Jeff welcomed the eighteen competitors for a new competition, but shocked everyone with the reveal that Tribes would not be forming in the game. His exact wording, after introducing everyone to Survivor: Cote D’Ivoire, was that they needed to head to camp.

In a confessional, Clarissa stated that, at first, she thought Jeff was losing his mind. “He must be getting old, right? He forgot to put us in Tribes!”

Roosevelt called Jeff out on there not being Tribes. Jeff smiled at him, and everyone realized that this was a surprise twist. “This season, there will be no Tribes. The eighteen of you are on your own on one beach.”

The eighteen competitors headed out to camp. In a confessional, Samantha talked about how she felt with seventeen others competing alongside her. “It’s odd to know that there are no Tribes going into this, but I think it’s going to be fun to see how this works out.”

At camp, Milton and Demetrius worked on the shelter together, and Melanie and Jennifer joined in. Melanie stated that the four could stick together through the game, but Jennifer interjected, stating that they needed more numbers than four.

In a confessional, Demetrius stated that the game was going to be tough with numbers. “These votes are going to be hard. We need alliances to have extremely large amounts of people, which is dangerous for us.”

Rebecca, Jacqueline, JC, Roosevelt, and Clarissa met to discuss the game as they gathered resources. Jacqueline commented that they had what it took to build an excellent shelter. “We have eighteen people out here to help us build. This shelter should be outstanding!”

JC recommended an alliance between the five. “We can find other small alliances and form a giant one. The majority right now would be to have ten people together. We’re five.”

Clarissa and Rebecca agreed. In a confessional, Rebecca talked about how dangerous it is to be in a large alliance. “It’s always dangerous to be in a giant alliance because you never know where you stand. I could be at the top or the bottom and have no idea because there are too many people to keep track of!”

Teresa, Virgil, Adam, and Robert met and worked on the shelter with Milton, Demetrius, Melanie, and Jennifer. Adam fled to retrieve palm fronds for the roof, and Demetrius suggested an alliance. “This could be a good group here for the first Tribal. There’s eight if we count Adam...we’d just need two more.”

Teresa agreed first out of anyone. In a confessional, she talked about how nervous she felt for the vote. “Things are tough out here. I do not want to be caught without an alliance!”

After the shelter was constructed, night sat in, and the eighteen crammed into the shelter. They quickly realized that it was too small, as five players were set out for the night. Demetrius, Clarissa, Samantha, Teresa, and Jacqueline were left without space to sleep.

Demetrius argued with the people inside that they should let the women in. Jacqueline commented in a confessional that Demetrius was a strong black man with a great personality. “I think this is the most diverse cast this show has had,” she said. “Me, Demetrius, Zuila, and JC are Black. Virgil and Concetta are Hispanic. That’s saying something because the casts are usually white.”

After the sheltered players refused to leave the hut, Demetrius took Clarissa, Samantha, Teresa, and Jacqueline out into the wilderness to make their own shelter.

Clarissa commented that it was horribly rude of them to exclude them, and Demetrius commented that it was bad for their game. “If we’re excluded, we can probably guarantee there are alliances in there that don’t want to split apart.”

As they worked to build a makeshift shelter, Jacqueline and Demetrius met together in the woods. “I think we can be strong if we form an alliance with these women out here. I also think, since this cast has lots of diversity, we could all-black...alliance?” Jacqueline asked hesitantly. Demetrius laughed, but agreed. “We need JC and Zuila to join us, then we’ve got a seven-way alliance including Clarissa, Samantha, and Teresa.”

Demetrius agreed even further. “I like this plan a lot.”

At the first immunity challenge, Jeff welcomed a cranky cast. He asked why they all seemed upset, and Samantha was the first to chime in. “Our shelter wasn’t big enough, and people were sat out - myself included.”

Demetrius also spoke up. “Some of the men wouldn’t give up their spots for the girls. I was happy to sleep in the woods, but what some of them did wasn’t right.”

Jeff asked Demetrius if he was siding with the girls, and Demetrius dodged his question. “That’s something best asked at Tribal, Jeff.”

Jeff announced that, because the Tribe was so massive, two necklaces for immunity would be handed out. “One woman and one man will win immunity each round.”

In the first balancing challenge, they each fought hard, but in the end, Demetrius and Jennifer reigned victorious and were immune from being voted out first.

Jeff commented on Demetrius winning, stating that not even a lack of sleep would stop him from keeping himself immune. “You all have a very important decision to make tonight. Head back to camp and figure out who is going home...first.”

At camp, Jacqueline congratulated Demetrius on his win. The two decided to meet up with Zuila and JC about their alliance. Jacqueline explained it to them, and JC agreed. “It’s whatever keeps us alive out here, right?”

In a confessional, Demetrius stated that he was slightly upset at them not apologizing to he and Jacqueline. “You would think they would say they were sorry for pushing us out last night, but no! They didn’t.”

Samantha, Clarissa, Teresa, Demetrius, and Jacqueline met in their makeshift shelter, where they discussed the vote. Clarissa stated that she was mad at everyone who was in the shelter without them.

“I don’t care who goes,” Teresa commented.

Demetrius explained that Zuila and JC formed an alliance with himself and Jacqueline, and that if they worked with them, they would be able to eliminate someone. “We’ve got those two plus our five. That’s seven...we just need three more.”

Demetrius and Clarissa left out to get new members for the alliance. Clarissa suggested forming an alliance with Jennifer to protect each other in case of anyone targeting challenge threats. Demetrius agreed with this.

Demetrius talked to Jennifer about a challenge-threat alliance. “People might think we’re threatening because of our wins today. We need to watch each other’s backs.”

