into the city. The beast stays behind and waits.

The City

The group runs in to see no sights of infected.

"This is it. We have to get inside that hospital. We're almost out of here, guys." Rudy says. He looks at the towering hospital in the center of town. He knows it's overrun. He also knows that the elevators should still work.

He also knows they'll live.

Chapter 19: The Finale of All FinalesEdit

The Hospital

Rudy leads the group to the doorstep of the hospital.

"This is it, guys. We're going in. I want you each to watch your backs. They will be in here. I know it." Rudy says.

He opens the doors. Few infected are in his sight. They quickly get blasted down.

They walk onwards from the foyer area. They walk up to an elevator. They step inside.

"We need the rooftop." Emma says.

"It looks like everything is restricted from floor 8 to the roof." Rudy says.

"Take us high." Emma says. He presses floor 8's button, and the elevator travels high.

"I hope we aren't going to be stormed." Zoey says. She wields her knife up high.

They step out onto floor 8, and infected swarm them instantly. They fire, stab, and shoot rapidly. Zoey is thrown from the group, and she lands near a surgery cart. Some alcohol falls into her hands. The infected walk up to her. She pulls out a lighter from her pocket, and splashes them with the alcohol. She sets it ablaze. The zombies tumble back into the others, making a big fire. Zoey runs back to the group, unharmed, but shaken.

"Zoey!" Toad hugs her. They are instantly pulled apart as Emma and Rudy push them onwards to the staircases nearby. The go up to another floor. The rooftops are nearby. They are high above the ground. Crates and carts with the crates are everywhere. Zombified doctors are everywhere. They run towards them.

The group fires and stabs again until the horde around them is nearly dead. They push through still.

"I'm scared!" Zoey cries out.

"It'll be okay!" Sam comforts her. Kenzen grabs onto Josie and helps her along the way.

"Up here!" Rudy points to a ladder leading to the rooftops.

"Go on." Kenzen pushes Josie on. They climb up behind Rudy and Emma.

The Rooftops

Infected are everywhere. They are beginning to swarm the group. The beast is on top of a large crate near the helicopter on the roof.

" Jose. The" It mutters.

"Jose?" Rudy asks it. The infected walk around them, preparing an attack.

"Kill them." Josie mutters to them. The infected then swarm.

"Go!" Rudy shouts. The group runs down into the infected area. Zoey throws down the bottle of alcohol and sets it ablaze. The fire spreads to the infected around them.

They run forward. Jose jumps down and begins chasing them. Before they can reach the helicopter, the group is split up. Josie and Kenzen run towards the helicopter. But suddenly, Jose grabs onto Josie. She drops her shotgun as he rips her in half. She screams before the death. Kenzen shouts out in horror. He runs up to the chopper and jumps inside.

Jose ignores Kenzen and runs after Toad, Zoey, and Sam. The three are together near the chopper. They run through the hordes, ignoring them entirely. Jose charges them. Sam spots Josie's body and screams. Zoey grabs him and jumps onto the chopper. Toad, Zoey, and Sam are safe. The infected begin to swarm.

"Where are they!? They're getting closer!" Zoey cries out.

"..Forget it." Sam shuts the door to the chopper. The infected then bang everywhere on the plane.

"What do we do now?" Zoey asks.

"I went to flying school. I know how to fly a helicopter." Kenzen jumps up to the front of the chopper and looks for a key. Luckily, it's already in the engine. He turns it, and presses a few buttons and pulls down a lever. The chopper blades begins to spin.

"Hey! Wait!" Rudy shouts. Emma runs up to save Rudy from the infected. Jose runs up to the chopper just as it takes off from the hospital. He jumps off and grabs onto the edge of it. Zoey opens up the door of the chopper to spot the beast.

"I want" He says. Kenzen and Zoey shoot and stab at him. He screams while trying to swipe them off of the helicopter.

"Me wants you." He says with a deep voice. Toad stabs him in the head with his katana, and lets go as Jose finally falls from the chopper, and into the ocean.

