Bo Lachlan-Comstock is a competitor on Survivor: Aruba, Survivor: Prospectors, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Survivor: Aruba, Bo was an early fan favorite. He made several alliances on the Babjin Tribe, which they all caught onto. Bo was seen as an incredibly sneaky and intelligent competitor, which lead to his demise after the Tribe swap that left him on Casibari, where his new Tribe refused to put up with his antics.

Bo returned to Survivor: Prospectors on the Pre-Jury Debar Tribe, where he quickly became allies with Syd Parsley and Blaine Richardson. In the first round of the game, he worked to blindside Kristen Moss, which angered Abby Bartram into going completely against him. After dissolving to the Tetovo Tribe, Abby made an effort to join a new alliance and blindside him, leaving him voted out in the sixth episode once more, Pre-Juried another time.

In Survivor: Civil War, Bo entered the game with his brother, Quincy Auteberry. Early on, he joined the anti-Allyson Demelza alliance and attempted to vote her off, but his attempt backfired when the rest of the Tribe left him out of the decision to eliminate Art Canada instead. In the next round, Bo became too paranoid for the rest of the Tribe's liking, resulting in him being voted out second.

Bo is recognized for his constant inability to make it to the Jury stage of the game and for being the only three-repeating player to never make it that far. However, despite this inability to make it deep, Bo has still played more than 39 Days at a total of 42 Days competed. He is also recognized for being the second player to ever compete for three seasons in a row - the first being Jordan Samuels. Ironically, Jordan made it to the end of the game all three times he competed in a row, while Bo was unable to make it past the Pre-Jury each time he competed.


Bo's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Babjin Tribe Immune
2 Babjin Tribe Immune
3 Logan -
4 Babjin Tribe Immune
5 Casibari Tribe Immune
6 Aimee Aimee, Miles,
Nikolas, Nicole
Voted Out, Day 18


Bo's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kristen;
2 Debar Tribe Immune
3 Debar Tribe Immune
4 Debar Tribe Immune
5 Judith -
6 Abby Abby, Zeke, Taylor,
Jerold, Blaine
Voted Out, Day 18

Civil WarEdit

Bo's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Allyson -
2 Allyson Callaghan, Violetta, Allyson,
Penelope, Heath, Angie, Lucas
Voted Out, Day 6