Jennifer agreed. Clarissa then sat down with Rebecca and suggested aligning with her. Rebecca agreed to stick with their original plan with Roosevelt, JC, and Jacqueline, that they formed when building the shelter.

In a confessional, Clarissa talked about how she forgot that deal. “I forgot we made a pact with Roosevelt. This could be good for us in case one of our numbers tonight falls through.”

Roosevelt, Clarissa, Jacqueline, Roosevelt, and JC met together in he ocean to discuss voting someone out. Rebecca suggested Joseph for being quiet and not talking to people enough, and everyone agreed.

After they dispersed, Jacqueline met with Clarissa about the situation. She asked about why Clarissa did not mention her alliance to their core alliance at the secret shelter, and she stated she forgot. “We’ve got Roosevelt and Rebecca now. We should have enough to take someone out. Why not stick with Joseph?”

The plan was relayed to the others.

At Tribal Council, Jeff welcomed the eighteen competitors and had them all retrieve fire for themselves. “Well, we have a very cramped Tribal Council set tonight. How does the no-Tribe gimmick change the game?”

Zuila interjected with her response, stating that she was very afraid of not being in the core alliance that runs the first elimination. Jeff asked about who the alliance was, and Zuila commented that she had no idea. “I’m just saying that, if I’m not a part of the elimination tonight, I might be screwed.”

Jeff turned to Demetrius. “Demetrius, you talked about people being put out of the shelter. Who all was set out?”

Demetrius replied that he, Samantha, Clarissa, Teresa, and Jacqueline were the ones put out of the shelter. “Jeff, it would have been fine if we agreed on a system that night, but people were rude about it and made us sleep out in the cold. It was wrong. It was shady.”

Jeff once again asked about his side in the game. “The real question tonight, if I’m assuming these women are aligned, is, do you have yourself aligned with them? Are you siding with the girls that were wronged or a core alliance to keep yourself in the majority?”

Demetrius pondered on how to answer the question. “Both, Jeff.”

Jeff became surprised. With that, it was time to vote, and the eighteen competitors went out to cast their votes and decide on the first person eliminated.

Jeff returned with the tallied votes and read them out loud. Joseph found himself eliminated with 10 votes against him. The other eight were scattered. Three votes went to Samantha from Joseph, Melanie, and Adam. Three other votes went to Rebecca from Marshall, Concetta, and Virgil. The final two votes went to Jacqueline, from just Robert and Milton.

After Tribal Council, Demetrius returned to camp feeling extremely satisfied with the elimination. In a confessional near camp, he quietly discussed his vote. “I voted out Joseph just like everyone else in our alliance. None of our numbers flipped on us. Things could not be more perfect!”

In the night, as the former exiles return to camp, Adam offered his spot in the shelter. “I feel guilty. I think we really should establish some kind of system, like you said.”

Demetrius told him to stay inside. “I like my cozy little planks, thanks.”

In a confessional, Demetrius spoke about his bitterness. “They suddenly want to be nice to me because they know I’m at the top. I’m not letting them have the satisfaction of getting on my good side. The only people that matter are the ones that sleep in our exiled shelter.”

At the exile shelter, Teresa asked the others (Jacqueline, Samantha, Clarissa, and Demetrius) if it would be okay if she went to the shelter. “I love our alliance, but this is just so uncomfortable.”

They said that it was fine for her to head to the shelter, but Samantha seemed to take her asking to leave differently than she intended. “I think this alliance needs to stay here in this shelter. It’s symbolic, in a way.”

The others agreed. “Teresa isn’t dead to us, but this should be the final four right here.”

The next day, JC met with Teresa to discuss the previous elimination. Teresa revealed that the majority alliance was what they exiled to the other shelter. “They have an alliance. I don’t know with who else, but that’s what happened.”

This foolish move alerted JC. He immediately went off to discuss the vote with Demetrius, and Demetrius unwillingly revealed the alliance. “I felt like it was obvious, but I guess it wasn’t. Jacqueline and I still want the alliance between us and Zuila. The four of us can make it all the way.”

JC agreed to stick with them as long as he was informed of everything from now on, and Demetrius agreed.

Later on in the day, Concetta and Roosevelt formed a new alliance between the two. Roosevelt realized the two were from the same hometown - Montana. Roosevelt argued to her that they needed to do something with the Exile Alliance. “I think that’s a fitting name for them. We need to unite and get rid of them before they do something to take us out.”

Concetta, Roosevelt, Milton, and Virgil met in the main shelter to discuss the vote. “We don’t have a lot of time to talk because our targets are everywhere...but we need to align to take out the Exiles,” Concetta said to the others. Virgil and Milton agreed to work with them.

Roosevelt talked about his strategy in a confessional. “JC and Zuila talked last night after Tribal Council about the shocking vote. They said that Clarissa, who pulled me in, was working with the shelter people. It’s only fitting to call our enemies the Exile Alliance.”

At the immunity challenge, Jeff took back the immunity necklaces and started a new challenge. Milton and Samantha won immunity against a final four of Demetrius and Jennifer. In a confessional, on their way back to camp, Milton commented that Demetrius and Jennifer were massive threats. “They’re obviously good at challenges. If we’re going to be in an infinite merge, they have to go.”

At camp, Jennifer sat with Demetrius about the vote. Demetrius revealed the entire alliance that voted out Joseph and apologized for not telling her sooner. “We just had to get through that vote, Jennifer.”