Zoey closes the door, and the others sit down.

"We...we did it..." Zoey says.

"We're alive..." Toad says.

"I can't believe we made it out of that." Sam says, joyfully.

"Nobody's been bitten or anything, right?" Kenzen asks, piloting the chopper.

"Nope. I'm...fine." Toad cheers.

"Same." Zoey says. She smiles. Toad hugs her...and she kisses him.

"Cute." Sam smiles. He begins to cry. The nightmare is finally over for him.

"We've made it. We're getting out of here alive." Kenzen smiles. He looks back at his friends. The island is gone from view. The entirety of the vacation is out of their heads.

The Landing

Kenzen flies them for a day until they reach America. They land near the ocean of Florida. Crowds gather around, shocked. Kenzen steps off of the chopper. Police gather around to arrest them for landing in a bad location.

"Don't. We're from the island." Sam steps off, smiling, but crying.

"The...island? The island of infection?" An officer asks. In minutes of the news, a news van pulls up nearby. All TV is interrupted nearby to get the story.

"Nobody's infected." Toad says as he steps off. Zoey steps off behind him.

"Only you four?" A news anchor asks.

"Yep. We're home. Nobody's infected. I'm coming home, mom." Sam smiles at the camera.

"This is just in now. There are four survivors from the island of paridise, the infection island as it is now known, who are not injured or infected. We will have them tested to be sure, but until that moment, everything will be okay." The anchor says.

"We did it..." Zoey smiles. The four hold each other from the backs. Pictures are taken. Just above them are military jets. They hold large bombs, and are flying towards Paradise Island.

On the island, infected roam around. Rudy and Emma are dead. The jets fly over to the area and drop off their bombs. In an instant, the island is turned to dust. The infection is contained. All infected are killed. Even survivors who never got found. The research facility is ruined. All scientific research is lost on this disease. But, who cares? It's done. No more infection is to spread.

But below in the ocean, a large shark chews on Jose's remains. His blood spreading into it's body.

Toad, Zoey, Sam, and Kenzen are transported to a hospital for testing. Shortly, they are released. They're normal. They aren't infected. And everything is normal again.

Sam and Toad have gone back to college, and are now best of friends. Zoey has married Toad now. Kenzen moves to the same neighborhood as the others. They now live nearby and are best of friends to each other.

It's over.

The End.

In Memory Of...Edit

A disclaimer: Any death here is not meant to offend anyone. Some were planned, some were not. Do not take offense or get angry if your character dies.

