Catherine Eggleston is a competitor on Survivor: Bali and Survivor: Somalia.

In Survivor: Bali, Catherine became a great friend and ally to Serafina Gardener in the beginning, only to later break apart from this friendship and become her enemy, attempting to eliminate her and decimate her alliance with Jacques Lehman and Agatha Southward. However, in the finale, she regained this friendship with her and gained her trust back, only to still be eliminated in fourth place.

She returned as a Favorite in Survivor: Somalia and took part in the decimation of the Favorites Tribe pre-swap. After making the merge with what few Favorites remained, she teamed up with former enemy Va'Silki Nadeau and powered through the Fans one by one, winning individual immunities and playing an idol skilfully to get herself to the end. She won the game because of her excellent challenge skills and overall great gameplay, and stands as the record holder for the most individual immunities won by an individual player in the series.


Catherine's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Denpasar Tribe Immune
2 LaTasha Granville
3 Denpasar Tribe Immune
4 Denpasar Tribe Immune
5 Uluwatu Tribe Immune
6 Hiroka -
7 Uluwatu Tribe Immune
8 Granville -
9 Cedric -
10 Monica -
11 Donovan -
12 Precious -
13 Serafina;
14 Jacques -
Agatha Jacques, Agatha
Voted Out, Day 37

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Catherine's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Cornelius -
2 Hargeisa Tribe Immune
3 Audrey -
4 Ryland;
5 Hargeisa Tribe Immune
6 Hargeisa Tribe Immune
7 Hargeisa Tribe Immune
8 Kylie -
9 Trafford Individual Immunity
10 Sebastian -
11 Keegan Individual Immunity
12 Keegan;
Individual Immunity
13 Autumn Individual Immunity
14 Matthew Matthew, Trafford,
Emmeline, Marina,
15 Keegan;
Individual Immunity
Keegan Individual Immunity
Emmeline Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Catherine
Trafford, Va'Silki, Autumn,
Sebastian, Nolan
Sole Survivor, Day 39