Mercy Mahan is a competitor on Survivor: South Africa, Survivor: Battlegrounds, Survivor: Champions, and Survivor: Legends.

In Survivor: South Africa, Mercy joined the game with her outside companions, known as the Business Partners, Millie Button and Barrett Wilde. She was isolated from her companions as a part of the twist and never saw them again, as she remained away from them throughout the pre-merge, when each of them was voted out, leaving her alone. Mercy proceeded to work her way into multiple alliances, often putting herself into very dangerous situations in order to flip against her former allies to further her position in the game. Because of this excellent strategy paying off, Mercy was seen as a genious at the Final Tribal Council where she won against her ally, Jill Brooks.

Mercy made a grand return in Survivor: Battlegrounds and was placed on the significantly less dominant Marrakesh Tribe. She took a more relaxed approach to the game and joined several alliances, forming relationships with everyone to get herself to the merge. From then on, she assumed an alliance with Kazuko McLemore and Candace McLaughlin to the end of the game, betraying most of her allies she had made pre-merge. Because of this fact, Mercy reached the end of the game a second time but failed to garner enough jury votes to beat Kazuko.

Mercy returned again in Survivor: Champions, where she continued to play an inoffensive and very strategic game. Despite being the target during Ryland Goodrich's elimination, Mercy managed to keep her allies with her throughout the entire game, surviving several idol plays and blindsides, most of which were at her hand. Near the end of the game, after losing Christopher Scott, her main ally, she began to downplay her role in alliances, ultimately allowing her passage to the Final Tribal Council for the third time, where she lost due to her lackluster social game compared to fellow competitor, Candy Carlswell.

Because of her legendary status, Mercy returned again in Survivor: Legends. Despite being a major threat to the Pontianak Tribe for making the Final Tribal Council three times, she succeeded in forming a tight alliance with Christopher Scott, Hannah Duncan, and Ivan Gilbert, calling themselves the Core Four. She also formed a tight bond with Cordelia Aiello and Percy Burton. However, after Jolene pitched working together to maintain both of their legacies, Mercy began to form alliances with everyone, playing all sides of her Tribe. After blindsiding both Erich Galvan and Ivan, Hannah and Christopher caught onto her schemes with Jolene and pulled off a tied vote against her, with Mercy fighting to eliminate Melissa Becnel instead. After the vote deadlocked, Percy Burton decided to make a stand and vote her out, initiating a consensus vote against her, eliminating her in the second vote of its kind.

South AfricaEdit

Mercy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Evelyn -
2 Zulu Tribe Immune
3 Zulu Tribe Immune
4 Zulu Tribe Immune
5 Zulu Tribe Immune
6 Zulu Tribe Immune
7 Zulu Tribe Immune
8 Zulu Tribe Immune
9 Lolita;
Lolita, Emily, Russell;
Emily, Russell
10 Lolita -
11 Rosenda -
12 Brett -
13 Randy Randy, Russell
14 Stephanie -
15 Russell -
Kelly Individual Immunity

Jury Votes
for Mercy

Lolita, Rosenda, Brett, Randy
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Mercy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Morgan -
2 Marrakesh Tribe Immune
Marrakesh Tribe Immune
3 Marrakesh Tribe Immune
4 Timothy -
5 Rebecca -
6 Marrakesh Tribe Immune
7 Heidi -
8 Randy -
9 Jeremy Individual Immunity
10 Amy -
11 Marcus -
12 Marcus -
13 Bradley Individual Immunity
14 Raleigh -
15 Jarrod -
Jessica -

Jury Votes
for Mercy

Barbara, Jarrod, Jessica
1st Runner Up, Day 39


Mercy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kelley -
2 Jubayhah Tribe Immune
3 Jubayhah Tribe Immune
4 Ronnie -
5 Ryland Candy, Woo-Shi,
6 Jarrod -
7 Tafilah Tribe Immune
8 Serafina -
9 Isabelle -
10 Woo-Shi -
11 Rochelle -
12 Ashlee Individual Immunity
13 Ashlee Individual Immunity
14 Hannah -
Hannah Hannah
Jury Votes
For Mercy
Christopher, Isabelle,
1st Runner Up, Day 39


Mercy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Erich Erich
2 Ivan -
3 Melissa;
Christopher, Jeremiah, Hannah, Melissa;
Christopher, Jeremiah, Hannah;
Christopher, Percy, Jeremiah,
Hannah, Cordelia, Jolene
Voted Out, Day 9