Allyson Demelza is a competitor on Survivor: Costa Rica, Survivor: War of the Worlds, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Costa Rica, Allyson quickly became a target from the Puntarenas Tribe, comprised entirely of females, and was voted out because of her vulgar language and because she isolated herself entirely from her would-be allies. However, she managed to survive on the Ghost Tribe, named Occultus Island, and formed a romantic bond with Malakai Savage, lasting until the final duel with him where he inevitably defeated her and rejoined the game.

In War of the Worlds, Allyson managed to keep herself in the game by aligning with the women of the less dominant Inhambane Tribe. After dissolving to the Namaacha Tribe, Allyson managed to win several immunity challenges with them, but fell to the bottom of the game after one of her main allies, Dakota Alden, was blindsided. At the split, Allyson destroyed the shelter of the new Lichinga camp out of a fit of rage. At the merge, however, Allyson tried to improve her reputation, only to fail and create more enemies because of her vulgar language and negative attitude. She was voted out in tenth place again, but was the second jury member.

Allyson returned again in Survivor: Civil War with her sister, Violetta Demelza. Immediately, Allyson became a target because of her notorious background as a vulgar and rude competitor. She attempted to tone down her language, but failed when an early plot to send her home was discovered. She continued to foil plots to send her home and masterminded the boots of Art Canada and Bo Lachlan-Comstock. After falling to the bottom of the Tribe after losing her sister to her fake idol scheme, Allyson made it to the swap, where she agreed to a majority plan to blindside Gigi Baumann. However, this plot backfired, as Heath Zimmerman came up with a plan to blindside her and send her home early once more.

Costa RicaEdit

Allyson's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Brianna Demetria, O'Reilly, Moira,
Marissa, Brianna
Voted Out, Day 3
4 Corneielle Ghost Tribe Winner
5 Ineligible -
6 Tristen Ghost Tribe Winner
7 Ineligible -
8 Blaine Ghost Tribe Winner
9 O'Reilly Ghost Tribe Winner
10 Marissa Ghost Tribe Winner
11 Lost Final Duel
Eliminated, Day 26

War of the WorldsEdit

Allyson's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Callaghan -
2 Christopher -
3 Namaacha Tribe Immune
4 Namaacha Tribe Immune
5 Namaacha Tribe Immune
6 Christopher -
7 Lichinga Tribe Immune
8 Marcello -
9 Marceline;
Marceline, Christopher, Darlene,
Gigi, Stephenie;
Christopher, Darlene, Gigi,
Stephenie, Rochelle
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Civil WarEdit

Allyson's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Art Penelope, Quincy, Bo, Art
2 Bo Quincy, Bo
3 Callaghan;
Penelope, Callaghan, Heath, Quincy;
Penelope, Heath, Quincy
4 Callaghan -
5 Gigi Langdon, Pearce, Ambrose,
Gigi, Heath, Quincy
Voted Out, Day 15