Jennifer accepted his apology. In a confessional, she acted far differently than Roosevelt. “I don’t mind that he lied to be about that. It sucks to know I can’t trust him as well as I thought I could, but I don’t blame it. There are one hundred people out here, for God’s sake. It’s hard to keep track of them sometimes! Not telling me the members of his alliance is fine as long as I’m still in.”

Jennifer suggested taking out Virgil. “He’s working with the others. I can be a woman on the inside for you and the others if you want. There seems to be a forming shelter alliance versus non-shelter alliance...with you guys being called the Exile Alliance, also known as the non-shelters.”

Milton, Melanie, Rebecca, Jennifer, Virgil, Robert, Marshall, Concetta, Adam, JC, and Zuila met inside of the primary shelter to discuss the vote. They unanimously agreed that Demetrius was a major threat in the game.

Milton stated that he was a major challenge threat, and that he needed to go. This made Jennifer immediately disagree in her mind, believing that if she worked against him, they would work against her as well.”

Milton continued to talk about how the Exile Alliance was, in its entirety, a major threat. “We have to get them out of the game or we’re all next. We need to unite.”

In a confessional, Zuila talked about her options in the game. “I could stick with JC and work with Demetrius and the Exiles...or I could go with what seems to be a clear majority and vote him out. I have to crunch some numbers.”

JC also left a confessional about his decision. “Do I stick with my alliance with Jacqueline and Demetrius? Or do I stick with these guys that probably don’t even know my name but have a majority?”

At the Exile shelter, Teresa and Clarissa talked to the others in their alliance about voting out Marshall. Demetrius interrupted, stating that Jennifer was voting out Virgil, and that they should stick with her on the vote to make a majority on him. “There’s already one vote going his way. Why not make it more?”

Teresa did the math in her head, and revealed her new plan to take Virgil out. “Me, Clarissa, Samantha, Demetrius, Jennifer, and Jacqueline...that’s six. Who were our other votes again?”

Demetrius stated that Zuila and JC were also with them, making it a vote of eight. He then sent Clarissa off on a mission to ensure Rebecca was still with her, and Demetrius went off to see if JC and Zuila were still with him.

In a meeting, Demetrius talked to JC and Zuila about their options in the game. JC revealed that the others were plotting to take him out. “Think of it like this. You guys openly said you were going after challenge threats. Samantha won a challenge, Milton won a challenge, and so did Jennifer. You guys openly told Jennifer you were targeting her. If you stick with me, she won’t target you because you’re on her side.”

Demetrius continued to sway their vote in his direction until they finally agreed. However, the two still remained unsure. In a confessional, JC stated he did not know who he would vote for. “This is rough.”

Clarissa and Rebecca met together in the ocean. Rebecca stated that she knew about the Exile Alliance, and that sticking with her would be fatal. “I can’t do that. I’m not at the top with you guys, I’m at the bottom.”

Clarissa tried to sway her, but it failed. Clarissa sparked an idea, and informed Rebecca that Demetrius was contemplating playing an idol. “I like you and don’t want you to go home tonight. If he plays his idol, you’re done. They’re voting you out, Rebecca, unless I change your mind right now. I told them I had a connection with you and could sway your vote.”

Rebecca pondered for a moment, and changed her mind to work with Clarissa. At camp, however, Rebecca informed those she trusted in the shelter about the idol. Roosevelt suggested splitting the votes, and the others agreed.

In a confessional, JC stated that this Tribe was full of idiots. “They’re splitting the votes when they should hopefully know the Exiles have a clear majority with the vote being split. Some people, I swear.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked them about the dynamics of the vote. Jennifer stated that a giant alliance formed to take out the Exiles because Demetrius was a challenge threat. “The problem, though, Jeff, is that I won a challenge, too. So did Milton, the leader of that alliance, and so did Samantha. Milton is effectively targeting himself there.”

Milton spread the word to split between Jennifer and Demetrius. Jeff asked Milton about what just happened, and he stated that Jennifer made a big mistake. “We know what’s happening tonight, and we’re prepared for it.”

Jeff announced that it was time to vote, and the others cast their votes. As they came back, JC announced to them that they did not take into account that Demetrius had a majority alliance. “Imma’ let you all know, your plan didn’t work. They have a majority over your split-vote.”

Milton commented that JC should have said something. “You can’t fix stupid,” he replied.

Jeff revealed the votes, and Virgil was voted out with eight votes against him. Five votes went to Demetrius from Milton, Virgil, Robert, Marshall, and Rebecca, and four to Jennifer from Concetta, Roosevelt, Melanie, and Adam.

At camp, Milton returned feeling stupid. “I should have seen this coming. JC and Zuila should not have stuck with them, because then we would have won. JC did this one to himself, because he’s out next for sure.”

A treasure chest rested in the center of the camp. As they arrived back, JC noticed and opened it to reveal a hidden immunity idol in a jar. A note on the top read “OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

In a confessional, Roosevelt talked about the surprise idol in a bottle twist. “Now we have to be careful of who takes the idol, because it’s guaranteed whoever is caught taking it out of the bottle will be a target.”

Roosevelt took it upon himself to take the jar from JC and place it in the main shelter for the view of everyone. Demetrius took this as a stab against him. “They’re keeping it up there to prevent us from getting in there. I see right through his plot,” he said in a confessional.

At the fire pit of the camp, Rebecca crafted a plan to get the idol. “My thinking here is that, if I can get the idol, I can blame it on one of the others for sneaking into the shelter and taking it. That will probably spark suspicion in JC and Zuila, their new allies, and we can get them out. Seeing as how Teresa was very strong in this challenge, we should be targeting her tonight.”

Later in the night, as everyone was asleep, Rebecca took the idol in the jar and snuck off with it into the woods. She opened it and hid the idol under a bush. She returned and planted the jar back in its position.

