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• 2/26/2014

Episode Nine | Day Twenty Seven | Tribal Council

Votes are in!

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• 2/26/2014

Liam/SG failed to vote in time.

First vote: Liam

Second Vote: SG

Third vote: Bruno

Fourth vote: SG

Fifth Vote: Dakota

Sixth vote: Dakota

We're tied 2-2 with Dakota and SG. Tobi, Bruno, Liam, and Dylan will revote. If Liam fails to vote again his vote will be randomized. Revotes are due by 6:00

• 2/26/2014

We are now deadlocked between SG and Dakota. Liam, Tobi, and Bruno will draw rocks.

Liam, you have drawn the purple rock. You are the ninth person out of this competition.

>Snuffs torch

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