Alexis Prescott is a competitor on Survivor: Maluku and Survivor: War of the Worlds.

In Maluku, Alexis found herself at the bottom of the failed Namrole tribe, but ultimately climbed to the top after joining forces with Kiersten Sappington and Dakota Alden. She continued voting in the majority and organized a blindside against Ash Brassington, the third member of the Dakota and Kiersten's final three alliance, to ensure her safety in the game. However, at the merge she became a major target, and during the episode thirteen twist, Alexis was placed on the Namrole tribe again with all of her enemies, ultimately resulting in her being the victim of the non-jury boot twist.

In War of the Worlds, Alexis found herself on the losing Inhambane Tribe, but was at the top of the game after flipping to work with the men and eliminate Emmeline Davidson. After the Tribes dissolved, however, Alexis fell to the bottom of the Lichinga Tribe and found herself voted out fourth in the season.

Alexis holds the distinction and record of never having won any kind of individual immunity or Tribal immunity. Alexis has the record of the longest time vulnerable, at 45 days. She is also the only person to ever play the game twice and never win any challenges.


Alexis's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Scarlett -
2 Katie -
3 Tiffany -
4 Mason -
5 Jayden -
6 Ash -
7 Foster -
8 Chandler Vic, Chandler
9 Delaney -
10 Zeke -
11 Hillary Vic, Layla, Julia,
12 Zeke Layla, Angel, Julia
13 Layla Vic, Layla, Hayleigh
Voted Out, Day 33

War of the WorldsEdit

Alexis's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Callaghan -
2 Emmeline -
3 Stanford -
4 Keegan Marceline, Keegan,
Gigi, Rochelle
Voted Out, Day 12