Episode Five | Day Fifteen | Immunity Challenge

Dylan, returning from Exile, will join Draugas.

Today's challenge is called Sandbag Transportation. Both tribes will alternate taking sandbags back to a home port.

Both tribes have lost all three stats from their Island Qualities. Therefore, your challenge will be harder because of the three disadvantages each tribe has.

One person must post *grabs sandbags*, the second *takes sandbags*, the third *places sandbags in pool*, the fourth *seals pool*, and the fifth *races to next track*. For each tribe, because of this disadvantage, this must be done THREE times.

You forfeit the challenge by posting in the wrong area (now everyone is aware of the tribe swap, so accidents NOW do count towards forfeit). You must start the challenge over if someone goes out of order or posts twice.

Whichever tribe completes the cycle three times wins immunity. One cycle must be completed before you can move onto the next. If someone tries to post in all three areas at once, they forfeit the challenge.

Go! (in a blog away from here)