Judith Washington is a competitor on Survivor: Zimbabwe and Survivor: Prospectors.

During Survivor: Zimbabwe, Judith did everything in her power to remain at the pinnacle of each vote. She successfully voted in the majority to eliminate every person throughout the game until the Final Tribal Council. Despite her attempt to eliminate Sadie as the first Juror, an idol was played, which stopped her dominance briefly. However, Judith holds the distinction of being one of the only winners to always vote correctly in the majority. At the Final Tribal Council, Judith was criticized for bringing an elderly man and a clueless competitor as two goats, but praised for her excellent gameplay. With only seven Jurors, due to the ejection of Felecia Stokes, Judith received only three votes, which was enough for her to be declared the winner. She now also holds the distinction for winning with the fewest Jury votes.

Judith returned in Survivor: Prospectors as a member of the winners-only Bitola Tribe. She focused on keeping the Tribe unified, but her plans quickly fell apart when Andrea McClanahan and Edward Tobin decided to flip to vote her out. She managed to get Aimee-Leonne Fortier to give her her immunity necklace, which got her sent home instead. Judith remained safe afterwards when she got Andrea and Edward back on her side to eliminate Robbie, but after the Tribe Dissolve, Edward flipped against her again when he returned to the Bitola Tribal Council as an Ambassador, sending her home in sixteenth place.


Judith's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Marondera Tribe Immune
2 Francis Mandy
3 Mandy -
4 Marondera Tribe Immune
5 Faye -
Harare Tribe Immune
6 Harare Tribe Immune
7 Louis -
8 Sadie -
9 No Tribal Council
10 Eddie -
11 Candy -
12 Sadie -
13 Ricardo Orville, Ricardo
Andrew Andrew

Jury Votes
For Judith

Sadie, Candy, Eddie
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Judith's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Bitola Tribe Immune
2 Bitola Tribe Immune
3 Andrea Individual Immunity
4 Robbie -
5 Kelleigh Ashleigh, Kelleigh, Bo,
Blaine, Edward, Julia
Voted Out, Day 15