Misty Welker is a competitor on Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, Survivor: Second Chances, and Survivor: Generations.

In Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, Misty began her Survivor career as a fan, but was at the bottom of her tribe as her conflicts with Rayford Wicks led to her being voted out third in the season.

Due to the fan vote of Survivor: Second Chances, Misty was given another opportunity at playing the game. She took an aggressive but skillful approach to the game this time, and despite being a target at many Tribal Councils, she succeeded in forming social connections that kept her alive in dire situations. Her main ally, Gloria Hopkins, turned against her when Misty orchestrated the blindside of her good friend, Irene Becker, but in the end this move allowed Misty to survive the two's secret final-two plan, and Misty went on to win the game.

Misty returned again in Survivor: Generations, where she assisted in helping her tribes win immunity through to the merge, where she began by joining the all-winners alliance formed by Melissa Becnel and Erich Galvan. She managed to not receive any votes and build relationships with her fellow tribemates, which earned a target on her back from Tony Burns as he flipped to get rid of her, eliminating her as the fifth jury member of the season.

Fans vs FavoritesEdit

Misty's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Lucas -
2 Mandalay Tribe Immune
3 Rayford Rayford, Tyler,
Sabrina, Maple
Voted Out, Day 9

Second ChancesEdit

Misty's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Chetumal Tribe Immune
2 Gerard Gerard, Gloria, Irene
3 Caprice -
4 Roseau Tribe Immune
5 Elijah Elijah
6 Roseau Tribe Immune
7 Guadalupe -
8 Riley -
9 Grenadine Individual Immunity
10 Irene -
11 Natasha Natasha, Gloria
12 Gloria Gloria
13 Matthew Matthew
14 Ineligible -

Jury Votes
for Misty

Brandy, Gloria, Irene, Dawn, Riley
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Misty's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kanpur Tribe Immune
2 Kanpur Tribe Immune
3 Kanpur Tribe Immune
4 Kanpur Tribe Immune
5 Varanasi Tribe Immune
6 Varanasi Tribe Immune
7 Varanasi Tribe Immune
8 Gloria -
9 Kelley -
10 Opal -
11 Tony -
12 Tony Opal, Ivan, Eliseo,
Tony, Woo-Shi
Voted Out, Day 33

Voted For
Sole Survivor