After some time passed, she quickly shook Roosevelt and Adam awake. She exclaimed that Teresa snuck into their camp to take the idol, and that she got a hold of it. Roosevelt cursed her name and rolled over to go back to sleep.

In a confessional, Roosevelt discussed the idol theft. “Teresa has our idol now! We let our guard down and now our game is messed up. She has to go.”

The next day, Rebecca told her alliance about what happened. JC and Zuila, who rested in the shelter despite not being within their alliance, intervened and asked them about Teresa stealing it.

In a confessional, JC stated that he felt betrayed. “You would think the would tell their allies about the idol, right? I’m a little upset they wouldn’t tell us the plan.”

At the immunity challenge, many of the Survivors thought that they would be forming Tribes. Jeff announced that they would still be competing like normal, which upset many of them. JC and Zuila won immunity in the competition.

In a confessional, Zuila talked about being immune with her main partner in the game. “It must be fate. We both won immunity tonight!”

Back at camp, Teresa was upset about barely missing out on the immunity. Clarissa and Samantha told her that it was okay to be upset about it, and that she would likely win again in the future.

Rebecca and Adam commented that Teresa likely wouldn’t get the chance to win an immunity in the future after stealing the idol. Teresa, confused, asked about the idol. “I didn’t take anything last night. I was asleep.”

Despite Clarissa and Samantha confirming this story, they did not believe her. In a confessional, Clarissa talked about the situation. “So, suddenly, Rebecca and Adam bombard us with threats to get rid of Teresa. She apparently took the idol last night from the jar, but she was with us. Someone’s framing her...and the idol is definitely gone. Someone has it.”

Clarissa, Samantha, Teresa, Demetrius, and Jacqueline met to discuss the vote. Jacqueline suggested talking to JC and Zuila and securing their votes. “They probably think Teresa has the idol.”

In a confessional, Teresa talked about her situation. “I’m between a rock and a hard place. They think I have the idol, which is a problem. They’re probably tempting me into playing it.”

Jacqueline and Demetrius met with Zuila and JC, but JC informed them that Teresa would be going home if she did not play the idol. “You guys didn’t inform me of your decision to take the idol. You snuck in while your allies were sleeping and you basically betrayed us.”

Now left without their two allies, Jacqueline and Demetrius looked to Jennifer. Jennifer, too, believed the rumor that Teresa had the idol. “If you two promise me the final three, I’ll vote with you.”

Naturally, the two promised her the end of the game. In a confessional, Jennifer talked about the vote. “Even if I vote with them, it won’t make a bit of a difference. The plan tonight is for Teresa, Jacqueline, Samantha, Clarissa, and Demetrius to vote for whoever. They want me, Rebecca, JC, Robert, Zuila, and Melanie to vote for Teresa while the rest, Adam, Concetta, Milton, Marshall, and Roosevelt, vote for someone else. If an idol is played, the vote will tie and we’ll vote out Teresa in the re-vote. If it doesn’t means Teresa goes home. But if I stick with Demetrius and Jacqueline, that’ll put them in control. I just have to think: am I really in their tight final three alliance? Probably not.”

At Tribal Council, asked them about the idol twist. Rebecca talked about how Teresa stole the idol, but Teresa refuted this and said that she did not. “We’ll see tonight,” Rebecca said, taunting Teresa.

After the votes were cast, Teresa naturally did not play an idol. Rebecca giggled to herself as the votes were read. Jennifer did not stick with Demetrius and Jacqueline, and thus Teresa was voted out with six votes against her, with five against Jacqueline (from Adam, Concetta, Milton, Marshall, and Roosevelt) and five against Rebecca (from Teresa, Jacqueline, Samantha, Clarissa, and Demetrius).

At camp, Demetrius left a confessional statement about how he was doomed now that a member of the Exiles was taken out of the game. However, a ray of hope shone through the dark clouds of the night as JC questioned why Teresa did not play her idol.

Rebecca mentioned that Teresa likely believed they were going to change the vote to get her to waste the idol.

In a confessional, JC stated that he was beginning to not believe that she even had the idol in the first place. “Something doesn’t add up here. I think Rebecca may have framed her.”

The next day, whilst Rebecca was swimming in the ocean with the others from her alliance, JC dug through her clothes and discovered the idol tucked away in her pants. He pulled it out and marched into the Exile shelter.

At first, Jacqueline was shocked to see that JC had actually possessed the idol. However, he revealed he found it in Rebecca’s pants. “She’s had it this whole time, and I’m about to call her out on it. Come watch.”

At the shoreline, JC approached holding the idol. He called out to Rebecca, stating that he had found her hidden immunity idol. “She’s had it this entire time! She framed Teresa and she lied to all of you!”

JC then chucked the idol out to Rebecca, and she caught it. Everyone stared at her awkwardly, as if to accuse her of lying or cheating. She blushed. “It had to be done. You all wanted her out, anyway, right?”

At the immunity challenge, Rebecca made a public statement to Jeff that she needed immunity more than ever because of her lie. Demetrius and Rebecca succeeded in winning, and Demetrius commented that she got lucky. “Doesn’t matter. One of her allies is going home tonight.”

At camp, Zuila, JC, Demetrius, Jacqueline, Samantha, and Clarissa met to discuss the vote. They agreed to take out Rebecca’s ally, Marshall. Jennifer entered the area and apologized for voting out Teresa. “I genuinely believed she had the idol, but now I know the truth. I want Rebecca out, too, and will work with you guys until she’s done.”

With Jennifer now on board, the seven agreed to take out Marshall. To find an eighth member to vote with them, they looked to Robert to flip.

