Kerenza Spearing is a Houseguest on Big Brother One. She was best known for being one of the first members of the game to perform the backdoor strategy. As Barclay "Clay" Shepherd nominated two pawns for eviction, Kerenza won the Power of Veto and saved one of the pawns, causing Clay to nominate Jonathan Cox, ultimately resulting in his eviction. Along with this notability, Kerenza was best known for her social game that involved her voting incorrectly at most evictions to save her relationships with the jury. After making the final two, she was granted the votes of more than half of the jury, making her the first winner of the series.

Season OneEdit

Kerenza's Game History
Week House Status
1 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Clay
2 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Valerie
3 Power of Veto
Used On: Cedar
Voted: Whitney
4 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Stephen and Jessie
Final Nominees: Henry and Jessie
Voted: Henry
5 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Clay
6 (Part 1) Regular Houseguest
Voted: Cedar
6 (Part 2) Regular Houseguest
Voted: Juliana
7 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Genelle and Stephen
Final Nominees: Genelle and Jessie
8 Power of Veto
Used On: Nobody
Voted: Bryant
9 Nominated
Received: Evvie
10 Power of Veto
Used On: Nobody
Voted: Stephen
11 (Part 2) Head of Household
Nominees: Bryant and Evvie
Voted: Bryant

Jury Votes
For Kerenza

Bryant, Stephen, Jessie, Juliana, Cedar
Winner, Day 67