Amelia McCarthy is the sister of Percy Burton and is a competitor on Survivor: Familial Values and Survivor: Crusades.

In Survivor: Familial Values, Amelia became pivotal to keeping her brother, Percy Burton, in the game through the merge. She took part in the majority alliance pre-merge and joined into a couples-only alliance that was decimated, sending her home as the second jury member.

A fan favorite in her previous season, Amelia returned in Survivor: Crusades and was the target of the first Tribal Council where Candy Carlswell played an idol on herself to eliminate her, only for Amelia to survive thanks to her vote to Chadrick Gruber. At the merge, Amelia joined forces with fellow Familial Values returnees Ronnie Burton and Stephen Hubbard, instead of opposing them as she did in her original season. She joined the majority and won several immunity challenges and claimed an idol that went unused, gaining her plenty of favor in the Final Tribal Council. She did not win, however, because of one lost vote from Monica that caused the vote to tie between herself and Ronnie Burton. Because of her lack of friendship with Stephen Hubbard, she was not given his vote and Ronnie Burton went on to win the game.

Familial ValuesEdit

Amelia's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Jacinta -
Ankara Tribe Immune
2 Jeffery -
3 Ankara Tribe Immune
4 Lorena -
5 Ankara Tribe Immune
6 Prince -
7 Stanley -
8 Garland -
9 Prince -
10 Jonathan -
11 Jolene -
12 Jolene;
Jolene, Ronnie,
Stephen, Jonathan;
Ronnie, Stephen,
Naomi, Jonathan
Voted Out, Day 29
13 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 30

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Amelia's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Chadrick;
2 Acapulco Tribe Immune
3 Acapulco Tribe Immune
4 Stanton -
5 Acapulco Tribe Immune
6 Acapulco Tribe Immune
7 Acapulco Tribe Immune
8 Reed Alyssa, Sabrina, Reed
9 Monica Individual Immunity
10 Sabrina -
11 Bayani -
12 Alyssa Individual Immunity
13 Candy Individual Immunity
14 Spencer -
Ronnie Individual Immunity

Jury Votes
for Amelia

Serafina, Spencer, Candy;
First Runner Up, Day 39