Robert met with the Exiles and Jennifer to discuss voting out Marshall. He agreed that the idol lie created too much drama within his alliance. In a confessional, Robert stated that losing an alliance member would not affect him as much. “The Exiles are obviously still major threats. Losing one person to please them does not mean that we’re done for.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Rebecca about why she was a target. She explained that she took the idol from the jar, which created a target on her back after her lie was discovered. “I framed Teresa. It was me.”

Rebecca flaunted her immunity as the votes were cast. To her surprise, instead of an Exile going home, Marshall was voted out with eight votes against him from the Exiles plus Jennifer and Robert, with the rest going to Demetrius.

At the next reward challenge, Jeff surprised everyone by bringing in a large bag of buffs. Everyone became shocked to see that Tribes were being formed. “Right now, we will be forming two Tribes. You will split and go to new camps, where you will build a new shelter and get new supplies. You are starting over with seven people on your Tribe.”

Jeff handed out the buffs randomly.

On the green Assinie Tribe: Jennifer, Clarissa, Robert, Adam, Concetta, Milton, and Roosevelt.

On the purple Marcory Tribe: Melanie, Demetrius, Rebecca, Jacqueline, Samantha, JC, and Zuila.

In a confessional, Rebecca talked about her new Tribe. “At first, I was excited to be on a new Tribe. Finally, a change in the game that will keep me safe! But now, I’m on a Tribe with Demetrius, Jacqueline, Samantha, JC, and Zuila. The only other person on here is Melanie, and I’m sure she’s mad about the idol lie, too. This idol will keep me safe for exactly one round. We have to win.”

At the new Assinie camp, the seven pondered how to build their shelter. In a confessional, Clarissa talked about being in danger because of the formation of Tribes. “I don’t have any of my allies over here. Everyone is against me, and since Rebecca isn’t on my Tribe...I’m all alone as a target.”

Clarissa tried to form a relationship with Milton, but he ignored her to work on the fire for the Tribe.

Roosevelt met with Robert about the vote. Robert revealed that he flipped to take out Marshall because Rebecca needed to be weakened. “They were close allies, Roosevelt.”

Roosevelt sighed and told him not to tell anyone else his secret. “We need Clarissa out of this game. Can you handle that?”

At the new Marcory camp, Rebecca met with Melanie while the others worked on building the shelter. Melanie agreed to align with Rebecca, but had no idea as of how to separate JC and Zuila from the group to work with them.

“Melanie is willing to stick with me for the time being because of the massive alliance between the Exiles. We have to get JC and Zuila on our side before it’s too late,” Rebecca commented.

At the first Tribal immunity of the game, Jeff took back the immunity necklaces from Rebecca and Demetrius. Marcory won the challenge, leaving Clarissa to feel vulnerable.

At the Marcory camp, Roosevelt and Robert talked with Concetta, Jennifer, Milton, and Adam about taking out Clarissa. They all agreed to make the vote easy and vote against her.

However, later in the night, Jennifer approached Clarissa about voting out Concetta. She commented that the Exiles needed to stay in the game. “You guys are in my alliance. I can’t break apart and vote you out.”

Clarissa agreed to work with Jennifer, and Jennifer created a new plan. She spoke with Robert and Roosevelt privately about taking out Concetta. Jennifer commented that Concetta was talking to Clarissa and brought up a Roosevelt blindside to her.

In a confessional, Roosevelt talked about how he felt threatened because of Jennifer’s words. “If Concetta really is targeting me like Jennifer is saying, there is going to be a problem. We won’t be merging for a moment, I’m can we spare Clarissa for one round? Is it worth it?”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked the Tribe about how it felt to be on Tribes. “Now that the playing field is smaller,” Roosevelt began, “we have more room for alliances and strong end-game deals. We aren’t playing with fourteen now, we’re playing with seven. That’s a far more manageable number.”

Jeff announced that it was time to vote, and Concetta found herself blindsided with a unanimous vote against her. As she stood, she asked why she was voted out, and Robert told her that she should not have schemed with Clarissa.

Concetta denied scheming with her, which surprised Robert and Roosevelt. Jennifer shrugged playfully when they turned to her over the lie. “There’s a lot of lying going on in this game, Jeff,” Milton commented.

At the next immunity challenge, Jeff announced that Concetta was voted out. Demetrius, Jacqueline, and Samantha were relieved to hear the news. Assinie won immunity, sending Marcory to Tribal Council.

At camp, the Exiles discussed taking Rebecca out of the game. Demetrius commented that it would be risky to try and take her out because of her idol. “She’s obviously going to play it tonight,” Samantha commented.

The Exiles agreed to split the votes between Rebecca and Melanie, which created tension. Rebecca and Melanie sat with Zuila and JC to discuss going to the final four together, but Zuila did not entertain it.

“We can’t stick with you after the idol lie, Rebecca. You destroyed the trust anyone had in you. You burned your bridges.”

At Tribal Council, Rebecca was asked by Jeff about her idol scare. “The Tribe dynamic made things easier and harder for me in different aspects. I don’t have to manage a bunch of votes...but on the other hand, I still have people on the other side mad at me over this. I need to fix some issues I’ve created.”

Rebecca played her idol after the votes were cast, and it was discovered that the vote split between herself and Melanie. Rebecca negated the votes of Samantha, Jacqueline, and JC, while Melanie gained the votes of Demetrius and Zuila. The vote tied with two votes against Melanie and two votes against Samantha.

In the re-vote, Rebecca begged Zuila and JC to flip to save Melanie. “We have a final four to offer you. They don’t! They’re going to the end with Clarissa, not you guys!”

