Ashlee Galindo is a competitor on Survivor: Honduras, Survivor: Battle of the Seasons, Survivor: Champions, and Survivor: Legends.

In Survivor: Honduras, Ashlee fell to the bottom of the Trujillo Tribe but survived to the merge, where she formed an all-girls alliance to dominate the game. However, she flipped against them to send Beverly Moody home, making her a primary target from her scorned allies. Because of her sudden dominance at the merge and betrayal of her allies, Ashlee was voted out in sixth place.

Ashlee returned in Survivor: Battle of the Seasons along with four other members from Honduras. Ashlee maintained immunity once more through to the merge, where she formed the Black Widow Alliance of women that proceeded to dominate the game after voting out all of the men. Because of her aggressive gameplay, Ashlee was not given the credit for forming the alliance and received zero Jury votes to win.

In Survivor: Champions, Ashlee once again remained immune, this time for the entire pre-merge portion of the game. At the merge, Ashlee met back up with her best friend, Hannah Duncan, and reformed the Black Widow Alliance. However, due to Christopher Scott possessing many idols, her plans were foiled when he repeatedly saved himself from elimination and inevitably voted her out in sixth place once again.

Ashlee came back in Survivor: Legends, but found herself on the less-dominant Tribe of Samarinda. She immediately became a target by the old-schoolers but found a main ally in Ronnie Burton. However, after Tribes swapped, Ashlee remained in Samarinda and was voted out due to all of her allies being gone.


Ashlee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Ruby -
2 Trujillo Tribe Immune
3 Juticalpa Tribe Immune
Juticalpa Tribe Immune
4 Juticalpa Tribe Immune
5 Juticalpa Tribe Immune
6 Brittany -
Trujillo Tribe Immune
7 Giovanni -
8 Ineligible Ineligible
Beverly -
9 Beverly -
10 Irving -
11 Garland -
12 Jasper Jasper, Cecelia,
Sheldon, Lillian, Libby
Voted Out, Day 36

Voted For
Sole Survivor


Battle of the SeasonsEdit

Ashlee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Irving Jasper, Irving
2 Sukang Tribe Immune
3 Sukang Tribe Immune
4 Sukang Tribe Immune
5 Sukang Tribe Immune
6 Sukang Tribe Immune
7 Panaga Tribe Immune
8 Panaga Tribe Immune
9 Valentine Judson, Howard,
10 Howard Hannah, Cecelia,
Henrietta, Howard
11 Judson -
12 Henrietta Judson, Cecelia,
13 Judson -
14 Cecelia Starr, Judson,
15 Judson Judson
16 Starr Starr
Sylvia Sylvia

Jury Votes
for Ashlee

2nd Runner Up, Day 39


Ashlee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Tafilah Tribe Immune
2 Tafilah Tribe Immune
3 Tafilah Tribe Immune
4 Tafilah Tribe Immune
5 Tafilah Tribe Immune
6 Tafilah Tribe Immune
7 Tafilah Tribe Immune
8 Christopher -
9 Christopher -
10 Woo-Shi -
11 Christopher -
12 Christopher(x2) Mercy, Christopher
13 Jordan Candy, Mercy,
Jordan, Keegan
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor


Ashlee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Samarinda Tribe Immune
Samarinda Tribe Immune
2 Samarinda Tribe Immune
3 Terrence Nadine
4 Tony Nadine, Naomi,
Florence, Tony
5 Nadine Percy, Jeremiah, Nadine
Voted Out, Day 14