Aimee-Leonne Fortier is a competitor on Survivor: Aruba and Survivor: Prospectors.

Throughout Survivor: Aruba, during the entire pre-merge portion of the game, she remained mostly immune and floated through to the merge despite creating several plans against the people on her Tribe. She found a hidden immunity idol, which helped her out, as at the merge everyone looked to her as a physical and strategic threat and wanted to vote her out. After successfully playing her idol and winning several immunity challenges, Aimee managed to work her way into a small alliance and tricked the majority into eliminating Nicole Williams. Afterwards, she managed to get to the Final Tribal Council, where she barely won against supposed goat Taylor Hamilton.

Aimee returned in Survivor: Prospectors just one season later, where she was placed on the Winners Tribe, known as Bitola. In the first challenge, she won individual immunity from her first Tribal Council she would attend. At camp, she became good friends with fellow French-born competitor, Jacques Lehman, and Judith Washington. However, at their first Tribal Council against Ohrid (due to the double-tribal twist), Andrea McClanahan flipped against the Tribe and attempted to blindside Judith, but Aimee gave her immunity necklace away to her to throw a wrench in her plan. Unfortunately for her, this backfired, and Andrea switched her plan to vote Aimee out, sending her home in 18th place.


Aimee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Jasmine -
2 Casibari Tribe Immune
3 Casibari Tribe Immune
4 Casibari Tribe Immune
5 Casibari Tribe Immune
6 Bo Ellie, Kendrick, Bo
7 Casibari Tribe Immune
8 Casibari Tribe Immune
9 Casibari Tribe Immune
10 Jett Individual Immunity
11 Kendrick Taylor, Jessika, Miles,
Nicole, Ellie, Kendrick
12 Taylor Individual Immunity
13 Nicole Jessika, Nicole
14 Nikolas Taylor, Nikolas
Miles -
CJessika Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Aimee
Nikolas, Nicole, Ellie, Jett
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Aimee's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Bitola Tribe Immune
2 Bitola Tribe Immune
3 Andrea Robbie, Kelleigh,
Edward, Andrea
Voted Out, Day 9