Despite her pleas, Melanie was still eliminated in the re-vote unanimously.

At the next immunity challenge, the competitors on Assinie were shocked to learn Melanie was voted out. Roosevelt, angry, shouted out to Rebecca that she needed to stay alive. “I thought I was out of your alliance?” she asked.

“Things are dire now, Rebecca. Hang in there!”

Feeling warm and welcome again, Rebecca fought hard and won the challenge for Marcory, sending Assinie to Tribal Council.

At camp, Jennifer and Clarissa proposed to Robert and Roosevelt a new alliance. Clarissa apologized to him for lying about the vote previously in an attempt to keep herself in the game. “You have to do what you have to do. If you want to get to the end of the game and see Rebecca at the merge, the four of us can align and take out Adam tonight.”

Roosevelt thought in a confessional about his decision. “Do I stick with the enemy, Clarissa, or do I stick with the others I’ve been aligned with since day one?”

The more he thought about it, the more he thought about his standing in the game. “I’ve been with the men of this Tribe since day one and I have yet to form an actual alliance. I don’t know my standing with these men, they just vote with me. Maybe having stability will help my game.”

At Tribal Council, Adam found himself voted out in a shocking blindside against him, with himself and Milton voting against Clarissa.

At the next immunity challenge, Jeff announced that Adam was eliminated. Rebecca seemed concerned over Roosevelt and Robert, but noticed them smiling instead of being afraid of losing.

Once again, Marcory won immunity, sending Assinie back to Tribal Council.

At camp, it was clear that Milton would be the next to go. In a confessional, he discussed being on the outside of the game. “This Tribal dynamic has actually made things harder for me. I would have rathered we stayed in the whole merged Tribe for the entire game.”

At Tribal Council, Milton found himself voted out unanimously. On his way out, he flipped off Roosevelt. “You lost the game for yourself, friend.”

At the next reward challenge, Jeff announced that the Tribes were officially merged, and that they had all made it to the jury stage of the competition. They all returned to their original home.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Clarissa began, “but I missed our little shack in the woods.”

Demetrius, Jacqueline, Clarissa, Samantha, JC, and Zuila met in the Exile shelter. “This is much cozier than the shelter, even if it’s more crowded now. This is my home, not out there,” Demetrius commented.

In a confessional, Jacqueline talked about the end-game. “I hope this alliance sticks together. I want to go to the end with Demetrius, definitely, and I’m thinking we can take Clarissa with us as a goat. I have dropped all aspects of the color-alliance with Zuila and JC.”

At the first immunity challenge, Jeff announced that only one person would be immune. Jennifer won immunity, leaving the others vulnerable.

Back at camp, the Exiles discussed who to vote out first. They agreed that Rebecca had created too much trouble in the game, and that she would be a threat to win. “If someone like her can worm her way to the end, she will definitely win. She’s created chaos.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca met with Roosevelt and Robert to discuss the vote. Roosevelt stated that he would talk to Clarissa and Jennifer about taking out Demetrius. They pulled the two aside, and they agreed to take out Demetrius.

Of course, Clarissa admitted to lying in a confessional, and so did Jennifer. “Roosevelt has made himself blind. He doesn’t seem to get that he’s at the bottom of this game.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked about how the game was changed by Tribes. Roosevelt stated that it was successful in eliminating his entire alliance, and Jeff intervened to state that he was partially responsible. “There were unanimous votes against your allies. You had a hand in some of these eliminations, which you admit to.”

Roosevelt explained that he had to do what he had to do to get himself to the merge of the game. “This second merge has made me afraid. I don’t think I’m going to last long if tonight’s vote goes against me.”

The votes were cast and tallied. Rebecca found herself blindsided as the first jury member with seven votes against her, with the other three against Demetrius.

In her exit interview, Rebecca stated that she had no regrets. “I played how I wanted to play. Did I get reactions out of people? Yes, but those reactions are what got me out. I set out to play Survivor and I got really far. My only upset is that my play style got me out instead of giving me the win.”

At the next immunity challenge, Robert defeated the competition and won immunity. “Now, we’ve got a problem,” Roosevelt said in a confessional after the challenge.

At camp, Roosevelt went to Jennifer and asked her if she was still aligned with him. She responded negatively, stating that they were no longer alliance members. “I can’t believe that I’ve let this game get like this. The Exiles from the first day of this game have made it so far and have drug Zuila, JC, and Jennifer around with them this entire time. I have to get them to stray or we’re done for.”

Roosevelt met with Zuila, JC, and Jennifer to discuss the game. He explained to them that the Exiles would be taking each other to the end of the game instead of taking them. “There’s no way the three of you will get to the end working with them. Once Robert and I are gone, you’re next. If you stick with me, it will be five strong to take one of them out.”

JC and Zuila took a moment to decide. They agreed that the Exiles would not take them to the end, and decided to work with Roosevelt. “This is a game changing move that has to work to get us to the end. If it fails tonight, our game might just be over,” Zuila commented in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Jennifer did not listen to him. She stated in a confessional that her alliance with Demetrius and Jacqueline would get her to the end of the game.

At Tribal Council, Roosevelt was shocked to learn he was still voted out of the game with five votes against him, with the others against Jacqueline. As he stood up to grab his torch, he asked who flipped on him. JC and Zuila stated that they worked with him, and thus Roosevelt looked to Jennifer for his bitterness.

“You messed up,” he said to her as he exited.

In his exit interview, Roosevelt talked about his game. “I tried my hardest, but I couldn’t get it done. Maybe some day in the future I’ll play again and take over the game like I tried to do this time. But then, I’ll be successful.”

