Kiersten Sappington is a competitor on Survivor: Maluku.

In Maluku, Kiersten found herself on the failure Namrole tribe, losing all six pre-swap challenges. After moving to Masohi in the swap with her main ally, Dakota Alden, she found herself in the majority alliance on her new tribe and survived the first merged vote. However, after losing her main ally, Kiersten reneged to a new alliance that eventually took over the game, allowing her to get to the Final Tribal Council, but she ultimately lost due to the twist in episode thirteen, where tribes re-formed and Alexis Prescott, her best friend on the island, was voted out and eliminated from the jury.


Kiersten's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Scarlett Individual Immunity
2 Katie -
3 Tiffany -
4 Mason Foster, Jayden,
5 Jayden -
6 Ash -
7 Masohi Tribe Immune
8 Masohi Tribe Immune
9 Delaney -
10 Zeke -
11 Hillary -
12 Zeke -
13 Masohi Tribe Immune
14 Julia Layla, Hayleigh,
15 Hayleigh -
16 Angel -
Layla Layla

Jury Votes
for Kiersten

Dakota, Delaney
1st Runner Up, Day 39