Jordan Samuels is a competitor on Survivor: Luzon, Survivor: Bloodlines, Survivor: Champions, and Survivor: Legends.

In Survivor: Luzon, Jordan was placed on Masantol, otherwise referred to as the North Tribe. In the opening Exile Island twist, Jordan found the first ever Extra Vote twist. After swapping to Caloocan, he used it to blindside major threat Abigail "Abby" Bartram. At the merge, he joined forces with Kelleigh Quick, Anderson Chambers, and Ashleigh Elder, and he worked with them to eliminate his main enemy, Cooper Bristow. After Chanel flipped against him to get his allies to vote him out, Jordan survived and turned against his main allies, only to return to them later. At the Final Tribal Council, Jordan was seen as a hero for overcoming Chanel's plot to blindside him, but was criticized for returning to his original alliance with Kelleigh, Ashleigh, and Anderson. Nonetheless, he won the game because of his amazing social skills.

He returned in Survivor: Bloodlines, where he formed a tight alliance with Mackenzie Emerson, and teamed up with Tabitha Maldonado and Jessie Mannings. After decimating the majority using Tabitha and Jessie to blindside them, he made the merge, where he flew under-the-radar to avoid the wrath of Cordelia Aiello, his first blindside of the game. Ultimately, after Mackenzie and Tabitha were eliminated, he was blindsided by Jessie after a new majority formed in favor of Cordelia. He returned from Redemption Island and got his revenge on Jessie, and he ultimately made it to the Final Tribal Council, where he lost to Cordelia by one jury vote.

In Survivor: Champions, Jordan played for his third season in a row. He joined an alliance with Mercy Mahan and Christopher Scott, where he worked to vote out Kelley Washington and Ronnie Burton. After remaining immune for the rest of the pre-merge, Jordan made the merge again, where he continued to work with his alliance against the formation of the Black Widows 2.0. After successfully successfully blindsiding most of the members, Jordan once again made it to the Final Tribal Council for the third time, tying Jolene Delarosa's record, but lost with only one jury vote from his friend, Keegan Micah, after being criticized for playing a highly underwhelming game, which was attributed to being entirely emaciated from playing three seasons of Survivor in a row and lasting all 39 Days.

Jordan naturally returned for Survivor: Legends, with his legacy being one of three people to make the end three times. Throughout the game, Jordan focused on his social skills and made many friends, but fell at the bottom of the game when the old-schoolers began to outnumber the new-schoolers. At the merge, Jordan flew under the radar as Naomi became the new primary target of all alliances, but was finally voted out and eliminated for the first time ever when all players decided that Jordan was a jury threat that could easily slip to the end of the game.


Jordan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Masantol Tribe Immune
2 Masantol Tribe Immune
3 Masantol Tribe Immune
4 Masantol Tribe Immune
5 Masantol Tribe Immune
6 Abby;
7 Charisma -
8 Caloocan Tribe Immune
9 Abby(x2) Anderson, Abby,
10 Cooper Individual Immunity
11 Chanel Kelleigh, Anderson,
Ashleigh, Chanel
12 London -
13 Cooper Individual Immunity
14 Ashleigh -
15 Tristan -
Ashleigh Individual Immunity
Ashleigh Kelleigh, Ashleigh

Jury Votes
for Jordan

Bailey, Tristan, Alecia,
Cooper, London, Dashiell
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Jordan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Margaret;
Makassar Tribe Immune
2 Cordelia -
3 Makassar Tribe Immune
4 Demetrius Margaret, Demetrius
5 Makassar Tribe Immune
6 Makayla -
7 Makassar Tribe Immune
8 Ignacio -
9 Ineligible Ineligible
Kynaston Kynaston
10 Cordelia;
11 Margaret Cordelia, Maggie,
12 Cordelia Individual Immunity
13 Maggie -
14 Jessie Cordelia, Jocelyn,
Voted Out, Day 33
14 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 36
16 Millie -
Jessie Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Jordan
Mackenzie, Tabitha,
Margaret, Kendall
1st Runner Up, Day 39


Jordan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kelley -
2 Jubayhah Tribe Immune
3 Jubayhah Tribe Immune
4 Ronnie -
5 Tafilah Tribe Immune
6 Tafilah Tribe Immune
7 Shoubak Tribe Immune
8 Serafina -
9 Isabelle -
10 Woo-Shi Individual Immunity
11 Rochelle Individual Immunity
12 Hannah -
13 Ashlee Hannah, Ashlee
14 Hannah -
Hannah -
Jury Votes
For Jordan
2nd Runner Up, Day 39


Jordan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Samarinda Tribe Immune
Samarinda Tribe Immune
2 Samarinda Tribe Immune
3 Terrence -
4 Tony -
5 Keningau Tribe Immune
6 Keningau Tribe Immune
7 Naomi -
8 Samarinda Tribe Immune
9 Melissa Jeremiah, Christopher,
Hannah, Melissa
10 Hannah -
11 Nadine Cordelia, Percy, Jolene,
Jeremiah, Nadine, Vicki,
Christopher, Hannah
Voted Out, Day 29
Voted For
Sole Survivor