Callaghan Zimmerman is a competitor on Survivor: Patagonia, Survivor: War of the Worlds, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Survivor: Patagonia, Callaghan ensured he was at the top of his game by forming an early alliance with Stephenie Valencia, Jason Bennett, and Giovanna "Gigi" Baumann. This alliance stayed together through thick and thin until the Tribe Swap, which left Callaghan to find new allies. After siding with Marina Washington, he found himself at the bottom, but coerced her into giving him her idol piece to combine with his own to create the hidden immunity idol. After doing so, he betrayed her and sent her home in an iconic triple-vote Tribal Council. After making the merge and reuniting with all of his allies, Callaghan made his way to the final Tribal Council, surviving the decimation of the minority and the betrayal of Gigi against him. In the end, Callaghan had too many enemies on the Jury, and thus he did not win the game.

Callaghan returned in Survivor: War of the Worlds, and immediately made alliances with each member of the Inhambane Tribe. After losing the first challenge, he looked at Christopher Scott to be the first vote of the season. However, Christopher fired back at Tribal Council and called him out on his laziness around camp and for making deals with every person on the Tribe. Christopher successfully turned everyone against him, sending Callaghan home first in a blindside.

He returned again with his brother, Heath Zimmerman, in Survivor: Civil War. At the start of the game, he met back up with Allyson Demelza and created an army of allies to enact his plan to eliminate her as a grudge for her eliminating him first in War of the Worlds. After several failed attempts, Callaghan began pulling in single players into his alliance to further build up his army and maintain dominance over the Tribe. After swapping to Chinguetti, Callaghan created a new majority alliance and began controlling his new Tribe, making him the leader. Penelope Carranza caught onto this scheme and formulated a plan to get rid of him, enlisting in the help of Marceline Blackburn to accomplish it. After Marceline played her idol on herself, Callaghan was eliminated with only two votes against him that round.


Callaghan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Mila -
2 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
3 Damian -
4 Janelle -
5 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
6 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
7 Michelle;
8 Topher Kimberly, Redmond,
9 Fabienne -
10 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
11 Killian -
12 Michelle Redmond, Alice,
13 Alice -
14 Redmond -
15 Jason -
Gigi -
Gigi D'Jango, Gigi
Jury Votes
For Callaghan
Stephenie, Jason, Alice
1st Runner Up, Day 39

War of the WorldsEdit

Callaghan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Christopher Christopher, Allyson,
Marcello, Alexis, Emmeline
Voted Out, Day 3

Civil WarEdit

Callaghan's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Art -
2 Bo -
3 Allyson;
Angie, Allyson, Violetta, Lucas;
Angie, Violetta, Lucas
4 Violetta Angie, Allyson, Violetta
5 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
6 Rhiannon Penelope, Marceline, Rhiannon
7 Marceline Marceline, Penelope
Voted Out, Day 20