Edward Tobin is a competitor on Survivor: Costa Rica and Survivor: Prospectors.

In Survivor: Costa Rica, Edward started out the game strong by being chosen for the Curridabat Tribe, which went on to dominate in challenges. During their one loss, Edward found an ally in Sierra Northbrooke and went on to team up with Anna Zavia to send Malakai Savage home. Even after swapping to the Tamarindo Tribe, Edward still remained strong in his social game to survive to the merge. When Malakai returned to the game, Edward made sure that he would not come back for revenge and orchestrated his elimination, sending him back out of the game. Throughout the merge, Edward worked with his alliance to stay alive, until inevitably flipping on his original Tribemates, Sierra Northbrooke, Rochelle Styles, and Anna Zavia. In the end, Edward was deemed the winner with all Jury votes but one because of his intense strategic gameplay and dominance over everyone.

Edward returned in Survivor: Prospectors as a member of the Bitola Tribe, which consisted of only winners. He found himself at the bottom of the Tribe, but found an ally in Andrea McClanahan. This time, Edward stuck with his loyal ally through thick and thin, using her as a bullet shield while orchestrating blindsides alongside her. This shared glory got them both to the merge, where they continued to flip alliances and turn friends against each other. Edward made it to the end of the game again, but this time lost the game because of his shared credibility with Andrea, which weakened him in the eyes of the Jury.

Costa RicaEdit

Edward's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Curridabat Tribe Immune
2 Curridabat Tribe Immune
3 Curridabat Tribe Immune
4 Malakai -
5 Curridabat Tribe Immune
6 Curridabat Tribe Immune
7 Tamarindo Tribe Immune
8 Tamarindo Tribe Immune
9 Marissa -
10 Brianna -
11 Malakai Individual Immunity
12 Jonathan -
13 Anna -
14 Rochelle -
15 Moira Individual Immunity
Sierra Sierra
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
For Edward
Malakai, Jonathan, Anna,
Moira, Sierra, Rochelle
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Edward's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Bitola Tribe Immune
2 Bitola Tribe Immune
3 Aimee -
4 Robbie -
5 Judith Ambassador Immunity
6 Bitola Tribe Immune
7 Julia -
8 Taylor -
9 Kelleigh Individual Immunity
Bitola Tribe Immune
10 Jocelyn Individual Immunity
11 Jerold -
12 Taylor -
13 Jett -
14 Jett Zeke, Abby, Jett
15 Zeke -
Abby Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Edward
Taylor, Jerold
Co-Runner Up, Day 39