At camp, after Roosevelt’s elimination, Robert decided that it was time to make a move in the game. He, JC, and Zuila sat with each other and decided that they had to get Jennifer on their side.

Zuila suggested creating a lie about an idol to get her on their side, but Robert stated that it would be a lost cause. “She’s smarter than that.”

At the immunity challenge, Zuila dominated the challenge and won immunity. On her way to get her necklace, she pranced over and announced that she was happy to be immune with an idol in play.

Robert shook is head negatively, but the faces of the others surprised him. Jeff asked Zuila about what she meant, and she announced that the Exiles had an idol they were going to use that night.

At camp, Jennifer asked Zuila about what she meant. Zuila explained that both Tribes had idols, and that one of Demetrius or Jacqueline had discovered the idol. “They went off together to hunt for it.”

Zuila began a charge against Demetrius. Jennifer agreed to flip against them once more, which caused Jacqueline to rant against her in a confessional. “Jennifer is an idiot! What does she think she’s doing? She’s flipped this entire time! She’s not smart! She’s stupid!”

Jennifer, Zuila, JC, and Robert were suddenly against Demetrius.

A new problem arose as Clarissa and Samantha sat together on rocks near the ocean, skipping pebbles through the water. Samantha proposed a final three alliance with her, and Clarissa accepted. “Jennifer is an idiot who will lose in the finale,” Samantha stated. “If the three of us go to the end together, one of us will win. I hate to go against the Exiles, but Demetrius is a huge threat to win. He spearheaded so many eliminations in this game and is a major threat.”

Clarissa agreed, reluctantly. The two decided that it was time to take our their ally.

At Tribal Council, Jeff investigated more into the idol fiasco. Zuila explained that either Jacqueline or Demetrius had taken an idol from their Tribe camps, but the two denied ever going on a hunt for an idol.

“She’s clearly lying because she’s in danger without immunity,” Jacqueline explained.

Samantha then chimed in. “I think she’s lying, too, about the idol. Demetrius is a target tonight because he has spearheaded eliminations in this game. He’s a strong contender to win the game.”

Jeff announced that it was time to vote, and the final eight cast their decisions. Jeff revealed the votes, and Demetrius was surprised to see that he was eliminated with six votes against him in a very shocking blindside.

In his exit interview, Demetrius stated that he understood their decision to take him out. “I was a huge threat in this game, and dominant male threats win the game in the end. It makes sense, but it crushes my heart. I almost had it.”

At the next immunity challenge, JC dominated and won the competition.

They returned to camp to see Jacqueline begin to mope about losing Demetrius. “My game has crumbled,” she said in a confessional, “so if it’s going to end here, I’m going to make sure it ends spectacularly.”

Jacqueline ran out into the woods to hunt for an idol. Jennifer took notice of this and informed the others, but everyone was on the same page to vote her out.

Samantha and Clarissa met with Jennifer to discuss the final three. They proposed taking her to the end, and she agreed to stick with them. “Zuila and JC are running the game now. Once Jacqueline is out, they will be in full control,” Samantha argued.

In a confessional, Jennifer talked about the vote. “Maybe tonight would be the night to flip on JC and Zuila. It could be a game-making move. This could be a million dollar decision.”

Jacqueline was caught up with in the woods as she hunted for idols. Samantha, Clarissa, and Jennifer approached her about taking out Zuila. Samantha argued that she was becoming too powerful, and Jacqueline mocked Jennifer on flipping too much.

“I’m willing to do whatever, but Jennifer can’t flip on us and ruin it. There’s four votes here. That’s a majority.”

Jennifer agreed and shook Jacqueline’s hand. In a confessional, Jacqueline talked about her options in the game. “If we get rid of all of them successfully, I need to go to the end with Jennifer and Clarissa. Right now, it seems like Samantha has taken over the game. We can’t let that happen.”

At Tribal Council, Zuila found herself blindsided by Jennifer with four votes against her, the others going to Jacqueline.

In her exit interview, Zuila stated that she was genuinely surprised. “I thought I had the game in my hands! Now it’s up to JC, I guess, to win the game.”

At the next immunity challenge, JC was determined to win immunity for a second time in a row. “They got rid of my ally, Jeff. I need it badly.”

Robert won the challenge, leaving JC to feel hopeless. In a confessional, Robert stated that he needed to keep up his strength in challenges to win the game.

At camp, Jacqueline talked with Samantha, Jennifer, and Clarissa about taking out JC. Naturally, they agreed.

JC approached them at the Exile shelter and pointed out that their alliance was obvious. “The big shelter we all made on the first day is completely empty. The Exiles have more space taken up than we do.”

JC remained humble for the rest of the day, understanding that he was next. In a confessional, he talked about how the alliances were annoyingly solidified. “None of them will budge. Not even Jennifer! I’m surprised that this is happening. I can’t believe this game is this solid. We went from massive alliances of eleven people to these tiny ones of about four. It’s wild being out here.”

At Tribal Council, JC was voted out unanimously, with even Robert voting against him.

In his exit interview, JC stated that he was surprised to have made it so far in the game. “I’m proud of how I played up until the last few days. My cockiness took over, and before I knew it, the others had united against me.”

At the final five, the competitors entered the finale of the season. The five were pulled aside to give their thoughts on the finals.

Jacqueline: “I’m in a great spot. I’ve aligned myself with a goat and two toughly aligned women, which is my only issue. I have to get myself to the end, because I know I’ll win if I do.”

Samantha: “I’m surprised at how this has turned out for me. On the first day, me, Jacqueline, and Clarissa were exiled from the big shelter, and it created a great alliance that has gotten us this far. It’s amazing how tiny things can bring people together.”