  • Max
    • Max will be forever missed. He was a college student at the resort. He killed 0 infected, and was killed by an infected person. He then killed Owen. Then, he was killed by Josie's gun.
  • Owen
    • Owen will be missed. He was a college student at the resort. He killed 0 infected, and was killed by Max. He then was killed by Robert's knife.
  • Sunny
    • Sunny will be forever missed. He was a college student at the resort. He killed 0 infected, and was killed by an infected person, Max, and Owen. He was then killed by Josie's gun.
  • Jake
    • Jake was infected in the hut with Kenzen and Flame, but he never told anyone. He strung them along with him until he finally collapsed of infection. He killed a few infected, and was killed by the infection.
  • Flame
    • Flame was known as the boy who saved them all with his radio. He was infected by an infected being on top of the roofs. He killed 0 infected, and was killed by Sam in his final hour.
  • Trey
    • Trey was the one who welcomed the others into the penthouse. He was infected and killed by Flame who turned and killed him. He killed a few infected.
  • Scope
    • Scope was a leader in the group before Josie took over. He wandered off alone into the city, thinking it was safer than the beaches. He got into the forest, where a mysterious group shot him in the head with an arrow. He killed a few infected, and was killed by Tweek, presumably.
  • Michael
    • Michael was the scout for Tweek, Zoey, Kev, and Shane. The five worked together perfectly until Michael ran out to the city to scout out the quarantine. He killed ? infected, and was killed by a horde. He was reanimated and brought forth a third new strain.
  • Kev
    • Kev was the scavenger of Zoey's group. The He killed ? infected, and was killed by Michael's rememberance. He was reanimated as a rememberer.
  • Tweek
    • Tweek was the shooter of Zoey's group. He killed ? Infected, and was killed by Josie, who shot him for attempting to kill her survivors. He was not reanimated.
  • BT
    • BT was a cop. He killed ? infected and ? Retched. He was killed by an infected who tackled him from beside.
  • Shane
    • Shane was the quiver holder for Tweek before he was murdered. He killed a few infected, a few Retched, and 0 Flouncers. He was killed by Zorbel's grenade explosion which caused the car to ram directly into him, and kill him.
  • Daunte
    • Daunte was out hunting with Ice when an infected bit him. He only managed to kill one infected.
  • Brynn
    • Brynn was the leader of the safe zone who was killed by a stalker. She killed no infected.
  • Cerulean
    • Ceru died protecting Jacob. He killed ? infected.
  • Jacob
    • Jacob was blown to bits by Zorbel's grenade. He was too young to be allowed to fight the infected.
  • Zorbel
    • Zorbel, who protected them at first, died in a terrible explosion. Surrounded by killers, he blew everything up. He killed thousands of infected.
  • Ice
    • A cop who died protecting the only two living females. He killed an unknown but vast amount of infected. He will be missed by his saviors.
  • Robert
    • Robert was a, 'veteran' survivor from the hotel. He killed several infected to protect Josie and his comrades. He and Josie stuck together no matter what. He died by Ben, who morphed into a powerful stalker by an unknown man who contained the virus. He is not reanimated. He left Josie behind in tears. May his spirit be with her...
  • Jessica
    • Jessica put up a good fight. A 'veteran' survivor from college. She killed few infected, as she was terrified of them. She was surrounded by a horde with Zoey. Zoey got out and tried to get her out, but she said it was too dangerous. Realizing she has a lighter and alchohol available, she makes molotovs and destroys the horde around her. Sadly, though, Sam managed to shoot one down which broke open the gasget, and blew her up indirectly. May her spirit rest.
  • Adam
    • Adam was Jay's one and only savior. He was Jay's husband. He killed very few infected. He was a veteran in this story. A veteran zombie killer. He will be forever missed. May his spirit rest.
  • Logan
    • Logan was found making fires. He met up with Emma, and saved Adam and Jay and Bruno from the subway. He was killed by the infection on the rooftops.
  • Mikey
    • Mikey and Keyshia were found in the foundry. Turns out they lived where Toad, Zoey, and Sam were staying. They got two shotguns, and still died on the rooftops.
  • Keyshia
    • Mikey and Keyshia were found in the foundry. Turns out they lived where Toad, Zoey, and Sam were staying. They got two shotguns, and still died on the rooftops.
  • Bruno
    • Bruno was a helper down near the safe zone. He was helping Brynn when everything occured. He ran off with Adam and Jay, and got trapped for a short while on the subway. Once rescued, he joined in the battle on the complex roof. He was killed by a zombie who attacked him.
  • Jay
    • Jay was Adam's husband. She was a veteran fighter in this story. She was killed by the monster inside the plane. May her spirit rest.
  • Josie
    • Josie was there from the beginning. She and Robert saved the college kids from certain death. She worked with Robert, and even loved him, until his departure. After making it to the chopper on the hospital rooftop, Josie was torn apart by Jose's last remains. And now, she and Robert are resting together in peace. May her spirit rest.
  • Rudy
    • Rudy was from the military, sent down to aid any survivors he saw. Of course, it worked. They got to the rooftop of the hospital before he was eaten. Four people: Zoey, Kenzen, Sam, and Toad made it to the helicopter before Rudy and Emma. And thus, they were left behind and eaten.
  • Emma
    • Emma was from the military, sent down to aid any survivors she saw. Of course, it worked. They got to the rooftop of the hospital before she was eaten. Four people: Zoey, Kenzen, Sam, and Toad made it to the helicopter before Rudy and Emma. And thus, they were left behind and eaten.
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