Kelleigh Quick is a competitor on Survivor: Luzon and Survivor: Prospectors.

In Survivor: Luzon, Kelleigh established herself as one of the more dominant personalities on the Caloocan Tribe and managed to remain in the majority throughout the entire pre-merge with her best friends Ashleigh Elder and Anderson Chambers. At the merge, she teamed up with the majority alliance and remained safe until the end of the game, where she flipped to work with Jordan Samuels in a foolish move that cost her the million dollars.

Kelleigh returned in Survivor: Prospectors, where she decided that she wanted to have fun in her second run rather than play her hardest in an attempt to win. She immediately was seen as a major threat because Jerold Queen saw her as an idol rather than a fellow competitor. Because of this, Kelleigh tricked the entirety of Tribal Council into eliminating Kristen Moss. Afterwards, she managed to manipulate her way through multiple Tribal Councils, receiving a large number of votes each time she went. Despite being able to manipulate her fellow competitors multiple times, she was inevitably voted out in the double Tribal Council round of the game, just before the merge.


Kelleigh's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Ripley -
2 Caloocan Tribe Immune
3 Caloocan Tribe Immune
4 Madison -
5 Clover -
6 Masantol Tribe Immune
7 Masantol Tribe Immune
8 Radcliffe -
9 Masantol Tribe Immune
10 Dashiell -
11 Jordan -
12 London -
13 Cooper -
14 Alecia -
15 Tristan -
Bailey -
Jordan -

Jury Votes
for Kelleigh

Ashleigh, Chanel
1st Runner Up, Day 39


Kelleigh's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Syd;
Taylor, Jocelyn
2 Sierra;
Taylor, Jerold, Jocelyn, Julia, Sierra;
Taylor, Jerold, Jocelyn
3 Aimee Taylor, Jerold, Jocelyn
4 Taylor Taylor, Jerold, Jocelyn
5 Judith Abby, Zeke, Jerold, Judith
6 Abby -
7 Tetovo Tribe Immune
8 Tetovo Tribe Immune
9 Andrea Edward, Andrea, Taylor, Jocelyn
Voted Out, Day 27