Jennifer: “People think that I’m stupid, but I know what I’m doing. I’m doing what’s best for Jennifer.”

Clarissa: “Playing this game has been tough, but I’ve survived. I was on a Tribe with virtually no allies, but I survived to the merge and am still here. I know I can do this.”

Robert: “I’m at the bottom of this game, living on borrowed time. I hope there is room for me in the final three, because I can win this game if I make it.”

Samantha won the first challenge of the finale. At camp, the choice was clear once more: Robert needed to go.

In an attempt to save himself at Tribal Council, Robert announced that he was voting for Jennifer. “I’m a far better goat to take to the end than Jennifer. Think of how she is! She’s calculating and intelligent. I’m just a guy hanging on for dear life!”

Despite his pleas, it was obvious nobody was listening to him. Robert was voted out unanimously. In his exit interview, he stated that he was disappointed in the turnout. “I got far, but it wasn’t far enough.”

Jacqueline, Samantha, Jennifer, and Clarissa competed in the final immunity challenge of the competition. Each was more nervous than the other, as none of them trusted the other truly one-hundred-percent.

Clarissa managed to win her only immunity of the season at the final challenge.

At camp, Samantha instructed her to take Jacqueline out of the game. Clarissa agreed, but her mind was struck with a tough decision as Jacqueline approached her.

Jacqueline argued that Samantha was running the game, and that she had been using Clarissa to get far in the competition. “Taking her to the end is suicide, Clarissa.”

Clarissa thought about all of the decisions Samantha had made in the game, and realized that she was crucial to taking out the power couple, Zuila and JC, in the previous rounds. “Despite how much I love Samantha as a person, taking her to the end really would be suicide. I can’t do that to myself.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Clarissa about her decision in the vote. “How do you vote here in the final four? Are you open about it since it’s the final elimination of the season?”

Clarissa stated that she had to take out her best friend in the competition. “I’m sorry, Samantha, but I’ve been told some things that are very true. You’ve been running this game.”

The jury noticed this and gawked. Samantha begged Clarissa to keep her in the game, but after the votes were counted and revealed, Samantha was voted out unanimously, with her vote going to Jacqueline.

The jury approached the final three of Jacqueline, Jennifer, and Clarissa.

Jacqueline was praised for her straightforward gameplay but criticized on her final acts in the game by being subservient to get herself to the end.

Jennifer was praised for her ability to get herself to the end of the game but criticized for flipping so much for very little reason and for being tricked easily.

Clarissa was praised for her strategic game but criticized for relying too much on Demetrius and Jacqueline to make decisions early on in the game for the Exiles.

The jury voted, and Clarissa was deemed the winner with only three jury votes, the fewest of any winner in the history of the series.

=======ALL STARS=======
Teresa Henderson [16th]
Rebecca Williams [10th]
Roosevelt Bell [9th]
Demetrius Saylor [8th]
Zuila Middleton [7th]
JC Mojica [6th]
Samantha Warren [4th]
Jennifer Downs [3rd]
Jacqueline Simmons [2nd]
Clarissa Curtin [1st]

18th - Joseph Pressley [NO TRIBE] [1st Voted Out Day 3] [10-3-3-2] [10 Votes]
17th - Virgil Yates [NO TRIBE] [2nd Voted Out Day 6] [8-5-4] [8 Votes]
16th - Teresa Henderson [NO TRIBE] [3rd Voted Out Day 9] [6-5-5] [6 Votes]
15th - Marshall Brewer [NO TRIBE] [4th Voted Out Day 12] [8-7] [8 Votes]
-------TRIBES FORM-------
14th - Concetta Ketchum [ASSINIE] [5th Voted Out Day 15] [6-1] [6 Votes]
13th - Melanie Conners [MARCORY] [6th Voted Out Day 18] [3*-2-2|4-1] [6 Votes]
12th - Adam Peterson [ASSINIE] [7th Voted Out Day 20] [4-2] [4 Votes]
11th - Milton Buchanan [ASSINIE] [8th Voted Out Day 22] [4-1] [4 Votes] [1 WIN]
-------MERGE + JURY-------
10th - Rebecca Williams [MARCORY] [9th Voted Out Day 24] [7-3] [18 Votes] [1 WIN] [CLARISSA]
9th - Roosevelt Bell [ASSINIE] [10th Voted Out Day 27] [5-4] [5 Votes] [CLARISSA]
8th - Demetrius Saylor [MARCORY] [11th Voted Out Day 30] [6-2] [21 Votes] [2 WINS] [JACQUELINE]
7th - Zuila Middleton [MARCORY] [12th Voted Out Day 33] [4-3] [4 Votes] [2 WINS] [JACQUELINE]
6th - JC Mojica [MARCORY] [13th Voted Out Day 36] [5-1] [5 Votes] [2 WINS] [JENNIFER]
5th - Robert Gibson [ASSINIE] [14th Voted Out Day 37] [4-1] [6 Votes] [2 WINS] [JENNIFER]
4th - Samantha Warren [MARCORY] [15th Voted Out Day 38] [3-1] [9 Votes] [2 WINS] [CLARISSA]
3rd - Jennifer Downs [ASSINIE] [~Runner Up Day 39 | 2 Jury Votes] [5 Votes] [2 WINS]
2nd - Jacqueline Simmons [MARCORY] [~Runner Up Day 39 | 2 Jury Votes] [15 Votes]
1st - Clarissa Curtin [ASSINIE] [Winner Day 39 | 3  Jury Votes] [5 Votes] [1 WIN]