Julia Seymour is a competitor on Survivor: Maluku and Survivor: Prospectors.

In Maluku, Julia was on the dominant Masohi tribe, winning every single immunity challenge in the pre-merge game. At the merge, Julia joined an alliance with Angel Steward and Layla Whittle. She won two immunity challenges at the merge, making herself a physical threat, further making this evident in the tribe separation twist, where she once again led the new Masohi tribe to immunity. At the re-merge, Julia was seen as a major threat and was voted out by everyone left.

Julia returned in Survivor: Prospectors as a member of the Jurors Tribe, Tetovo. Her game was quickly flipped upside down when she discovered she was competing against Zeke Davidson, whom she had dated after the airing of Maluku, and whom of which also had cheated on her. She managed to torment him for the first part of the season, but after the Tribes dissolved, she was moved to Bitola, where she managed to make a sizable alliance. In the first round, she was chosen to be an Ambassador, and voted with the Tetovo Tribe at Tribal Council to send home previous winner and major threat, Judith Washington. After losing a later challenge, Ambassadors and allies Abby Bartram and Zeke Davidson went to Tribal Council with them to vote. This, coupled with the fact that Julia was rude towards fellow Tribemate Syd Parsley because of his inexperience with the game, was enough to get her sent home before the merge.


Julia's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Masohi Tribe Immune
2 Masohi Tribe Immune
3 Masohi Tribe Immune
4 Masohi Tribe Immune
5 Masohi Tribe Immune
6 Masohi Tribe Immune
7 Masohi Tribe Immune
8 Masohi Tribe Immune
9 Hillary Individual Immunity
10 Dakota -
11 Alexis Individual Immunity
12 Alexis Zeke
13 Masohi Tribe Immune
14 Kiersten Vic, Kiersten,
Angel, Berry
Voted Out, Day 34

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Julia's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Tetovo Tribe Immune
2 Kelleigh;
3 Tetovo Tribe Immune
4 Tetovo Tribe Immune
5 Judith Ambassador Immunity
6 Bitola Tribe Immune
7 Syd Jocelyn, Jett, Jacques, Syd, Zeke
Andrea, Edward, Taylor, Abby
Voted Out, Day 21