Kelley Washington is a competitor on Survivor: Kyoto, Survivor: Generations, and Survivor: Champions.

In Survivor: Kyoto, Kelley found herself on the dominant Muko Tribe, which consisted of only four people as a part of the twist called "Isolation". Kelley found herself at the bottom of her Tribe when Eloise Owens and Erik Adkins voted her out, but her strength in challenges that kept the Tribe immune helped her in returning from the Ghost Tribe. From then on in the merge, she succeeded in siding with the opposing Tribes to get herself all the way to fifth place, where she ultimately was eliminated by the same people that voted her out the first time.

Because of her fan favorite status, Kelley returned to Survivor: Generations on the third generation Rajkot Tribe. The Tribe went on an immense losing streak, but Kelley managed to keep herself tightly aligned with Woo-Shi Mason and stayed in the game until the merge, where she fell to the bottom of the game with him. Before the formation of the anti-winners brigade, Kelley fell victim to Erich Galvan's all-winners alliance as the second jury member.

In Champions, Kelley returned as part of the "Smarts" Jubayhah Tribe, where she lost the first challenge for her Tribe, alongside Serafina Gardener. However, after Serafina and Ronnie Burton began to butt heads because of their previous encounters in Crusades, the target was removed from Kelley's back, which ironically created a new target on her. Kelley found herself voted out first as Christopher Scott, Mercy Mahan, and Jordan Samuels believed that Serafina and Ronnie would be excellent fodder to vote out in the coming rounds due to their fighting.


Kelley's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Muko Tribe Immune
2 Sean -
3 Muko Tribe Immune
4 Muko Tribe Immune
5 Muko Tribe Immune
6 Erik Eloise, Erik
Voted Out, Day 18
7 Maxine Ghost Tribe Winner
8 Neal Ghost Tribe Winner
9 Won Final Duel
Returned, Day 26
9 Dianna -
10 Dianna -
11 Marty -
12 Matt -
13 Eloise Jasmine, Eloise,
Erik, Dianna
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor


Kelley's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Rajkot Tribe Immune
2 Jeannie -
3 Russell Jill, Russell
4 Ian -
5 Varanasi Tribe Immune
6 Varanasi Tribe Immune
7 Varanasi Tribe Immune
8 Gloria -
9 Melissa Carolyn, Erich, Misty,
Ivan, Melissa, Tony
Voted Out, Day 27

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Kelley's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Ronnie Mercy, Jordan,
Voted Out, Day 3